White collar new decompression style popular network

 White collar new decompression style popular network

White-collar workers revealed their secrets and secrets. Ms. Dong, who works at Xujiahui, recently became hooked on “secret” websites.

In the short term, she often goes to the website to check for new posts or comments.

“I have been a very introverted person since I was a child.

After working, I was even more worried about telling others some secrets, but it attracted strange eyes.

In fact, there are many things I still want to find someone to talk about.

“Ms. Dong told reporters that after discovering” secrets “, she became hooked on this website. At first, she just went online to check on others’ secrets, and when there was a resonance, she left a message.

  Until one day, Miss Dong finally posted on the Internet a story about her bullying classmates in her childhood.

“I’m a good friend with her, so I haven’t dared to tell anyone about this, but I always feel sorry for seeing her.

So I also tried to write this on the Internet, hoping that she could see it one day and forgive me for my ignorance at that time.

“After the post was posted, Ms. Dong would go online every day to see what netizens think of her childhood behavior.

Ms. Dong is pleased that her childhood ignorance has been forgiven by most netizens.

“I don’t feel as guilty as before when I see my friend. I’m considering apologizing to my friend and I believe I can get her understanding.

“More than 80% of secret and sex-related reporters found on the” secret “website that there are currently 3,022 secrets on the Internet.

The secrets cover a very wide range, some are the secrets between husband and wife, some are the shadows of childhood, and others are the physical defects that do not want to be humane.

According to statistics from netizens, more than 80% of secrets are related to sex. After speaking, they may affect family harmony, husband and wife feelings, or friend friendship. Therefore, secrets are published anonymously.

  The site’s administrator stated that the “secret” site is also a platform for netizens to publish any secret at will.

Before each secret is released, the management will review the secret until the real name does not appear in the secret and cannot contain contact information such as web address, email address, phone number, address, etc.

The website side will not disclose the IP address of the publisher, in short, to ensure that everyone’s privacy is safe.

  Everyone claimed that netizens: Do not rule out deceiving click-through rate. For the emergence of secret websites, netizens also hold an unwilling attitude.

Netizen Awen told reporters: “For many people, everyone will be curious, which is why I often log on to the website.

But this does not mean that I will believe that all the secrets in the website are real. There cannot be so many sensational secrets in life, and the possibility of some people deceiving clickthrough rates cannot be ruled out.

“After all, the appearance of this website has given netizens an extra place to talk about their secrets. Perhaps some people can rely on this method to reduce stress.

Other viewers can browse the secrets of others and talk about it.

Looking at it in your spare time is also a way to reduce stress.

“Netizens unify that the emergence of” secret “websites provides a place for stress relief.

  Expert: I do n’t know how the decompression effect is. Sociologist of Shanghai University Qiu Liping believes that as a way of venting, telling the secrets in your heart can really relieve the stress, but it is only online, not to find a special directorThis method can be decompressed, and it is difficult to conclude.

  Nowadays, there are various ways of decompressing through the network, and it is unknown how effective it is.

Discharging is not necessarily an insult to the exit, and many people are exposed. In this way, the quality of itself is unknowingly reduced.

Netizens can achieve pressure reduction through personality and consultation.

  Lawyer: If the human rights infringement website is responsible, Lawyer Wu Dong of Huiye Law Firm told reporters that publishing his secrets online is understandable, but it must be guaranteed not to infringe on the exclusive rights of others.

Every secret content is reviewed, and the website’s approach is appropriate.

But even so, there is still no guarantee that some netizens can contact the relevant plot in the secret to check in with a specific person.

Therefore, in addition to reviewing names, addresses, and other information, the site also needs to properly disrupt the plot in the secret.

  In short, if the content on the website is infringed by others, the website administrator needs to bear relevant legal responsibilities.