Sugarcane and pear winter fruits preferred

Sugarcane and pear winter fruits preferred

After winter, many people often feel dry skin, dizziness, drowsiness, and reduced reaction ability. At this time, if you can eat some fruits to quench thirst, moisten throat and dry, you can feel refreshed and comfortable.

So, what kind of fruit is better to eat in winter?

Pears and sugar cane are the fruits with health care properties in winter.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pear contains malic acid, citric acid, glucose, fructose, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins. Pears have the functions of soothing throat, nourishing lungs, coughing, and nourishing the stomach and intestines.Consumed by patients with fever.

Especially for the relief of lung heat cough, pediatric wind heat, dry throat and sore throat, dry stool, etc.

Modern medical research suggests that pears also have the effect of lowering blood pressure and clearing heat and calming.

Hypertensive patients, if dizziness, palpitations and tinnitus, often eat pears to relieve symptoms.

Pears are rich in sugar and vitamins, which have the effect of protecting the liver and helping digestion.

However, due to the cold nature of the pear, the spleen and stomach, the person with indigestion and postpartum blood deficiency should not eat more.

  Sugarcane has a nourishing and cooling effect and is rich in nutrients.

As a cool tonic, it has a certain effect on the treatment of complications such as hypoglycemia, dry stool, unfavourable urination, nausea, vomiting, asthma and cough, and hyperthermia.

However, due to the coldness of sugarcane, people with coldness in the spleen and stomach and stomachache should not eat it.

  Fruits suitable for winter include apples, oranges, bananas, and hawthorn.

Apples can replenish and quench thirst, and relieve spleen and diarrhea; oranges can relieve qi and appetite, digestion and reduce phlegm; bananas can clear heat and intestines, reduce blood pressure and prevent hemorrhoids; hawthorn can expand blood vessels, reduce blood fat, strengthen and mediate myocardium, and prevent coronary arteriosclerosis.
  The following points should be noted when eating fruits in winter: people with acid stomach should not eat plum, hawthorn, lemon and other fruits containing organic acids.

People with dry stools can eat more peaches, bananas, oranges, etc., because these fruits have a relief effect.

Persimmons contain a large amount of persimmon gum. Consumption can increase constipation.

People with heart disease and edema should not eat too much watermelon, coconut and other fruits, so as not to increase the burden on the heart and increase the edema.

People with diabetes should not only eat less sugar, but also eat less sugary pears, apples, bananas and other fruits.

Patients with nephritis and high blood pressure should not eat more bananas, because bananas are cold and slippery, but the potassium content is high.

  In addition, due to the aging of internal organs, the elderly have weakened various physiological functions, such as poor digestive ability, reduced intestinal motility, atrophy of gastric mucosa, excessive gastric acid, etc., and often accompanied by various diseases, so it is not appropriate to eat a lot of fruits at a time,You can use “eat less and eat more.”

Twelve Chinese medicine diet prescriptions implant breast pain

Twelve Chinese medicine diet prescriptions implant breast pain

Lead: What to do with breast pain?

Don’t panic, first cause the cause, and then symptomatic food therapy is sufficient.

For mammary hyperplasia and breast pain, you can eat corn loofah, kelp and lettuce in a pot; for mastitis breast pain, you can eat honey figs, lisianthus red bean porridge; for breast pain, you can eat crab shell with rice wine, pangolin white porridge .Let ‘s learn the traditional Chinese medicine diet for breast cancer pain.

  Hyperplasia of the mammary glands is not a cancer. It is a benign mutation, manifested as a cord-like, patchy, or cystic nodule in the breast.

The nodules of hyperplasia of mammary glands are relatively soft, accompanied by tenderness, clear boundaries, and change with the menstrual cycle or mood, and the size of their masses does not increase in the short term.

The mass of the retina is hard, without tenderness, unclear borders, changes in activity, a significant increase in the short term, or accompanied by axillary, supraclavicular lymphadenopathy, and inverted nipples, and the skin is orange peel-like.

However, it should be noted that breast hyperplasia without lumps sometimes coexists with breast cancer.

