Finger fitness tips

Finger fitness tips

Today is cool enough, dazzling enough, strange enough to become fashionable, and health care can also lead fashion.

“Eat full, good health” has been replaced by “Dietizing, clearing intestines, detoxifying and keeping your health”. The most common and common exercise of walking has also been tried to transform into a variety of posture walking exercises.Benefits every year . These methods are different. These methods are unique, but they are equally effective in health care.

The following is the hand care method, you may also try it.

  Rotate your thumb. If you feel physically weak, try to rotate your thumb 360 degrees.

When rotating, the tip of the thumb must be tried to draw a circle.

At first, it may feel uncomfortable, but after repeating it several times, the thumb will rotate rhythmically, and you will feel comfortable.

Generally, let the thumbs rotate 1-2 minutes in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

  The most simple way to integrate and use self-handshaking as a health method is to self-handshake.

The left and right palms are held close together and alternately held. The key is that the thumb of the right hand consciously and firmly grasps the small fish of the left hand, and the left thumb grasps the small fish of the right hand.

Hold your hands apart for 3 seconds.

Hold each other tightly 5-6 times.

  Cross your fingers When you feel that your brain is unresponsive and not paying attention, it will not prevent you from twisting your fingers together.

After someone has their thumbs crossed for a while, they change their thumbs to the other.

Then point your fingertips forward, aligning your hands and wrists.

Repeat twice.

  Warm wind blowers Many people use a hair dryer to dry after shampooing.

If you use a hair dryer to stimulate your palm, it only takes 3-4 minutes, but the health effect is great.

Use a hair dryer to send warm air to the palm of your hand. When you feel a little warm, remove the hair dryer and then close the palm of your hand.

This is repeated 6-7 times, so that the entire palm is stimulated by the warm wind from the hair dryer.

  Rotating Tennis Clamps the tennis ball with both hands, slowly and forcefully, and stimulates the entire palm through the tennis ball.

You can also put your fingers up, pinch the tennis ball for 3 seconds, and then press again.

This is repeated many times.