Why are children crying more and more

Why are children crying more and more

When people miss the good times of raising children in the past, it is usually an authoritarian method of discipline. In the past, they believed in “for children, just look at what he is doing and do n’t believe what he said.”This method of discipline used to work.

  In that “golden age” of parenting, adults decide everything (usually, father’s highest) and discipline children with spanking, scolding, humiliation and punishment.

Ironically, most of us are raised in this way, and we don’t want our children to experience the same severe patriarchal authority.

Because in this mode, children do what their parents say, just because they are afraid of their parents.

  With the emergence of a more tolerant and free society, many parents began to raise their children in a completely opposite way to authoritarian discipline, but they are inevitably overkill and more and more spoiled.

And children have begun to defend their rights, thinking that they should not tolerate scolding.

We will even see a situation where children are confronted with their parents because of beatings, and their severance is cut off from their parents.

  In essence, changes in other aspects of society have also affected parent-child relationships, especially due to the development of the media industry, and various kinds of advertisements can be seen everywhere.

Children become “targets” for manufacturers and advertisers, and then “pulled in front of certain products”, all of which become the fuse of “cry games”.

  · Girls who go to school feel that they must have a certain hairstyle, clothes, and figure, or they will not be accepted by their peers.

  · The child specifies that they want to eat a certain brand of oatmeal, just because a cartoon character also “eats” this kind.

  Most children want the latest series of books, CDs, backpacks, and are keen to collect games, movie peripherals, monitor games, dolls, cards, etc. from the characters in the movie.

These legitimate products constitute the crying “Gunlin Bullet Rain”, which has been “advancing and retreating together” with children.

  Older boys usually want to play for hours.

  Teens want shoes, sportswear or other equipment, all of which are endorsed by sports stars or entertainment stars.

  · All children are reluctant to take down their headphones, for whatever reason.

  Children are convinced that to be on par with everyone, they must have a certain product, or they will cry endlessly until their parents buy them.

Today’s children have watched too much TV, too many discs, exposed to too many popular cultures, and are trying to imitate bad behavior.

All of this can cause problems between parents and children.

(In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently advised parents to remove televisions and computers from their children’s bedrooms.

We believe that overwhelming television and advertisements do increase the difficulty of educating children, but the impact of parents on children is still the greatest, even in children’s adolescence.

The best way to respond to the negative effects of the media is to build a deep, respectful relationship with your child.

Your child’s life needs to have a foundation of prevention, understand what is right and what is good for him, these can only be provided by you, not those advertisements.

  ”When you cry and want this and then, you decide to do it yourself”-tell your child decisively.

Making excuses for your own behavior is not good for you and your child; your child will never be a victim of a “bad” culture. If you really think so, it will be very disrespectful to your child.

The child cries because the trick works, not because the child saw such an example on TV.

  ”Children have everything to learn,” this cannot be an excuse for crying.

“The child is just imitating what he sees on TV”-if we adopt this attitude, we are shirk responsibility for ourselves and the child.

This idea does not involve everyone in taking responsibility for their actions, nor does it encourage parents and children to work together to change the status quo.

  As a parent, how do you react to the media yourself?

Did you indulge yourself after buying a TV commercial?

If you do this, your child will follow suit.

Do you know what your child is watching and listening to every day?

It is an important responsibility for parents to interpret a large amount of information that he receives from the outside world every day, and set standards of behavior when necessary.

  Those children who are well educated will not be so vulnerable when faced with the media bombardment or peer pressure, because parents have taught them how to resist the control of advertising control.

Even if their material lives are not so abundant, they still feel good.

These children are very clear about “who they are” and “where they belong”, they do not need to have special toys or shoes with some kind of logo (trademark).

Sometimes parents seem to buy these things instead of spending time with their children instead of themselves.But really good parenting means spending a lot of time.

  Many parents indulge their children to the point where they have created a “tyrant” that no one wants to ignore.

They have been busy to meet the needs of their children, and have not asked whether their needs are reasonable; for the sake of family peace, they blindly pamper and spoil their children.

It is sad that indulgence does not result in eternal harmony.

Soon, bad behavior began again.

For children, crying is very useful. Why give up?

  Many parents are afraid of the responsibilities of the obligor, and are reluctant to set boundaries and explain to their children’s behavior-or they just don’t know how to do it, because no one has taught them this way when they were young.

It must be acknowledged that when we raise our own children, it is easy to recall the way parents treated us when we were young, and then use that set to treat our children.

  Change is difficult.

Sometimes parents say that they are too lazy to spend time with their children, or that they are too busy to educate their children. This is a far-fetched reason.

In the face of crying, most parents are reactive-they need to develop a responsible adult with the ultimate goal of developing a master plan for parenting.

  Remember: It’s not the TV or the advertisement that has the biggest impact on the child, but the parents’ every move.

Parents need to explain clearly to their children what is really important and what values the whole family upholds.