One vegetable and one porridge in summer to prevent constipation

One vegetable and one porridge in summer to prevent constipation

Mushroom, asparagus, corn, asparagus and asparagus are well-known anti-cancer vegetables. It contains rutin and has health effects on the human body.

At the same time, asparagus is rich in cellulose, which can effectively promote the discharge of intermediate waste.

Corn bamboo shoots are rich in sawdust and arabic additives, which can not only promote the interference of peristalsis, but also wrap and bind the pollutants in the food to help it be replaced.

In addition, the mushroom contains micro-fibers that improve immunity. This dish can be called soluble doped fiber, insoluble supplementary fiber, and active multi-party gathering. It can effectively improve the anti-pollution ability of the human body.Quite coordinated.

  [Tip]Don’t wash the shiitake mushrooms repeatedly. After washing, use a small amount of water to open them, so as not to lose the precious particle size micrometer.

Pine kernel barley and glutinous rice porridge is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It has both tonic effect and lung and smooth bowel function. It is a traditional beauty food.

Barley rice is basically free of cellulose and hemicellulose, which can be combined with heavy metals and soluble supplementary fibers such as β-glucan, which is helpful for lowering blood sugar and preventing hyperlipidemia, etc.Pollutants in food are discharged.

Glutinous rice has a certain tonic effect, and its sticky texture can replace the rough texture brought by barley.

The combination of pine kernel, barley, and glutinous rice nourishes the body, prevents constipation, and eliminates pollution. If a small amount of wolfberry is added, the color will be more pleasing.

  [Hint]Pine nuts need to be added earlier. The combination of fat and rice grains can improve the aroma of porridge.

If there is no sticky rice, you can use the previous rice instead.