Give your child a healthy breakfast

Give your child a healthy breakfast

The human brain is most sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations, because brain cells can only get energy from sugar, a nutrient, not from aunts and proteins.

Therefore, when blood glucose drops, brain excitability decreases, thinking becomes sluggish, and attention is not concentrated. Children’s performance will not be good if they are studying in a state of low blood sugar.

  Therefore, breakfast is very important for children’s study and life.

However, some of our previous ideas have wrong practices.

  1. “All-dry food” breakfast is not good.

After getting up in the morning, the digestive function is relatively weak and the appetite is relatively poor. At this time, if you only eat some dry food that lacks moisture, not only will you eat a small amount, but it will not be good for digestion. As a result, you will consume a certain amount of water at night and you must eat breakfastGet supplemented to facilitate the normal work of the body.

  2, milk eggs for breakfast is not good.

Milk contains only 5% lactose, and eggs are simply deficient in glucose. When added together, the impurities are not enough to provide sufficient impurities to the human body.

  3. The culprit of obesity is not breakfast, otherwise the diet structure is unreasonable.

  Under normal circumstances, children should get breakfast after 30 minutes of activity after getting up.

The nutritional components implanted for breakfast account for about one-third of the daily amount.

The following principles should be mastered for breakfast: 1. Small but high volume.

  In the morning, the appetite is not high, and it is impossible to eat a full meal. Therefore, choose a small but high amount of food, such as milk, eggs, you can make you more abundant.

  2. Have a staple food.

  Rice and noodles provide the cheapest and most direct source of carbohydrates.

  3. Breakfast should also include vegetables and fruits.

  Iron in breakfast (lean, in eggs) should be easily absorbed by the body with the help of vitamin C.

  4, constantly changing patterns.

  The recipes are different every day. Even if the food structure is more scientific and reasonable, appetite can be enhanced to ensure that the body’s needs for various nutrients are fully met.

The amazing effect of fruit and vegetable peels has higher nutritional value

The amazing effect of fruit and vegetable peels has higher nutritional value

All fruits and vegetables have a “biological synergy”, which means that the nutritional effects of each part are mutually enhanced.

The skin or stem of fruits and vegetables can promote nutrient absorption, anti-cancer and increase energy. See if you have thrown away these valuable nutrients in the past?

  Kiwi peel is an anti-cancer antioxidant. Kiwi peel has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

The skin contains three times as much antioxidants as the pulp.

In addition, kiwi peel can deal with Staphylococcus and E. coli.

  how to eat?

The kiwi is peeled and squeezed, filtered and added.

  Pineapple skin can protect the stomach. In addition to supplementing dietary fiber and vitamin C, pineapple skin (except for the thorny part on the outside), pineapple protein in pineapple skin can decompose food, remove dead tissues in the digestive tract, and have gastric and cancer prevention effects.Therefore, the content of bromelain in pineapple peel is double that of pulp.

  how to eat?
After the pineapple has been removed from the skin and thorns, squeeze the juice from the skin and filter it.

  Banana peel protects eyes Taiwanese researchers have found that banana peel extracts are targeted at serotonin to help alleviate depression.

Lutein in banana peel protects eye cells from retinal ultraviolet damage.

  how to eat?
Boil the banana peel for 10 minutes, add it after cooling.

  Citrus peels can reduce cholesterol Orange peel and orange peel replace “super flavonoids”, which can effectively reduce bad cholesterol without lowering good cholesterol.

American studies have found that the antioxidant content of citrus fruit peels is 20 times that of fruit juice.

In addition, this type of fruit pectin helps reduce cholesterol and help balance beneficial bacteria in the body.

  how to eat?
The citrus peel is dried and ground into a powder, and eaten with cheese, cakes, etc.

Alternatively, squeeze the juice of this kind of fruit, filter and add.

  Pumpkin skin anti-cancer heart pumpkin supplement zinc, which is good for skin and nail health, among which the antioxidant β-carotene has eye protection, heart protection and anti-cancer effects.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are an excellent food source for important fatty acids such as omega-6, which are good for your brain.

  how to eat?
The closer to the pumpkin skin, the richer the nutrition.