  First, breast hyperplasia and breast pain Chinese medicine believes that the disease is mostly caused by liver qi stagnation and sputum condensation.

  Principles of diet therapy: Shugan Qi, clearing away heat and dissolving stagnation, redeploying irritation.


Corn Loofah Loquat: 100 grams of corn, 50 grams of loofah, 10 grams of orange kernels, 1 egg, boiled with water for 1 hour, add egg flower, water starch, rock sugar and mix well before boiling, twice a week.


Kelp lettuce pot: 100 grams of kelp, 100 grams of lettuce, ginger, spring onion, boil kelp for 30 minutes with fresh water, put lettuce, seasoning, sesame oil before boiling, once a day.


Cold celery kelp: 100 grams of kelp, 100 grams of celery, ginger, minced shallot, kelp, celery, cooked, add seasoning, sesame oil to the dish, once a day.


Prunella angelica porridge: Prunella vulgaris, Angelica sinensis, 10 grams each of fragrant, fry with water for 20 minutes, take the juice and add white porridge, brown sugar and mix it twice a week.

  Second, mastitis, breast pain, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the disease is mostly caused by liver and stomach stagnation, milk stasis.

  Dietary principles: Qingganwei, detoxification, Tongluo, Sanjie.

  Common dietary manifestations: 1.

Honey Juice Figs: 100 grams of figs, 30 grams of hawthorn, fry with water for 20 minutes, take juice and honey, and take it twice a day.


Loofah stewed tofu: 150 grams of loofah, 100 grams of tofu, add water and boil for 20 minutes, add ginger, spring onion, sesame oil before boiling, once a day.


Platycodon grandiflorum and red bean porridge: 10 grams each of platycodon grandiflorum and saponin, sauté with water for 20 minutes, add juice and mix in chili congee twice a day.

Glandular mastitis and purulent phase.


Pollen angelica porridge: astragalus, 10 grams each of pollen, 5 grams of angelica, fry with water for 20 minutes, take juice and add brown sugar to take.

Twice daily, ruling out mastitis.

  Third, breast cancer, breast cancer, and traditional Chinese medicine believe that the pathogenesis of this disease is imbalance of responsibility, liver and kidney deficiency, liver stagnation, stasis, and evil poison.

  The principle of diet therapy: it should be combined in its comprehensive treatment, and it does not affect distance therapy as a principle.

  Common dietary manifestations: 1.

Roast the crab shells in a suitable amount and grind them for later use.

2 grams each time, three times a day, rice wine delivery.


Astro 30?
90 grams, stewed.

Twice a week.  3.
10 grams of pangolin, 15 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza, add water for 20 minutes, add to porridge, take once a day.


10 h each of apiary, zhebei, shanxi mushroom, zedoary turmeric, 30 grams each of wormwood and barley, fry for an additional 20 minutes with water, take the juice and add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and take it twice a week.

What happened to my father’s daily washing?

What happened to my father’s daily washing?

Ms. Guo, Haidian District, Beijing: My father is in his 60s this year. He feels something left behind after SARS. He wash his hands every day. Even if he touches the chair, he should wash his hands with his clothes. At least every night before going to bed.More than 30 minutes of hands, can not touch after washing, most of the time, the mother is often angry with him, I am worried that the time will be more and more heavy, is this a clean or psychological problem?

  Beijing Anding Hospital Geriatrics Doctor Bu Li: Your father is sick under certain psychological factors. At present, he is showing compulsive symptoms, such as washing hands and washing clothes repeatedly. After understanding the situation, family members can carry out patient explanation.It is of no practical significance to understand the behavior, to guide the elderly to turn their attention to daily life or activities; to understand whether the elderly are distressed by this behavior, whether to try to intervene or confront, whether there is an urgent need for treatment and other emotional reactions.

Wash your hands for 30 minutes from the night before you go to bed. Your wife dissuaded you from quarreling. The severity of the symptoms can affect the daily life and family harmony of the elderly. You can learn more about other abnormal thoughts or behaviors.It is recommended to see a psychiatrist or psychologist as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Parents better not take their children’s willfulness as personality!

Parents better not take their children’s willfulness as personality!

