The amazing effect of fruit and vegetable peels has higher nutritional value

The amazing effect of fruit and vegetable peels has higher nutritional value

All fruits and vegetables have a “biological synergy”, which means that the nutritional effects of each part are mutually enhanced.

The skin or stem of fruits and vegetables can promote nutrient absorption, anti-cancer and increase energy. See if you have thrown away these valuable nutrients in the past?

  Kiwi peel is an anti-cancer antioxidant. Kiwi peel has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

The skin contains three times as much antioxidants as the pulp.

In addition, kiwi peel can deal with Staphylococcus and E. coli.

  how to eat?

The kiwi is peeled and squeezed, filtered and added.

  Pineapple skin can protect the stomach. In addition to supplementing dietary fiber and vitamin C, pineapple skin (except for the thorny part on the outside), pineapple protein in pineapple skin can decompose food, remove dead tissues in the digestive tract, and have gastric and cancer prevention effects.Therefore, the content of bromelain in pineapple peel is double that of pulp.

  how to eat?
After the pineapple has been removed from the skin and thorns, squeeze the juice from the skin and filter it.

  Banana peel protects eyes Taiwanese researchers have found that banana peel extracts are targeted at serotonin to help alleviate depression.

Lutein in banana peel protects eye cells from retinal ultraviolet damage.

  how to eat?
Boil the banana peel for 10 minutes, add it after cooling.

  Citrus peels can reduce cholesterol Orange peel and orange peel replace “super flavonoids”, which can effectively reduce bad cholesterol without lowering good cholesterol.

American studies have found that the antioxidant content of citrus fruit peels is 20 times that of fruit juice.

In addition, this type of fruit pectin helps reduce cholesterol and help balance beneficial bacteria in the body.

  how to eat?
The citrus peel is dried and ground into a powder, and eaten with cheese, cakes, etc.

Alternatively, squeeze the juice of this kind of fruit, filter and add.

  Pumpkin skin anti-cancer heart pumpkin supplement zinc, which is good for skin and nail health, among which the antioxidant β-carotene has eye protection, heart protection and anti-cancer effects.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are an excellent food source for important fatty acids such as omega-6, which are good for your brain.

  how to eat?
The closer to the pumpkin skin, the richer the nutrition.

Therefore, the fewer peeled pumpkins, the better.

Pumpkin seeds can be cooked or eaten after drying.

  Potato skin is a “nutrition bank” Most people know that potato skin is good for health, but the reason is not clear.

Potato skin is really a nutrient library. A potato floss with a big fist can meet half of the daily requirements of dietary fiber, potassium, iron, zinc and vitamin C.

  how to eat?
Potatoes are eaten in various ways, such as roasted potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes with skins, and sliced fried vegetables.

  Garlic skin anti-aging and heart protection Japanese research found that garlic skin contains 6 different antioxidants.

When the garlic skin is removed, the amphetamine antioxidants which are anti-aging and protecting the heart are wasted.

  how to eat?
Drizzle the entire head of fresh garlic with olive oil, add it to the oven, and eat with grilled food.