Therefore, the fewer peeled pumpkins, the better.

Pumpkin seeds can be cooked or eaten after drying.

  Potato skin is a “nutrition bank” Most people know that potato skin is good for health, but the reason is not clear.

Potato skin is really a nutrient library. A potato floss with a big fist can meet half of the daily requirements of dietary fiber, potassium, iron, zinc and vitamin C.

  how to eat?
Potatoes are eaten in various ways, such as roasted potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes with skins, and sliced fried vegetables.

  Garlic skin anti-aging and heart protection Japanese research found that garlic skin contains 6 different antioxidants.

When the garlic skin is removed, the amphetamine antioxidants which are anti-aging and protecting the heart are wasted.

  how to eat?
Drizzle the entire head of fresh garlic with olive oil, add it to the oven, and eat with grilled food.

Teachers’ Tips: Happy Preparation College Entrance Examination

Teachers’ Tips: “Happy Preparation” College Entrance Examination

Typical Symptoms: I do n’t like learning. I do n’t think about problems, I just say “too difficult, I wo n’t do it”, and I give up.
  Solution: Teachers suggest that the majority of students face up to the middle and college entrance examinations.
Pay attention to the review process; don’t worry too much about how many points you can take during the review.
In fact, no matter how difficult the problem is also composed of simple knowledge points, during the review process, students may wish to calm down, carefully analyze the problem with the problem, and find a solution.
Step by step, reserve knowledge and progress a little bit.
  Typical symptoms: anxiety. I feel that I do n’t have enough time, and I do n’t have enough heart. I ca n’t study safely during the day, and I ca n’t sleep at night.
  Solution: It is normal and necessary to have some tension and anxiety before the test. This will activate brain cells, which is conducive to thinking and exertion.
But too much anxiety will affect the progress and effectiveness of the review. Several teachers believe that candidates can alleviate anxiety through sports, self-suggestion, sleeping, games, listening to music, etc.
  ”No tailored goals” is another factor that causes anxiety before the test.
Candidates can neither overestimate their strength nor underestimate their level.
If necessary, you can set an imaginary goal with a slightly lower average score, and achieve this goal is the realization of your true ability, so that you can take the test with ease, reduce stress, and obtain good test results.
  Typical symptoms: lack of self-confidence. Many candidates lose their confidence because of the unsatisfactory performance of a mock exam and feel that their future is bleak.
  Solution: Every junior and senior high school student can be called “experienced in battle”.
There should be a rough estimate of your actual level.
Don’t humble yourself.
Others are competitors, but the most important thing is to defeat yourself. Self-confidence is the magic weapon of success.
  Teachers suggest that candidates may wish to make a daily study plan: When you get up in the morning, think carefully about what I want to do today; before you go to bed at night, make a summary in your head.
Encourage yourself appropriately.
  Typical symptoms love to lose temper test is approaching, many candidates also become ill to lose temper, and argue with classmates because of trivial matters, parents are also indifferent to questions, and even shouted to their parents: “Don’t talk to me!
“Solution: This is another manifestation of excessive pressure.
In fact, students, parents, and schools can find ways to relieve stress.
When candidates feel that they are annoying to see anything, they may wish to accept the people and things around them as much as possible; parents should reduce the urging of the child, give the child a separate space, let the child rest and relax, and put some light music before bed to soothe the child.
If you have severe symptoms, you can consult a psychologist.
  The typical symptoms are timidity and frustration. When you get a test paper, your mind is blank. When you encounter a problem, the answer status is absent and you cannot continue the test.
  Solution: Teachers suggest that you can exercise your psychological quality through mock exams during your life test.
Students usually intentionally cultivate their own careful, stubborn and tenacious character.
Before starting the test, you can take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can. If you are puzzled at the first encounter, you can skip to do other questions and think back.
Avoid questions about how many points you can answer during the formal exam.
  常见备考问题答疑  “孩子,你一定要考好”、“别玩了,赶紧复习”、“邻居家的孩子能上重点,你能不能啊”……当这些家长常用语包围考生的时候,无形In the middle of the year, the pressure of preparing for the test was increased.
In an interview with several teachers, without exception, parents thought that parents played a vital role in the final stages of their child’s test preparation.
So, in addition to psychological preparations, what other common questions are worthy of the attention of candidates and parents?
The following is the accumulation of teaching experience of several teachers: Q: What should parents do when children prepare for the test?
  A: Do your child’s logistical work well, believe that the child has potential to tap, and give the child confidence constantly; avoid talking about sensitive topics such as progression, grades, and key points in words.
  Q: How do I adjust my child’s work schedule to the official test?
  A: Students are generally advised to “go to bed early and get up early.”
But in fact, it must be different from person to person. Some students think that the efficiency of studying at night is high. Students who like to study at night should especially avoid staying up to stay up late.
Ten days before the official test, students must consciously adjust their work and rest schedules. Senior high school students go to bed around 10:30 pm and junior high school students go to bed before 10:00; on the test paper, the choice of subjects must be consistent with the college entrance examination timetable to achieveMaximum efficiency.
During this time, students must “work and rest”, do not fight fatigue, and ensure good health.  Question: Should the child make up lessons during the sprint phase?