The so-called “having individuality” refers to having his own opinions, and when he encounters a problem, he can insist on his correct viewpoint and reasonable behavior, do not disobey, and do not sway with the wind.

There are many aspects of personality expression: kindness, courage, honesty, trustworthiness, etc.

  Although willfulness is also manifested in insisting on one’s own thoughts and behaviors, it is unreasonable to make trouble, and it is not a reasonable viewpoint and behavior that it insists on.

  Obviously, Tiantian Dad has not really understood the essential characteristics and differences between “willfulness” and “personality”.

Every day is not “personal”, but very “willful.”

Dad has acknowledged his mistake, but with his repeated pleadings, he just doesn’t listen every day, which is obviously a wayward performance.

  Digging for the wayward roots of the genetic factors From a psychological point of view, human personality has many congenital types such as blood quality, bile quality, depressive quality and mucus quality.

Due to the influence of heredity, some babies are more excited and have more emotional expressions. They belong to the so-called “personality”. If you don’t pay attention to improvement the day after tomorrow, you will be most prone to willful behavior.

  In the normal period of psychological resistance, the baby’s psychological resistance began to appear when he was two or three years old, and there was a strong sense of independent demand. If he wanted to eat by himself, he would not be led by others when he went up and down the stairs, and he would not let others move.

Everywhere is self-centered, and when things are unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory, they start crying, dissuasion and coercion will not work until others compromise and they are satisfied.

  The day after tomorrow, the parents will be coddled, spoiled, laissez-faire, and accommodating.

  The parent’s education method is simple and rude, which causes the baby’s rebellious psychology. Regardless of whether you are right or wrong, he is unwilling to accept it, thus planting the willful seed.

  Parents despise the baby’s personality, they always ridicule, ridicule, scold him, or count him in front of everyone.

Although your words are correct, they stabbed his pride. Although the baby understood something wrong, he could not accept criticism in order to maintain his integrity, so he “twisted” to fight.

  Parents usually go their own way and do not listen to advice. In the subtle way, the baby also gradually develops a wayward character.

  Misunderstanding waywardness as a personality takes the baby’s shortcomings as advantages. The tougher the baby, the more he feels that he has “personality”, which promotes willful behavior.

  The wayward solution strategy meets the baby’s reasonable requirements. If the baby is not observed, regardless of whether the request he made is unreasonable or not, it will be rejected. If the baby’s requirements are not met for a long time, dissatisfaction will occur.Fighting against emotions, it is easy to form a disobedient personality, or dare not to make legitimate demands, obediently obey adults, act intimidated, timid, and lose personality.

  You can’t accommodate your baby without principle. If your baby’s unreasonable requirements are met, you can accommodate him without principle. Gradually, your baby will do whatever he wants, selfish, unreasonable, and willful.

Therefore, only when your baby is respected and you don’t accommodate him will the baby’s psychology develop healthily, so that the baby can have a distinct personality and not be arbitrary.

  Let your baby understand that satisfaction is conditional. If you feel that your baby’s requirements are reasonable, then meet him conditionally.

Let your baby understand that satisfaction is conditional, and you cannot do whatever you want.

Parents should pay attention to cultivating the baby’s autonomy and independence in daily life, such as what to eat, what clothes to wear, what toys to play, solicit more opinions from the baby, and at the same time give the baby some restrictions, for example, let him only use a few sets of programsIn the selection, if the conditions are exceeded, the requirements cannot be met.

Only then will the baby understand that not all requirements can be met and that unreasonable requirements must be given up.

Do not want to have wrinkles, you have to wash your face like this_1

You do n’t want to have wrinkles, you have to wash your face like this

We wash our face every day, just knowing that washing our face every day can make our skin cleaner. In fact, when we wash our face, we just need to put something in our washbasin to make our skin white and tenderWhat are we waiting for, let’s not go together to see what exactly.
Put a little salt in the basin.

  Not only does salt have a bactericidal effect, it also removes the oil from our oils, especially those with oily skin.

If used for a long time, it can remove the oil from our tuberculosis, so that our bladder will not be prone to acne.

  Add a bit of honey to the pot.

