Women must see 12 hidden rules for dating men

Women must see 12 hidden rules for dating men

Even now, dating rules are changing rapidly.

We surveyed 19,000 single men who are smart and worth dating. They are the most attractive dates!

Let’s see what’s going on in their heads.

  Rule one: My friends are everywhere. Our question: Usually you meet women in certain situations?

  57% of friends introduced, 31% at a bar or party, and 12% at work.

  ”I like to know the opposite sex through a friend’s introduction. I think it’s safe.

“This year-old David, 27, who works in the securities sector, said.

But if you’re tired of the old-fashioned way your friends introduce you, don’t forget the bar or party is also a good place.

“I have no problem with meeting friends elsewhere,” David said.

Rule two: Your appreciation is his question of always loving us: What do women say that most appeals to you?

  51% “Your eyes are beautiful”, 33% “How about I invite you for a drink?

“, 16%” Have we met before?

“” My sincere praise can increase my confidence and make me easy.

“26-year-old lawyer Han Jin said.

A woman’s praise for a man suggests that she is cute, funny, and approachable.

Rule # 3: Optimized sexuality implies extraordinary efficacy. Our question: Which part are you most satisfied with today?

  59% of women are relatively sexy than before, 27% are compared to the past, and men are more open to women. 14% of women are more responsible for money than in the past.

  ”Once a woman shows her sexy side, everything becomes great.

Cheng Tao, a 26-year-old law student, said.

28-year-old real estate agent Pete added: “I like a confident woman to show her feminine tenderness, and inadvertently flicking her hair or changing the posture of her legs are mesmerising.

Rule 4: Food + Movie is the first choice. Our question: What program do you choose for your first date?

  72% go to dinner, then watch a movie, 27% go hiking or exercise, and 1% listen to a poetry recital.

  ”Dinner together, watching movies is the best choice.

“25-year-old engineer Weizi said.

“If you feel good at dinner and there is no embarrassing silence, the dim movie theater is a good place to enhance your relationship.

If you feel bad while eating, the cinema can make everyone relax.

But if you go out or exercise, you cannot escape.

Rule 5: Arousing his interest Our question: What is the best help for a first date?

  71% have a pleasant personality, laughter, no embarrassing silence, 18% sexy body, and 11% her clothes and makeup show that she has carefully prepared for dating.

  ”Every man dreams of finding a woman to talk to, so it’s important to have a good chat.

“Said 22-year-old musician Paul.

“If the other party can ask some interesting questions, tell some jokes, and keep me laughing, I will be very satisfied.

Rule No. 6: Don’t be Xiang Lin 嫂 Our question: What do you hate the most when you first date?

  55% kept talking about herself and her problems, 26% kept asking me about my family, income, past girlfriend and other issues, and 19% she was drunk.

  ”I hate the first date as a grievance.

“Said 28-year-old editor Zhan Ning.

“I’d rather get to know her basics before going into a heavy topic