How to choose a good fitness club

How to choose a good fitness club

I do n’t need to write more about the benefits of fitness?

Relieve stress, delay aging, shape the body, increase self-confidence and attractiveness, etc. How can you choose a good fitness club?

Hey, here are some tips for you.

  You can find a lot of relevant information in places such as Baidu, but in addition to what they say: price factors, location and other suggestions, there are some very important factors that are not known to outsiders.


Time to visit the health club: It is best during peak hours of the club’s business, such as 7 to 8 pm.

Most fitness clubs are crowded at this time. Visiting the club at this time can check whether the fitness atmosphere of the club is good or not. At the same time, you can know whether the club’s equipment is sufficient, and whether the failure rate of the treadmill and other equipment is high.Need to wait long.


Stand firm: Don’t be tempted by discounts or price cuts until you know enough about the club.

If the club you choose isn’t for you, then even if it’s cheap, it’s not good for your fitness.


Air quality: In fact, the hardware environment of the club is not particularly important. What really matters is air quality.

During exercise, the energy consumption in the body will increase significantly, so the required oxygen and carbon dioxide produced will increase accordingly.

Breathing frequency and breathing depth increase, and lung ventilation increases.

If the club’s ventilation is not good, it may inhale a large amount of exhaust gas and ground dust during exercise, and even harmful substances emitted by electromechanical equipment such as treadmills.

(Hey, to avoid inhaling particulate matter during exercise, don’t open your mouth to breathe like a fish while exercising.


Temperature situation: If you are going to consult fitness in spring, autumn and winter, then you must consider the temperature situation of the club in summer, and you should check with the old members whether the club is hot in summer.

When the external ambient temperature is around 34, people will feel hot and exercise in the hot environment. The human body always has to withstand this kind of change in the movement, and also accept external changes.

When the body temperature rises to a certain degree, organs in various systems throughout the body will generate a heat stress response, which will cause discomfort.

If you continue to exercise in a hot environment, and the club air conditioner is not effective, or the air conditioner is not turned on at all, then once the personal thermal stress ability is exceeded, the body will not be able to evaporate through perspiration, reduce circulating blood volume, and circulate.Dysfunction and other conditions cause excessive displacement to accumulate in the body, leading to the emergence of thermal diseases.

For example: fever, hypertension, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, etc.

Therefore, if the club cannot effectively adjust the ambient temperature, it may cause you to not go to the club to exercise at all in summer, which will increase the average monthly fitness cost.


Shower situation: Needless to say, you may not know that many clubs do not have enough hot water in winter.

The best way is to ask the old members who are already working out. Generally, they will tell you the actual situation of the club.

  6, physical test: mainly focused on cardiopulmonary function, coordination, balance and other aspects.

The physical test is a comprehensive assessment of a person’s physical condition. The fitness coach will make targeted exercise prescriptions according to your physical condition, and prescribe the right medicine to effectively improve the physical condition.

If the club’s physical test is not professional, it will not truly reflect the physical condition, which will affect the effect of exercise and do more with less.

Several important indicators in the physical test are: blood pressure and static heart rate, step index, body fat ratio, vital capacity and so on.

  Fitness exercises can cause changes in the body’s physiological load and cause abnormal performance levels. Fitness should be performed under the guidance of doctors and coaches.