[Can I eat crayfish in 4 months of pregnancy]_ Early pregnancy _ Can you eat it?

[Can I eat crayfish in 4 months of pregnancy]_ Early pregnancy _ Can you eat it?

Women have passed the first trimester when their fetal position is not stable when they are 4 months pregnant. In this period, women may be a little lazy. In fact, during the second trimester, the diet should be as careful as the first trimester.I love crayfish. Although it is delicious, it should be carefully eaten by pregnant women.

Can women eat crawfish at 4 months of pregnancy?


In the second trimester, if you have no allergies, you can eat some crayfish. Don’t worry. Proper eating of shrimp skin is mainly calcium supplement, so when you are four months pregnant, you must be two people, especiallyWhen you first eat, you can eat a little if you are not allergic, but do not eat vitamins when eating shrimp, and do not eat foods high in vitamins such as grapefruit.


Although there may be many nutrients in crayfish, such as amino acids, potassium, sodium and so on.

However, many people do n’t know that crawfish are carrion. They are grown in a dirty environment and eat some carrion. The carcasses of certain animals, so crawfish contain more bacteria and germs. If they are not processed thoroughly,, Then it may be harmful to the fetus and the pregnant woman itself.

In addition, when the water body contains metal pollution or the carrion it eats already contains heavy metals, the crayfish may also carry heavy metals.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should not eat crayfish.


Pregnant mothers must ensure that the crayfish is fully cooked, because if the cooking is not in place, it is likely that the parasites in the crayfish may survive, so in order to avoid the parasites affecting the health of the fetus, you must eatA cooked crayfish.