Life or death or wine and meat friends test

Life or death or wine and meat friends test

Please think about the friend you want to test, and now give you three gifts, you will give your friends: a box of sweet and expensive chocolate → from the first question a box of CDs with permanent treasure value →Crafts you made from the second question → From the third question 1, you often pay attention to the topic when you and your friends are shopping: see the style of clothes and accessories, or popular fashion topics → skip to 4 more will pay attentionTopics that have nothing to do with shopping content, some talk about your current situation → skip to 5 2. It ‘s easier for you to notice the situation when you talk to your friends on the phone: you have finished talking for a few minutes, but you are not on the phone at all → skip to5 Pick up the phone and talk endlessly, even more than two hours of experience → skip to 6 3, do you think your friend status is: there are many friends around, but there are not many who really treat me → skip to 6  There are not many friends, but there is a confidant who really understands me → Skip to 7 4 if you have an antique party with your friends Happy, your meeting place is: Picturesque suburbs → Skip to 8 magnificent hotels → JumpTo 9 5, give you a garden, what will you plant: plant pink or white flowers, make the garden warm and beautiful → skip to 9 plant a variety of flowers, make the garden look colorful, will notMonotonic → Skip to 10 6, which type of women do you think is the most tragic: to be disappointed by someone you love, such as the flower in Rouge Buckle → skip to 10, you can never be with the one you love,For example, Meggie in “The Thorn Birds” → jump to 11 7 and think that the ideal place to chat with friends is: on the lawn exuding a fragrant fragrance, the surroundings are quiet and beautiful → jump to 11 on the sofa at home, the aroma of coffee wafting around→ Skip to 12 8. If you have n’t fallen asleep late at night, it ‘s easier for you: listen to music, or put a favorite movie to pastime → Skip to 13 in bed and work hard to make yourself fall asleep, save energy for the next day’s work→ Skip to 14 9, which type of novel do you prefer to read: Mysterious Detective Novels such as The Murder of the Eastern Train, Sherlock Holmes and Others → Skip to 14 “Gone with the Wind”, “Little Woman” and more with loveWinning novel with twisty plots → skip to 15 10, do you think you are more suitable for some kind of adjectives: simple, lively, and kind → jump to 15 sane, mature, silent → jump to 16 11, your understanding of friendship and love is easier: there are obvious differences, andIt is obvious that it is more important to go in and out → skip to 16 and do n’t know which one is more important, and feel that it ‘s all part of your life → skip to 17 12 and you eat with your friends, the usual situation when checking out is: I treat guests or she (he)Inviting guests, in short, pay for one person → jump to 17 usually AA system, pay each → jump to 18 13 if you and your friend like a opposite sex at the same time, you will: let her (he), and then find a new one yourselfLife → Skip to 19 to compete with her (he), if necessary, sacrifice friendship → Skip to 14 14 Your friend usually refers to you: your real name → Type B will usually call your nickname, or give youGet an nickname → jump to 15 15. Every time your birthday, your friends will remember the day clearly and will give you a gift that surprises you. Type C sometimes requires your reminder to remember, orCan’t remember being reminded → jump到16 16, the friends you want to make are better than you in any aspect, or at least as good as you → D type is not as good as you in any aspect, and even hope to rely on you → skip to 17 17 if your friends have difficulties and need youHelp, what can you sacrifice at most to help her (him)?

  Sacrifice everything you are willing to pay → Type E sacrifices something outside that can be regenerated and reduce some loss of money → Skip to 18 18, do you think a beautiful life needs: family, friendship, love must have → FThe type does not have to have all the good feelings, as long as you are happy → Type G result analysis: Type A: villain’s turn: unfortunately, if you reach this option, the friend around you is likely to be your lifeVillain.

In fact, in your heart you don’t trust her (he) and have even started to replace her (he).

And she (he) ‘s existence is likely to just want some benefit or benefit from you.

If so, it ‘s better to stay away from closeness, no matter how close you behave, the true thoughts in your heart will not lie.

Even if you have to be friends together under certain circumstances, you must be vigilant and never let her (he) infringe her legitimate interests and protect yourself.

  Type B: Ordinary friends: You will not have any conflicts, of course, your life will not have too much intersection.

Your friendship is just the moment when two parallel lines intersect under special circumstances, and will remain parallel lines afterwards.

Maybe a touch of seemingly indifferent friendship is also good. If one’s own interests are not violated, what’s so bad about having another friend?

Although it is destined not to deepen each other, after all, it is also known as acquaintance. Maybe two parallel lines in a certain year and month have the moment of intersection again, which will greatly benefit you in ordinary acquaintance.

  Type C: Friend and Companion: Whether you are a girl or a boy, you need someone who listens to your heart.

He or she is a good listener and occasionally tells you his or her mood, but he or she is also a good confidential and can keep your conversations in your memories foreverIt won’t be news in the crowd.

When you are sad, you can find someone to talk to when you are nervous; when you are happy, you can find someone to share when you are happy.

Maybe he or she won’t help you solve the difficulties and make you feel burdened, but he or she is an irreplaceable person in your life because this person shares your mood.

  Type D: The gentleman’s friendship: The gentleman’s friendship is as light as water, maybe he (she) will ignore many details, maybe you think he (she) will not help you and care about you like a friend at all.

But when you are really in trouble, he or she will stand up and help you; when you encounter unfair possession, he or she will appear to help you achieve justice.

Your friendship can be ground only in times of adversity. In normal times, it is just a bowl of water.

If you have such a friend, please cherish it, because he or she can carry you and help you. It is your beacon in the darkest time.

  Type E: Life and Death: If you reach this option, then congratulations.

Because too many people will never have a life-and-death affiliation in their lives, this kind of friendship is too rare to be encountered but not to be expected.

It is said that when people encounter life and death, they will have different feelings in their hearts. Do you have them?

When life hangs on the line, he or she will miss you. This is probably the most affectionate relationship in life besides parents. It is even more pure and true than love.

Outside of congratulations, please cherish such feelings gradually throughout your life.

  Type F: Wine and meat friends: He or she must be a very good friend when you are happy together, and make your life colorful all at once.

You can be the best happy partners at KTV or colonial parties. You may be recognized as close and unspoken friends.

But this friend can only share music, but cannot share difficulties.

If one day you feel uncomfortable or need someone to help, he or she will hide away and look for his own happiness, leaving you alone.

People may have more or less friends with wine and meat, but these friends are still trying to stay away.

  Type G: Absolutely harming friends: He (she) will not approach you for some benefit like a villain, nor will he just want to be happy with you.

Maybe he (she) is very righteous in some behavior, making you think he (she) is your best friend in life.

However, his or her behavior will not add color to your life and will not make you any intellectual improvement. On the contrary, he or she is likely to lead you astray and contaminate you with many bad habits.

You have to know that this is by no means the purpose of making friends. I just hope that you are careful and hold your own principles.