Couple asana Yoga stimulates gonad secretion

Couple asana Yoga stimulates gonad secretion

Close your eyes and imagine that two lovers in love, wearing yoga couple clothes, set against soft and graceful yoga music, or face to face, looking at each other with emotions, holding hands gently, or holding their backs togetherThe cyanosis is in harmony with the breathing method to design a well-designed body position method to eliminate all kinds of fatigue, so that the physiology is most free and most thoroughly relaxed. I feel that the breathing is fluctuating and consistent, the pulses interact, and the mind is connected, as if the wholeThere are only two people in the world snuggling together.


Accelerated system circulation This posture is called arching, which fractures the chest and releases tension and allows blood to circulate fully in the abdomen.

It can regulate the circulatory system of the main body and limbs, and at the same time promote the health of the female reproductive system.

Lie on your back, open your hands backwards, and slowly grab your feet.

Inhale, hold your breath, and use your abdomen as a support point to lift your legs, head, and chest at the same time to keep your body balanced.

Hold your breath continuously.

Exhale to flatten your body.

Repeat 3 to 4 times.

(If there is pain in the back or waist, do not force it.


Ignite your sexual desire. The separated legs can shrink the leg muscles and allow the blood to circulate fully in the pelvis. Slowly filling the body with vitality will greatly arouse your enthusiasm.

Sit on the floor, straighten your legs and place them on the ground, but be careful not to strain your thighs on your muscles or ligaments.

Keep contracting upwards while bending your feet up.

Then bend down as much as possible to grab your toes, or place your forearms on the ground to support your body.


The forward leaning posture of stimulating gonad secretion can greatly promote sexual health. It relaxes the pelvis and tibia and enhances the secretion of gonadotropins. It is said that this action has the effect of restoring youth.

Sit up straight on the floor and kick your legs forward.

Stretching vertically, the body slowly bends forward, grasping the toes with both hands.

Minimize as much as possible, bury your head in a cylinder and keep your posture for a few minutes.


Passionate release This simple pose has an emotional name: Tinker.

It can rejuvenate your tired and nervous legs, and irritating function. The open chest will completely help you release your passion.

Sit on the floor with your feet in abutment and try to align them flat without straining your muscles with your feet close to the front.

Sit up.

Hold your posture for a few minutes.