You want to get rid of certain eye lines_1

You want to get rid of certain eye lines

Seeing wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, many women are very anxious, using eye cream morning and evening, often massaging, but with little effect.

In fact, if you want to make the corners of your eyes as smooth as new, you must first distinguish yourself as belonging to this kind of eye pattern, and then you can choose eye cream with different effects for symptomatic treatment.

  Dr. Wei Honik of the L’Oreal Institute in France explained the difference between dry lines, expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles in detail.

  The first is that dry lines are usually dry on the corners of the eyes. There is no texture on the corners of the eyes when you don’t make expressions. You can use eye cream with moisturizing function to deal with dry lines.

  The second type is that fine lines are easy to occur for women after the age of 25. It is deeper than dry lines. Therefore, it is necessary to use moisturizing eye creams, such as vitamin E, UV filters, and eye creams that prevent skin enhancement.

  The third is that wrinkles are formed by the effects of skin aging.

The first is the expression pattern, which is not only formed in the corners of the eyes. As long as the expression is made, it will be found in many places.

The treatment of wrinkles and expression lines requires the use of eye creams that contain anti-wrinkle ingredients that can tighten the skin and effectively support the skin system.

Eye creams containing ingredients such as collagen and elastic fibers can increase the tissue density of the skin.

Having said that, Dr. Wei Henik also mentioned that if there are both dry lines and fine lines in the corners of the eyes, it is necessary to use eye cream with different effects morning and night separately.

  Generally speaking, an eye cream containing an ultraviolet filter should be used in the morning and an eye cream with good repair function at night.

If you feel you are not sure, you can consult a beautician.

In addition, when using eye cream to massage the skin around the eyes, it is best to use professional fingering, which also requires consulting a beautician.

  Dr. Wei Henik also pointed out that eye serum cannot be used alone.

Because although the essence contains concentrated nutrients, it can directly affect the deep skin of the eyes, but the moisturizing and moisturizing effect is not as good as the eye cream.

Therefore, you should apply eye serum after washing your face before applying eye cream.