My long fattening road

My long fattening road

Everyone shouts to lose weight, but I want to gain weight.

My friend Xiao An screams, you are sick, and the envy of others is envious of the bones that you can’t come, but you have to destroy it with one hand.

It is also difficult for her, the pretty Zhu Yu Yu Run, but unfortunately not born in Yang Guifei’s dynasty, in today’s fashion, her body can only be described with a fat word.

  I am different, often walking side by side with her. If there is a strong wind, people who are familiar with us always laugh at her. She is holding the scales of Fengshen. I am a kite. If I don’t have a broken line, I will float on the ground.God, the bride of Fengshen.

Xiao An envied my body, she said that the bride who wants to be Fengshen is very good, and more elegant.

  I used to like this kind of bones myself. Compared with those fat guys and fat girls, they are not very good at color, but they are also exquisite.

  After a long time, I found the problem.

Then there is a sense of bones, and I can’t catch up with Yanna. Look at the street’s 袅袅婷婷, bumpy and convincing, and then lick yourself, the front is not quite backward, the place that should not be fat is skinny, but the full place is still a party.In the plain state, with a face full of color, sick, how can there be a healthy beauty.

Fat people running will breathe, but I am thin, going up the stairs for a long time, lack of blood.

Weighing on the scale, always below the standard weight.

  One day a friend introduced a handsome guy to me, with Zhang Dongjian’s face and Schwarzenegger’s figure, which is very much in my mind. I stared at people for three minutes, but the eyes of others were only three seconds away.I am moving elsewhere.

Afterwards, I heard from my friend that the other person said that I was too skinny and ribbed woman, he did not like it.

  I really don’t know if a handsome guy is looking at it or holding it.

I only saw one side with him, and I greatly hurt my self-esteem.

Since then, it has been used as a guide to strengthen the belief in fattening.

Do not dare to ask too much, as long as a little bit of rhyme, fat will naturally look ruddy, lost self-esteem to win back.

  I want to gain weight and refuse to do ribs women.

This idea made me sleepless all night, every day in the mall to look for fattening drugs.

It can be seen, or the person who loses weight is happy, the weight loss capsule on the medicine cabinet, a lot of slimming tea, the public has found thousands of Baidu, the fattening medicine is rare, rare and rare treasure-like.

  If you can’t rely on drugs, you can start looking at various health magazines to see if you can use other methods to round my dream of fattening.

  It turns out that if your weight is too light and your body is too thin, you should first check whether it is the potential impact of the disease.

Such as thyroid, diabetes, adrenal glands, digestive diseases, etc., are easily caused to lose weight.

The disease-removing plan can only be implemented if the disease is ruled out.

  Going to the hospital for examination, without the above diseases, I have to start working hard for getting fat.

  Start with eating, change the habit of eating only vegetables and fruits, and pay attention to a balanced diet according to healthy recipes.

High protein, sputum, and glucose can not be less.

  I used to think that I was able to sit still, and even thought that the gym is actually a place where the fat people are self-forming, so they are far away.

Now I heard that the correct exercise can also increase fat, and also set up a fitness card, mixed in the middle of a group of fat brothers and fat girls, but everyone belongs to the city that was rejected outside the city of charm.

Fat people drink cold water and have long meat. Thin people eat 4 tons a day or like ribs. It’s not easy to be with beauty.

  Look at Jenny?

Qiweige added 10 pieces of fat for the film, and then he didn’t want to reduce it again, because he felt that men liked her now.

So I fantasized about my happy life after fattening. Maybe there will be a handsome guy who looks at me for more than 3 minutes, or not. I can stand in front of everyone with a plate of ribs and see if I dare to say that I am like it.

  Relying on the belief, relying on diet and exercise, now the fertilizer program will be carried out, more than two months, a look at the scales, an extra hour, and finally have a small sense of accomplishment.

The most important thing is that I saw myself in the mirror, my face was ruddy, and my body was much better.

  However, now I am still a long way from the standard weight, this fattening, but also continue.

Applying a word, the road to gaining fat is long and it’s a long way to go. I will try my best.

  Special note: Be sure to talk about scientific fertilizer, and avoid relying on eating and drinking to achieve your goals.

The twelve-character mantra: “Diverse diet, proper exercise, and good health.”In short, be a happy and healthy beauty.