  Answer: According to the actual situation of the child, the “one-on-one counseling” teaching mode can be used to overcome the difficulties, but it is necessary to avoid overloading the child.

  Q: How to treat each test paper?

  A: Selectively do the questions. Don’t do the sea tactics.

Ten ways to be healthy every day

Ten ways to be healthy every day

Every day, regardless of your spirit, you are used to starting a new day with a cup of coffee. Have you ever thought that this is actually a very bad habit?

There are many other options for starting a working day, even those options are healthier than coffee.

Throw away coffee together and start your day healthier in these ways!


We all know the benefits of morning exercise in mini yoga, but not everyone is sweating when they want to come together.

Yoga is one of the exercises that is suitable for the early morning. You can come to a modified version of yoga in 10 to 20 minutes. Whether it is going to the gym for morning classes or studying at home with videos (selection), just start a new day!


Stretching When you get up in the morning, gently stretch a lazy waist to drive away your sleepiness.

Sitting on the bed and doing stretching exercises can relax the joints of the NIIT and keep the body and spirit.


A healthy breakfast A balanced breakfast can keep your metabolism on track and avoid the possibility of overeating.

In fact, people who eat breakfast are not fatter than those who do not.

Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast may look tempting, but the ideal breakfast should include protein, whole grains and a healthy aunt.


: Once the window senses sunlight in the brain, it sends a signal to slow down the production of melatonin, while secreting a large amount of adrenaline to tell the body to get up.

So you don’t need an alarm clock, just let the sun wake you up.


Blogging is like simple self-healing. Try to write down thoughts and dreams.

Before officially starting a new day, you can spend some time keeping a diary, that is, you can talk to yourself and help you focus better.


It’s hard to be happy with someone you love for a while. You can spend a few minutes with your lover, child or pet when you get up in the morning. I think it will give you a lot of positive energy.


Organizing your day schedule, especially when the work is arduous and stressful, keeping yourself organized will make your day easier.

In the morning, keep track of your appointments and meetings for the day so you do n’t get upset every year.


Attention jogging, we all know the incredible benefits of exercise for good health.

The day’s plan is in the morning. A proper jog in the morning can give a good start to the day of study, work and life, and bring vitality.


Just to absorb a little sugar, we are definitely not saying that a chocolate donut in the morning is a healthy lifestyle, but a teaspoon or practicable sugar will really bring you even better.

Research at the University of Virginia has shown that among people aged 60-80, people who consume a small amount of sugar in the morning will have better memory.


Use “Chicken Soup” to motivate yourself. After experiencing a long and dull night, it is difficult to embrace a positive attitude together.

Fortunately, there are many apps that can provide you with different quotes.