  When washing your face, gently tap your face with honey-added water. If you use it for a long time, your skin will be 10 years younger, and your dry skin will gradually disappear before.

  Put a little vinegar in the washbasin.

  Because vinegar can make your skin smooth and elastic, and vinegar itself can change the pH of our skin. If you use it for a long time to wash your face, it will not be easy to get acne on your face.

What to do if you lose your love?

What to do if you lose your love?

(1) Painful emotions.

Broken love will cause a strong painful emotional experience, and this emotional state may last for a long time, becoming a bad mood, making people feel that everything in the world is overshadowed.

  (2) Despair experience.

Due to emotions that control reason, a broken-hearted person feels “finished” or thinks that he can find such an ideal lover again.

  (3) Embarrassment.

Feeling that “face” was lost, and self-esteem was seriously hurt.

  Middle school students have limited psychological endurance, and their feelings are particularly innocent. Once they “fall in love”, they may be in danger: otherwise they will lose their souls and be deeply trapped in pain and cannot extricate themselves;Destroy the other party’s reputation . these are not desirable.

So, how to eliminate the bitterness of the bitter fruit of broken love and prevent it from causing “regret for life”?

  (1) Face the reality bravely.

The pain of falling in love lies in a word of “love”.

Love is two-way, mutual, based on the love of both parties, if you lose either party, the relationship will lose its balance and the love will end.

At this time, no matter how many years of love for the other party, the love can no longer be established.

As a young man with ideals, he should face up to this grim reality bravely. Love is not sympathy, compassion, nor force.

Since love has success, it also has failure, so why do we demand success instead of facing failure?

  (2) Thinking in other places.

Think of the other person.

The preliminary results will help you understand why the other party terminated the relationship and accept the fact of being in love.

Especially for middle school students, in the face of “lost love”, they should learn to change their minds, because middle school students ‘feelings are impulsive and not stable enough, and middle school students’ “love” itself is not desirable.

  (3) Emotional smear diarrhea.

Don’t overly bury and suppress the painful foundation of broken love, think again that broken love is actually a common thing in life, and you don’t need to worry about “face”.

Tell your friends and relatives, or cry a lot, you will feel relaxed and troubled.

  (4) Context transfer.

After falling in love, you can’t do without the scenes, things, people that touch the memories of love, take the initiative to be in a joyful, open environment, and your heart will be cheerful.

Engels was also discouraged by his love affair when he was young, but after traveling in the Alps, he saw the magnificence of the world, the colorful life, and his personal suffering, but the pain of the sea soon caused the pain of love affair.

  (5) Sublimation.

It is necessary to direct fuel to career, work, and study as soon as possible, and to promote love into Huawei.

Love is important, but it is not the whole of life.

Especially for middle school students, we must not neglect other life’s essentials because of blind love.

  In short, being in love does not mean losing everything. It is especially important not to lose the ability to love and be loved because of being in love.

Summer infant life care

Summer infant life care

Summer health with clothes How to adjust your baby’s clothing on a hot summer day is a big test for parents. Wearing too much clothes, sweating, and wearing less, the baby keeps sneezing, especially in the air-conditioned room.Frequent sneezing made parents overwhelmed.

    Because the sweat glands are not yet mature and the perspiration function is not good, it is easy to grow mules if you are not careful.

Blowing air-conditioners can suppress mules. For babies with atopic dermatitis, an air-conditioner is a must-have at home, because blowing air-conditioners can alleviate the itch of atopic dermatitis.

In the summer, how to make good use of air conditioners is another new thesis for modern parents.

    When there is no air-conditioning in the room, you can help the baby to wear a thin cotton shirt. If the baby is sweating, immediately help the baby to dry the sweat and put on dry clothes. Do not let the baby sweat first-class because he is hot.Just turn on the fan or air conditioner, so your baby will catch cold easily.

    The sun is strong in summer. When taking your baby out, pay attention to your baby’s sun protection measures.

    When going out for mountain climbing or military outdoor activities, your baby often sweats and gets wet all over. You can place a towel in the clothes behind your baby in advance. When the towel gets wet, pull it out and change a dry towel. BabyYour clothes wo n’t get wet with sweat, nor will they blow wind and catch cold.

