China urgently needs eight types of talents in the next few years

China urgently needs eight types of talents in the next few years

Online talents become more popular The Internet will become a veritable “rich man manufacturing factory”, and Internet talents will become even more popular. Among them, the most powerful and profitable software engineers, game engineers and network security divisions.

  According to the latest data, from 1996 to 2006, China needed more than one million software professionals, and there are still 100,000 to 400,000 computer software positions vacant.

China’s computer animation and special effects industry is thirsty for talent, with an annual turnover of more than US $ 10 billion in the video game industry.

As China’s electronic information network security system is weak, network security is becoming an emerging industry, and network security engineers will become hot jobs.

  Civil engineering, automobile manufacturing, and Chinese medicine majors are sought after. In this year’s college admissions, flat civil engineering, automobile manufacturing, and Chinese medicine majors have always been sought after.

  Air Force, civil engineering is always tepid.

As the country strengthens infrastructure construction and promotes the development of the western region, the construction industry has become one of the pillar industries of the national economy, which has led to a huge increase in the demand for talents in the industry.

  After several years of rapid growth, China has become a major automaker in the world, and the government has also made some efforts to support the auto industry.

The development of the automobile industry will drive the development of related industries such as parts manufacturing, after-sales service, and auto beauty, and provide a lot of jobs for the society.

  Chinese medicine is China’s traditional advantage industry.

The development of modern medical technology will allow the world to once again appreciate the style of Chinese medicine.

  Marketing and international trade majors have strong demand for marketing. International trade enrollment in colleges and universities this year is ideal, and graduates have good employment possibilities in recent years.

With the acceleration of the localization of foreign companies and the internationalization of domestic companies, high-quality marketing talents and international trade talents will become increasingly popular.

  The advertising industry has a lot of money. Advertising has developed into an emerging industry that contains huge business opportunities, and has even become an integral part of economic life.

Professionals believe that future advertisers will not be ordinary high-paying classes.

The advertising industry in the 21st century is a knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive, and wisdom-intensive industry.

In the next few years, the industry’s demand for high-quality talent will increase, and the value of graduates of advertising majors in universities will also rise to replace it.

  The prospects of foreign language and electronics majors are still optimistic. The enrollment of college entrance examinations in recent years can be ground up, and the popularity of foreign language majors or foreign language colleges has continued.

As China has accelerated the pace of global economic integration, the country ‘s demand for foreign language talent has increased year by year, and employment prospects for foreign language graduates are optimistic.

  In the past two years, the state’s investment in communications infrastructure has reached nearly 200 billion yuan each year.

Computer, communication engineering, microelectronics and other electronic information professionals are still in high demand, and graduates have good employment opportunities.

  The charm of the Chinese profession is not diminished.

According to statistics, due to its wide range of applications, the demand for graduates of this major has always been among the best in all majors, and it is “hereditary employment hot.”