Abalone, the nutritional value can not be underestimated

Abalone, the nutritional value can not be underestimated

It is a single-shell mollusk in the ocean. It has only a half-shell. The shell is thick, flat and wide, and its shape is somewhat like the human ear. So it is also called the “sea ear.”

It has been regarded as the “crown of seafood treasures” since ancient times. Its meat is soft and smooth, and its taste is extremely delicious. It is comparable to other seafood.

Especially Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots in some countries in Southeast Asia are particularly fond of abalone.

It is said that its homophonic “Bao people package, fisherman also”, abalone on behalf of Bao Yu, to show that the package contains “inexhaustible” surplus money.

Therefore, abalone is not only a gift for gifting friends and relatives, but also one of the must-have “Gili dishes” for banquets, banquets and festive dinners.

Abalone has the most production in Shandong, Guangdong, Liaoning and other places, and the production period is spring and autumn.

  Abalone nutrition analysis: 1.

Abalone is rich in protein, as well as nutrients such as calcium carbonate, iron, iodine and vitamin A;

Abalone has a very high nutritional value and can absorb rich globulins; the abalone meat also contains a component called “Baosu”, which can destroy the essential metabolites of the polymer;

Abalone can nourish yin, calm the liver, solidify the kidney, can regulate the secretion of the adrenal gland, and has the effect of regulating blood pressure in both directions;

Abalone has the effect of regulating menstruation, moistening dryness and intestines, and can treat irregular menstruation, constipation and other diseases;

Abalone has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing, and it is a kind of seafood that is not dry and dry. After eating, there are no sideaches such as toothache and nosebleeds.

  Abalone is suitable for the crowd: the average person eats at least 1.

Frequent urination, qi deficiency, high blood pressure, unstable blood pressure, people with mental difficulties are suitable to eat abalone; diabetic patients can also use abalone as an adjuvant treatment, but must be treated with stew, only to have curative effect;

Gout patients and high uric acid should not eat abalone, only a small amount of soup; although everyone likes to eat abalone, but people with colds or yin and sore throat should not eat; people with stubborn diseases and dysentery do not eat.

  Abalone diet: abalone is flat, sweet and salty, to the liver; with nourishing, soft liver, nourishing yin, clearing heat, benefit, clear function; can cure irregular menstruation, constipation and other diseases.

  Abalone food with grams: abalone bogey with chicken, wild boar, beef liver with food.

  Abalone practice guide: Abalone is suitable for cooking, simmering, simmering and other dishes.