What to do if you lose your love?

What to do if you lose your love?

(1) Painful emotions.

Broken love will cause a strong painful emotional experience, and this emotional state may last for a long time, becoming a bad mood, making people feel that everything in the world is overshadowed.

  (2) Despair experience.

Due to emotions that control reason, a broken-hearted person feels “finished” or thinks that he can find such an ideal lover again.

  (3) Embarrassment.

Feeling that “face” was lost, and self-esteem was seriously hurt.

  Middle school students have limited psychological endurance, and their feelings are particularly innocent. Once they “fall in love”, they may be in danger: otherwise they will lose their souls and be deeply trapped in pain and cannot extricate themselves;Destroy the other party’s reputation . these are not desirable.

So, how to eliminate the bitterness of the bitter fruit of broken love and prevent it from causing “regret for life”?

  (1) Face the reality bravely.

The pain of falling in love lies in a word of “love”.

Love is two-way, mutual, based on the love of both parties, if you lose either party, the relationship will lose its balance and the love will end.

At this time, no matter how many years of love for the other party, the love can no longer be established.

As a young man with ideals, he should face up to this grim reality bravely. Love is not sympathy, compassion, nor force.

Since love has success, it also has failure, so why do we demand success instead of facing failure?

  (2) Thinking in other places.

Think of the other person.

The preliminary results will help you understand why the other party terminated the relationship and accept the fact of being in love.

Especially for middle school students, in the face of “lost love”, they should learn to change their minds, because middle school students ‘feelings are impulsive and not stable enough, and middle school students’ “love” itself is not desirable.

  (3) Emotional smear diarrhea.

Don’t overly bury and suppress the painful foundation of broken love, think again that broken love is actually a common thing in life, and you don’t need to worry about “face”.

Tell your friends and relatives, or cry a lot, you will feel relaxed and troubled.

  (4) Context transfer.

After falling in love, you can’t do without the scenes, things, people that touch the memories of love, take the initiative to be in a joyful, open environment, and your heart will be cheerful.

Engels was also discouraged by his love affair when he was young, but after traveling in the Alps, he saw the magnificence of the world, the colorful life, and his personal suffering, but the pain of the sea soon caused the pain of love affair.

  (5) Sublimation.

It is necessary to direct fuel to career, work, and study as soon as possible, and to promote love into Huawei.

Love is important, but it is not the whole of life.

Especially for middle school students, we must not neglect other life’s essentials because of blind love.

  In short, being in love does not mean losing everything. It is especially important not to lose the ability to love and be loved because of being in love.