When the body is in progress, the next stop is Beach Baby.

When the body is in progress, the next stop is “Beach Baby.”

Summer has come quietly, and suddenly found that many of MM’s MSN signatures have been changed to “May not to lose weight, June is sad, July is sad, August is sad, September is sad.”Can you be sad?
Summer tube top dress, tube top jumpsuit, sling group are all out, and the good body is not enough to become the “beach baby” that everyone envy, but also to have a smooth and beautiful skin is the real king, smallEditing this will give you a few tricks, so that you will immediately become the most beautiful beach baby this summer, brave to show yourself.
.hzh {display: none; }  沙滩宝贝必修一:魔鬼身材  想要成为沙滩宝贝,减肥工作不可少。In the life of a girl, many people will suffer from orange peel in varying degrees.
The reason for the formation of orange peel is various, such as genetics, rapid weight loss, excessive alcohol and tobacco, sedentary exercise, poor circulation, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise and stress, can lead to fatNot enough consumption, but too much hoarding, resulting in orange peel phenomenon.
  So act quickly, get rid of the orange peel and forge the devil’s body: 1 Do more aerobics There are many sports that you can try, but not every sport can remove excess fat and orange peel.
It is not advisable to use weight-healing fitness equipment in the gym, because this exercise of muscles does not help to eliminate the fat, but it will make the existing cellulite more uneven.
It’s best to do some aerobic exercise that can speed up blood circulation, such as jogging, cycling, skipping, swimming, walking stairs, etc., which can burn fat and help to make skin tissue firmer.
  2 Bathing and weight-loss method When bathing, massage the massaged area with a massager or a hard sponge and use a massage cream with activating blood and detoxifying effect to improve blood circulation.
After bathing, massage the abdomen, legs and other parts that are easy to produce orange peel with a partial circular motion, and then tap the bottom from the bottom.
Rhythmic massage and tapping action help accelerate the breakdown of fat and shrink fat cells, eliminating orange peel.
  3 Regular eating, away from snacks It is very important to ensure regular meals for three meals a day. This is a eating habit that is in harmony with the natural rhythm of the body.
Snacks can disrupt the body’s natural digestive rhythm.
  4 Avoid excessively rich dinners At night, the body tends to store more fat, 70% or 80% of the diet should be completed in the first half of the day.
  5 Balanced diet Avoid excessive salt and alcohol, eat more fruits and vegetables.
Choose whole starchy products that the body can absorb slowly, such as noodles and rice, and try to avoid refined starches such as candy and cakes.
Drink 1 to 2 liters of boiled water a day to help the body expel toxins.
  Beautiful recommendation: Guerlain kinetic energy firming slimming lotion 960 yuan / 200ml Rich in pure amber extract firming anti-wrinkle complex, firming skin and making skin tissue stronger.
A new plant active ingredient promotes the conversion of cellulite into firm tissue, eliminating the active ingredients of congestion and helping to detoxify the skin.
  Biotherm Curve Sculpture Shaped Essence 450 yuan / 200ml Caffeine quickly burns fat, minus excess “clam meat” on the arms and hips.
Lifting the skin lines, the skin on the arms and buttocks is firm and tangible.
  Beach baby compulsory two: smooth and beautiful skin.
hzh {display: none; }  美体是很多人护肤时候最容易忽略的步骤,导致背部皮肤粗糙,长红点。Such a back and thighs are exposed, and others are shocked. How can they be the perfect beach baby?
At this time, you need to review the daily skin care, even a dead end can not let go, the ankle and back are the most easily overlooked.
  Now start to remove the dead skin and let your skin slip to the end: 1 Regularly exfoliate the body. Want to have a beautiful figure that everyone praises, daily cleaning and care is absolutely indispensable.
Once a week, deep exfoliation and body care to promote blood circulation, you can do it yourself.
You can use the body scrub to completely remove the old hard horny skin, and then use the body lotion containing rosemary ingredients to firm the skin of the body, and the daily maintenance can be easily done.
These daily maintenance may be a little difficult to do on your own, you can choose the right time to go to the beauty salon to do exfoliating work.
  2 清除无情小斑点   你的身体肌肤还需要去除瑕疵,除了脚底板的肌肤之外,背部肌肤是全身最厚的部分;也因为如此,背部的循环代谢能力较弱,脂肪及废物亦比较容易堆积And the formation of acne.
For a perfect back skin, use a deep cleansing film to remove dirt from your pores.
In addition, if you are worried that the cleansing film will make the pores thicker, you can sprinkle some astringent water after removing the mask.
  3 泡澡舒缓全身肌肤   平日里的工作压力、环境问题都会让你身上肌肤产生许多问题,这个时候回家泡澡,美肤兼舒缓平日紧绷的神经,在你的浴缸里再加上一些浴Salt or lemon, rose, milk, etc., will make the skin more firm, and there are whitening effects.
  美丽推荐:   娜蔻果萃润体露 140元/250ml   夏天选用这款身体露再适合不过,质地清爽在肌肤表面顺滑地涂展,好似融化般地渗入肌肤,完全不会给夏天的肌肤带Come to any burden.
In addition, it can nourish the body’s rich skin. The moisturizing film formed by plant extracts helps your skin to be isolated from the outside world, away from dry skin and small red spots, and care for every inch of skin.
  DIOR Perfect Body Scrub 350 yuan / 150ml Rich in exfoliating particles, and plant fragrance, so that you can soothe and gently remove dirt, dust and dead skin cells, and the skin is soft and delicate.