What should be paid attention to in neonatal home safety?

What should be paid attention to in neonatal home safety?

·The anti-wire winding should check the baby’s fingers every day. Whether the toes are wrapped by the socks, the clothes or the thread on the quilt, otherwise the baby’s hands and feet will continue to dance, the thread will become more and more tight, and the blood will flow after a long time.Poor, tissue necrosis.

It is best not to wear gloves for your baby and not to hang anything on your neck.

The ropes and curtain cords of the hanging toys should be tied to the thread, not near the crib.

  · The woman who is falling from the height is still not turning over, but sudden reflections, such as shocking reflections, crawling reflexes, or kicking legs, may cause the baby to fall off the bed or chair.

Your baby’s cot must have a fence. If you let him sleep on a big bed, try to stay away from the bed.

You have to develop a habit. When you turn around and do other things, keep your baby in one hand to prevent accidents.

  · Prevent head injuries. Don’t shake your baby’s head up and down. Don’t throw your baby into the air to play.

Protect your head when helping your baby move.

  · Accidents in the bath My bathroom is very small, so when my son is very young, I use a large washbasin to hold the water and put it on the toilet lid to bathe him.

That day, as usual, after I put the water, I was about to wash him. I didn’t expect him to be more and more energetic. When I stepped on my legs, I broke off from my hand and fell between the toilet and the washing machine.

Fortunately, there was no sharp thing to put there, or else it would not fall out!

The next day, I went to buy a baby-specific bathtub.

The bathroom floor can’t fit, I will bathe the baby in the living room.

Although it is very troublesome to put water, it is troublesome, but I don’t dare to take such a risk.

  · Don’t wear gloves for your baby. Just when you have a baby, your friend sent several sets of small clothes, and there are matching small gloves, which are soft and beautiful.

In order to prevent the baby from scratching and scratching herself, I will give her a small glove all day long.

That day, I went to listen to an expert lecture. One thing the expert said scared me.

She said that when she was working in the nursery school, a baby was put in gloves in the morning, and the baby was crying all day, and it was not good.

When I picked up the gloves at night, I found that a piece of thread in the glove tightly wrapped around the baby’s fingers.

Due to lack of timely detection, the finger was necrotic due to insufficient long-term blood supply, resulting in a lifelong disability.

After I got home, I immediately took off my baby’s gloves. I wanted to scratch my face and be milder than my finger.

Besides, as long as the nails are cut, the baby will not scratch the small face.