      The humidity in the air-conditioned room is the lowest, and the skin is easy to dry, so pay attention to adjust the humidity in the air-conditioned room to 40 to 60 degrees. If you want to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, it is best to put a basin of water in the house to avoid drying.

There is also indoor, the temperature difference between the upper floors should not be too large, and the room temperature should preferably be maintained at 24 to 28 degrees.

    When the air-conditioning room is maintained at a proper temperature, the baby does not need to add special clothes, as long as he adds a thin quilt or towel during sleep.

      Sun protection measures Facing the sun, you must not ignore the sun protection measures when taking your baby out.

  10 am to 4 pm is the time when the sun is the strongest. Try not to take your baby out at this time. If you must go out, try to shorten the time as much as possible.

In addition, avoid leaving your baby in an uncovered place for a long time.

    When going out, it is best to help your baby wear long-sleeved thin cotton clothes to avoid direct skin exposure, and wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect the sun. The skin exposed outside the clothes is best rubbed with sunscreen lotion.

    When choosing a sunscreen lotion for your baby, you should choose to exclude fragrances with a sun protection factor below 15.

When rubbing sunscreen lotion for your baby, be careful not to rub it around your eyes, so as not to irritate your eyes and cause discomfort when rubbing your eyes.

Sunscreen lotion is best to take with you when you go out. Remember to reapply sunscreen lotion after playing in water or every one or two hours.

      In the home environment, mosquitoes come out in summer, and the baby’s delicate skin is the favorite of mosquitoes.

Therefore, pay more attention to cleaning on weekdays to maintain a clean home environment.

To prevent mosquitoes, there should be no stagnant water in the home. Like vases, it is easy to have sewage, and it is easy to provoke mosquitoes to lay eggs, so they should be cleaned frequently.

  Summer is over. It is necessary to overhaul the screens at home, whether the screen doors are damaged, and to prevent mosquitoes from entering and leaving. It is best to add mosquito nets or use mosquito traps, pyrethrums, and insecticides when the baby is sleeping.

When spraying insecticide to remove mosquito, because the insecticide is harmful to the human body, be careful not to be present.

  No matter how careful the parents are, the baby may still be bitten by mosquitoes. At this time, you can help the baby to apply the ointment instructed by the dermatologist to relieve itching.

  In the hot summer, although gastroenteritis, dehydration, sunburn, mosquito bites, and other health problems are prone to occur, as long as you take precautions in advance, you can still have a peaceful and happy summer vacation.

One vegetable and one porridge in summer to prevent constipation

One vegetable and one porridge in summer to prevent constipation

Mushroom, asparagus, corn, asparagus and asparagus are well-known anti-cancer vegetables. It contains rutin and has health effects on the human body.

At the same time, asparagus is rich in cellulose, which can effectively promote the discharge of intermediate waste.

Corn bamboo shoots are rich in sawdust and arabic additives, which can not only promote the interference of peristalsis, but also wrap and bind the pollutants in the food to help it be replaced.

In addition, the mushroom contains micro-fibers that improve immunity. This dish can be called soluble doped fiber, insoluble supplementary fiber, and active multi-party gathering. It can effectively improve the anti-pollution ability of the human body.Quite coordinated.

  [Tip]Don’t wash the shiitake mushrooms repeatedly. After washing, use a small amount of water to open them, so as not to lose the precious particle size micrometer.

Pine kernel barley and glutinous rice porridge is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It has both tonic effect and lung and smooth bowel function. It is a traditional beauty food.

Barley rice is basically free of cellulose and hemicellulose, which can be combined with heavy metals and soluble supplementary fibers such as β-glucan, which is helpful for lowering blood sugar and preventing hyperlipidemia, etc.Pollutants in food are discharged.

Glutinous rice has a certain tonic effect, and its sticky texture can replace the rough texture brought by barley.

The combination of pine kernel, barley, and glutinous rice nourishes the body, prevents constipation, and eliminates pollution. If a small amount of wolfberry is added, the color will be more pleasing.

