Correctly view contradictions

Correctly view contradictions

An obstacle is a new and known condition. Any will, any obstacle, will become an opportunity to surpass yourself.

  One day, the lion, known as the king of the forest, came to the gods: “I am very grateful to you for giving me such a majestic physique, so powerful and powerful, that I have enough ability to rule the entire forest.

“Tian Shen listened and smiled and asked: “But this is not the purpose of coming to me today!

It seems that you seem to interfere with something!

The lion snorted and said, “God really knows me!”

I am really coming to meet today.

Because although my ability is good, but every day when the chicken is screaming, I will always be awakened by the jingle.


Pray for you, and give me a power to stop me from being awake!

“God smiled and said: “You go to the elephant, it will give you a satisfactory answer.

“The lion rushed to the lake to find an elephant. Before I saw the elephant, I heard the sound of the elephant’s lame.”

  The lion ran to the elephant at an accelerated speed, but saw the elephant screaming and screaming.

  The lion asked the elephant: “Why are you making such a big temper?

The elephant swayed with big ears and groaned: “There is a nasty little mosquito that always wants to get into my ear, and it hurts me to die.”

“The lion left the elephant and thought to himself: “The elephant with such a huge size will be afraid of such a thin mosquito. What else do I have to be depressed?”

After all, the cock is only once a day, and the mosquitoes are harassing the elephant all the time.

I think that I am more fortunate than him.

“When the lion walks, he looks back at the still lame elephant, thinking: “God wants me to look at the elephant. I should just want to tell me who will be in trouble, and it will not help all.”people.

In this case, then I have to rely on myself!

Anyway, as long as the chicken is screaming, I am reminding me that I should get up when I am a chicken. So, do you think that the cockerel sounds for me?

“Tips: On the road of life, no matter how smooth we go, but as long as we encounter some unsatisfactory things, we will habitually succumb to us, and long prayers will give us more power.To help us through the storm.

But in reality, God is the fairest, just as it is for lions and elephants, each with its positive value.