Love Psychology: How Many Secrets Do You Understand Men

Love Psychology: How Many Secrets Do You Understand Men

Core tip: The following “classic” comments are all from men’s mouth, changed from men’s semantics, it is always men who understand women!

What about women, how much do you know about men?

  Men always like to ridicule. They often use their crooks to make you cry and laugh. They would say: “It’s not cold to know nothing about pine and cypress; it is not difficult to know about women.

  ”A man knows women’s ambitions.

  ”Men’s confused.

(Meaning female cleverness) “Night gives women black eyes, and women are destined to use it to conquer men.

  ”I’m here. I watched. I was conquered by Cleopatra.

  ”A woman who doesn’t want to conquer a man is not a good woman.

  ”A woman who can think is really a man of infinite strength.

  ”Trust women first, and then others will trust you.

  ”I don’t like being conquered, but I swear to defend the rights of defenders to conquer men.

“Look at the above” classic “comments, all of them are from the mouth of men, changed from the man’s meaning, as a woman, have you read me ashamed-it is always men who understand women!

  This world is made up of men and women. Without a man there is no woman, and there is no woman and no man.

God created Adam, and Adam dismantled his ribs to create Eve. That’s why “women are men’s ribs.”

So, as a man’s rib, how much do you understand by a woman?

  In aerodynamics of love, you need to highly identify professional “aerobic” men and understand why they are so popular.

They often have the following ten characteristics: 1.

Self-confidence men need self-confidence, and strong aura men need strong self-confidence to back them up.

The charming temperament break between confident men raising their hands to break the heart of every woman.


Temperament can not be denied. Temperament is the easiest tag to identify a man in a masque. He can look handsome, but he must have enough temperament to be captured.

Often the first thing a woman sees is the temperament of this man.


Control In the animal world, basically male animals are in absolute leadership and have absolute control. One of the important feelings of aerobic fields is control.

Men are born overlords, and women are stunned by men.

In the bones of a woman, he hopes that the man has control over her and the surroundings, and desires to be led.

So men with control are born with lethality to women.


Focusing on a dedicated man, he is often able to focus his time, interests, and wisdom on what he wants, thereby exerting enthusiasm, initiative, and realization in a transformative manner.

The earliest men were the easiest to conquer women?

Serious man.


Grace and grace refers to the words, manners, manners, and grace of a person, which are the natural expression of a person’s inner strength.

Manner cannot be imitated, it is often a unique personal sign of a person.

Charisma is attractive because it has strength, strength is the cause, charm is the result, and cause and effect cannot be reversed.


A man with deep eyes can be lethal, let’s say Tom.
Cruise, let’s say Jude Law, let’s say Liang Chaowei, let’s say Takeshi Kaneshiro.

I’m very cold for this kind of deep-seated men, their gas field is very powerful, it is really powerful.  7.

Chic and chic is a realm.

Don’t always think that chicness is just the transcendent and graceful manners of words and deeds. In fact, chicness is a natural state and a sincere attitude towards life.

Born into the world, he has an open-minded state of mind, transcendental and not burdened by world affairs, and the chic realm comes from rational and open-mindedness and the passion of life.

Even if the man is plain, but as long as he has this chic, he suddenly does not feel inferior and sharp.

And if a man with a good appearance can also achieve a chic mood, then it is the icing on the cake.


Risky women are easily attracted by men who like to do extreme adventures and unusual things.

Because these things are exciting, it is undeniable that the adventurous spirit makes men more sexy.


Mature men are no longer boys because they are mature.

The world of boys is simple, but men are different.

With their own character, strength and credibility in the crowd calmly, mature men show extraordinary charm.


Cold women don’t like men who stubbornly beat themselves. This is a kind of psychological inertia.

So the cold-hearted man became fragrant. Suddenly so different among the suitors, it easily attracted the attention of women.

Such men are generally more ingenious and fascinated women.

  When you have identified the aura man, the next step is to take the first step in love.

Don’t pretend that you are foolproof when you know a man. On the basis of knowing his inner, you should further observe his external conditions.

  Understanding the nature of his work You must have a clear understanding of the nature of his work.

For example, you have a general grasp of the content of his work, the place of work, and even the relationships.

If you want to fall in love with him, the real problems will continue to pay attention to, and you will learn more about his character and maturity through the nature and ability of his work.

  Observe his speech and behavior In addition to the nature of his work, you must also carefully observe his speech and behavior.

Details are the key to success or failure. Does this man look the same? Look at the problem through the details.

Love is a beautiful feeling and a real life. You can’t talk about Plato only with movie stars on the screen, so it’s better to be pragmatic.

  Caring about his living environment and daily life can polish a man’s cultivation and endurance.

An important part of aerodynamics is to find a man who shares your interests, then you must pay special attention to his lifestyle and environment.

A man who spends his entire day researching stocks is likely to be a money maker, but he doesn’t understand fun.

A man who only knows that drinking as a hobby is difficult to achieve, and has a high degree of violence-your love is fortunately unhappy, all because you see the right man from your living environment.

  Men are steel, women are water.

Knowing yourself and knowing each other, the aura of love is not supported by one person. Men conquer women because men like to think about women. After thinking about it for a long time, they understand the nature and weaknesses of women and think that they can override women.

Women are emotional animals. In the way of love, women understand men, but women need to understand themselves.

  Love is often blind. When a woman is injured, her fault is usually blamed on a man without seeing the true face of the man.

What about women themselves?

Does the failure of love have its own “contribution”?

  When two people are together, they also need to leave a private space for each other.

He thinks that the protection of the other party is very good, but it is often counterproductive. People may not buy your account, especially men. Instead, he feels that you have too much control, which makes him feel stressed.

What a man needs is a companion who knows what he wants and what he wants, rather than being reduced to a strict wife control.

  Therefore, in the aura of love, men recognize women, think about women, and women understand men and understand themselves.

There is a saying: Women are made of water.Smart women are not only “water” but also “living water”.

The popular saying is that women need to be flexible and deal with different types of men.

Most men, especially well-known men, actually have some women in their bones that can’t afford women, and even treat women as playthings.

Plato said that the talents of men and women are the same. What men seek is also what women seek, but in general women are inferior to men.

Nietzsche, who is full of unusual feelings for women, also believes that once a woman gets rid of the habit of “fearing men” and hopes for freedom, she loses her “richest female instinct.”

His very famous saying-go to a woman?

Don’t forget to bring your whip!

This often fuels men’s arrogance.

But don’t forget that men are always inseparable from women.

Water is the source of life. No matter how much a man looks down on a woman, he needs her, but he also needs her emotions.

Therefore, smart women use the gas field to attract the first attention of men. They are always at ease in the steps of love, and they are the “living water” that makes men inseparable.

A man can’t live without you. He knows that if he let go, he will gradually ease the good shift-a good woman is rare, and a gas field woman in love is even more rare.