  [Hint]Pine nuts need to be added earlier. The combination of fat and rice grains can improve the aroma of porridge.

If there is no sticky rice, you can use the previous rice instead.

Yoga can see sexy belly

Yoga can see sexy belly

There are too many women who develop extremely unbalanced bodies: when their legs are well-balanced, they are often small and the upper body is just full and full, so the lower limbs cannot fly up and down, especially the outside of the thigh, which is easy to bulge.Two lumps of excess meat, like two pockets hanging up, are not annoying.

  In order to put on the mini skirt with confidence, let’s lose weight on the legs from now on!

The following three types of yoga are recommended, which can correct your posture and make your standing posture look more noble and elegant. Of course, the most important thing is that it can help you repair your leg shape and let you have a charming pair of legs!

  Action 1: Tree-type main attack: Poor posture, eliminating the “elegant leg” single-leg balance posture makes the posture elegant and upright. This is one of the largest postures in yoga postures, which can cultivate people’s good posture and temperament.

Because straightening one leg can also eliminate extra leg excess and calf varicose veins, and also correct the bad habits of people with breasts and hump.

  Action 2: Sun-style main attack: Lift your body This posture can exercise the muscles of the whole body, especially the function of the legs, strengthen the heart, and cultivate a confident and firm mentality.

  Action three: Arrow-type main attack: The seat-balanced posture where the back of the arm is most exposed to age can strengthen the strength of the waist and the balance of the body. Because the arms and legs are bent to both sides, they can reach the arms and legs.Muscle, beautify legs and arms, eliminate excess meat.

Know the psychological character of a woman wearing shoes

Know the psychological character of a woman wearing shoes

Some people say that to polish a person’s taste, first look at his shoes.

It can be seen that shoes are no longer purely used to protect the feet, but also can tell a person’s personality and mind.

  Psychological test: Look at yourself or a woman. What kind of shoes do you like to wear?

  1, sandals 2, high heels 3, sports shoes 4, student shoes 5, long / short boots 6, character analysis of thick-edged avant-garde shoes: 1, girls who like to wear sandals are quite confident in themselves and like to show their beautiful sidecome out.

Generally speaking, she has good relationships, too many friends, and is interested in the opposite sex.

But sometimes sometimes a dozen male prisoners ask, hoping that the other person has the same opinions as himself, and has a stubborn personality, which is not easy to convince.

If you want to be her boyfriend, you may have to be patient and consider her more.

  2, women who like to wear high-heeled shoes, mature and generous personality, like to think, smart.

I am quite responsible and hard in my life and work. I have high requirements on the people and things around me, but I have a bad temper because I want too many things.

Of course, such a woman is more suitable for honesty and relativeness. If you want to pursue her, treat her generously and care for her. If she thinks you are a worthy object, she usually doesn’t deliberately make things difficult for you.

  3. Women who like to wear sports and casual shoes seem to be big and easy to get along with, but she is very protective and very alert.

Appearances seem to be easy to mingle with boys. In fact, they all treat these boys as same-sex friends, but keep a distance from the one they like.

Generally, her friends are more violent in her mind. Under strong defense, she has very fragile emotions.

  4. Women who like to wear student style and simple shoes have simple and sensitive personality, strict family education, and easily suppress their emotions.

Of course, parents may be more tightly controlled, or the school and the workplace are generally conservative, so usually they are more restrained in words and deeds, but such women actually want to try some adventures in their hearts. Be careful when traveling.

  5, women who like to wear short boots or long boots, love freedom, independent personality, do not like to be restrained, and have the courage to express themselves.

And this kind of woman is either outstanding in appearance, or quite intelligent and capable, and easily become the object of admiration of the opposite sex.

Although it may not seem difficult to get close, to be her boyfriend, you must have some talent and know her to win her heart.

  6, women who like to wear thick-soled shoes, shoes with a special shape, pay attention to fashion and chase fashion, like to be the focus of attention, looks bold, but in fact is quite conservative.

She may not have enough confidence in herself, so she would like to become a popular child, and people notice her existence.

Those who want to pursue her must affirm the advantages of o and give encouragement to make her more confident.