Falling in the sky

Falling in the sky

Time is called the sand between the fingers, inadvertently a grain leaks from the fingers, colorful, prosperous, but nothing but a dream.

Look at the magical landscape all the way, see the flowers and leaves, wear the shade of the forest, joy sometimes, sadness sometimes.

  In the coming years, time is always easy to throw people, such as the flow of water, to the variables of the years, wipe the thick dust.

After washing the face of the lead, it is the pure blue sky after the rain, clear and clean, from the tolerance.

When is the time to make a suede, the pure woman inside, the whispering of the flowers, the clever smile, the most gentle and gentle, really relive the old dreams.

  The turbulent life, the impermanence of destiny, the flow of a window between the fingers, the strong, bleak, faded.

If life is a flower, and let it live quietly, faintly bloom, choose a corner, reveal the most intoxicating fragrance, spring grass sprouts, Xiahe drink, autumn leaves, frost, winter snow, clean, comfortable in the four seasonsReincarnation, look at the clouds in the sky, Shu Yun, listen to the flowers on the ground, calmly enjoy the days of every cloud.

  Maybe, you should learn to forget.

If life is too rough, why do you have to worry about everything, and you will not be obsessed with it. When you are late, you will empty your hands and do everything, and you will have nothing to gain, and you will be scarred and sad.

Love and not love, but in a hurry, he bears you, you bear him, he loses her, a never-ending chase, who is more crazy than who, who is more persistent than who, who is more injured than anyone else?

Those who are lost, remembered, forgotten, on the road, or permanently rested, who is better than who, who is nobler than who, who is more fortunate than anyone else?

Happiness is just an illusion. When you want to reach out and grab it, you quickly rush away.

When you are proud, if the time flows, it will pass away, unconsciously, one day in life; when you are frustrated, time is like a bitter sea, boundless, embarrassing, a lifetime.

However, in the moment of turning back to look back, I was shocked to realize that this life is a vain, and it is impossible to stay in the past, leaving it to stay empty.

  The bustling dream, when the time is a break, the flowers bloom once, the people live forever, the years are colorful, and they are in a hurry.

With a flick of a finger, the face is old.

Windy night, sighing, how many sad?

As the wine is healed, the water is more flowing, and the flowers fall into the spring, and the world is no longer there.

  Don’t try to catch something, dreams are not dreams, shadows are not shadows, how can you be lonely?

At dusk, the side of the road, the shadow of the world.

The remaining traces of tears last night are still clearly identifiable. Today’s hopes for life are still strong, and life leads to a glass of spirits, which is sweet and mellow.

Everything is the same.

Love, hate, resentment, jealousy.

  Sitting in the dim room, taking a cup of tea, watching the curtains of the night cover the worry of the heart, and let the colorful flow of the year slipped from the fingers.

In the air, it is not the aroma of tea, but also the magnificent waves that are released from the heart and the sea. In tears, the epiphany: If you want to flow in the water, and look at the present, you can sing low-pitched, who is the enemy?