[Effects of almonds]_ almonds _ possible _ benefits

[Effects of almonds]_ almonds _ possible _ benefits

Almonds are known as delicious and healthy coexisting nuts, and their nutritional value is very high. Therefore, various trace elements and vitamins have a special effect on supplementing body nutrition, and the taste of almonds is crisp and delicious.Great snacks, let’s take a look at the effects of almonds.

1, bitter almonds can relieve cough, asthma, laxative, and can treat diseases such as lung disease and cough.

2. Sweet almonds and large dried almonds that are eaten daily tend to be moisturizing, which has a certain effect on nourishing the lungs.

3. Almonds are also rich in flavonoids and polyphenols. This can not only reduce the plasma content in the human body, but also significantly reduce the incidence and the risk of many chronic diseases.

4, almonds also have cosmetic effects, can promote skin microcirculation, make the skin rosy and shiny.

5. Almond also has anti-tumor effect. The anti-tumor effect of almond is mainly because bitter almond contains a biologically active substance-amygdalin, which can enter the blood to kill fungi, but has no effect on healthy cells, so it can improve patients with advanced cancer.Symptoms that prolong patient survival.

At the same time, because it is rich in carotene, it can prevent oxidation, prevent free radicals from invading cells, and have the effect of preventing tumors!

Although almonds have many medicinal and edible values, they should not be eaten in large quantities.

Almond toxic substance hydrocyanic acid (100 g bitter almonds decompose and release 100 hydrocyanic acid?
250 mg.

The lethal dose of hydrocyanic acid is 60 mg.

The content of hydrocyanic acid in sweet almonds is about the supplement of bitter almonds). Excessive consumption can cause poisoning.

Therefore, it must be soaked in water for several times before being eaten, and heated and boiled to reduce or even eliminate the toxic substances in it; maternal, young children, people with real constitution and people with diabetes should not eat apricot and its products.