[Can pearl milk tea be consumed during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pearl milk tea be consumed during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Impact

Nowadays, many people like to drink pearl milk tea very much.

In particular, some women are very passionate about pearl milk tea.

But everyone also knows that the conversion of pearl milk tea is relatively high, which is not suitable for some over-populations.

So, for women, can I drink pearl milk tea during pregnancy?

Nutrition experts tell you that for pregnant women, it is not recommended to drink pearl milk tea.

The reasons are as follows: Milk tea contains tea residues, and tea is contraindicated for pregnant women. Generally, the concentration of caffeine in strong tea is as high as 10%, which will increase the urine output of pregnant women, increase the number of heartbeats, and increase the load on pregnant women’s heart and kidneys.It is more likely to cause pregnancy poisoning, so it is best to drink less tea.

Another part of milk tea: sugar. During pregnancy, the sugar intake of pregnant women also needs to be controlled. It is easy to make people fat. Eating too much may lead to high blood sugar and high blood sugar in pregnancy, which is not good for the fetus.

Moreover, the pearl milk tea (street stalls, supermarket milk tea drinks) in the general market are mostly made with creamer, color, flavor and tapioca flour (referring to pearls in milk tea) and tap water.

The main ingredient of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a trans fatty acid.

Experts point out that the content of trans fat in a 500 ml cup of pearl milk tea per day has exceeded the normal human body’s tolerance limit, thus making people susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

For pregnant or lactating women, excessive intake of foods containing trans fatty acids can affect fetal health.

Studies have found that fetuses or infants can passively replace trans fatty acids through the placenta or milk. They are more likely to develop essential obesity deficiency than adults, affecting growth and development.

In addition, it will reduce our memory.

Studies have shown that the proportion of people with poor eating habits in their young and old age suffers from Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease) in old age.

Trans fatty acids are resistant to a type of plasma that can promote human memory.

Easy to gain weight.

Trans fatty acids are not easily digested by the body, and are easily accumulated in the body, leading to obesity.

Those who like snacks such as French fries should be vigilant, as trans fatty acids in fried foods can cause a noticeable slight buildup.