“Chicken Soup” can’t cure all diseases, but it may make you a little more positive in the morning.

There are different pros and cons to how much coffee you drink every day

There are different pros and cons to how much coffee you drink every day

A cup of coffee benefits: A Greek study found that drinking a cup of coffee a day can help lower blood pressure.

Scientists believe that this is because the antioxidants in coffee increase the production of nitrogen oxides in the body, which can relax the walls of blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

  In addition, a study on the intellectual effects of drinking coffee at the University of Bristol found that people who are accustomed to drinking a regular cup of coffee a day are smarter than those who drink low-caffeine coffee or do not drink coffee.

  Disadvantages: Experts from the British Budget Association say that until just a cup of coffee a day, you might count sheep in the evening.

Because the body takes about 8 hours to completely metabolize caffeine, it is best not to drink coffee after 3 to 4 pm, otherwise you will be affected by insomnia.

  Two cups of coffee: Scientists at top universities in the United States say that drinking two cups of coffee a day can help reduce the risk of dementia.

Drinking two cups of coffee 30 minutes before exercise can improve exercise capacity.

  Disadvantages: If you are pregnant, your daily caffeine intake should be limited to 200 mg or less, or two cups of coffee.

Because coffee can increase stress hormones in the body, which increases the risk of miscarriage.

  Three cups of coffee benefit: According to the American Medical Journal-Cancer report, drinking three cups of coffee a day will reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women by 1/5, and reduce the risk of cancer by 35%?

  According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, men drinking three cups of coffee a day can help reduce the risk of gallstones by 40%.

  Disadvantages: Studies have found that people who drink three cups of coffee a day have an increased risk of developing these.

The scientists explained that after drinking three cups of coffee, the heart beat restarted, which caused a significant increase in blood pressure.

  Another study from Lund University in Stockholm, Sweden, found that drinking three cups of coffee a day may shrink women’s dark colors.

  Four cups of coffee: Four cups of coffee contain about 400 mg of caffeine, which is the most effective amount of coffee to exert antioxidant effects.

Scientists at the University of Utah found that people who drink four cups of coffee a day have a 39% reduction in the risk of oral and laryngeal cancer.

  Cons: People who drink four cups of coffee double their risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers believe that coffee has increased levels of certain chemicals in the body, which can cause metabolism and joint pain.

  Five cups of coffee: Researchers at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo have found that drinking five cups of coffee a day reduces people’s risk of serious liver damage by three-quarters.

  Disadvantages: Several studies have found that caffeine is an important factor in osteoporosis because coffee can interfere with calcium absorption.

  Six cups of coffee benefit: According to a study by Wayne State University in Detroit, drinking six or more cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of skin cancer by 31%.

  Disadvantages: Drinking so much coffee may cause dehydration, because coffee will cause the loss of body fluids, and the loss of minerals and vitamins will be accelerated as a result.

Life or death or wine and meat friends test

Life or death or wine and meat friends test

Please think about the friend you want to test, and now give you three gifts, you will give your friends: a box of sweet and expensive chocolate → from the first question a box of CDs with permanent treasure value →Crafts you made from the second question → From the third question 1, you often pay attention to the topic when you and your friends are shopping: see the style of clothes and accessories, or popular fashion topics → skip to 4 more will pay attentionTopics that have nothing to do with shopping content, some talk about your current situation → skip to 5 2. It ‘s easier for you to notice the situation when you talk to your friends on the phone: you have finished talking for a few minutes, but you are not on the phone at all → skip to5 Pick up the phone and talk endlessly, even more than two hours of experience → skip to 6 3, do you think your friend status is: there are many friends around, but there are not many who really treat me → skip to 6  There are not many friends, but there is a confidant who really understands me → Skip to 7 4 if you have an antique party with your friends Happy, your meeting place is: Picturesque suburbs → Skip to 8 magnificent hotels → JumpTo 9 5, give you a garden, what will you plant: plant pink or white flowers, make the garden warm and beautiful → skip to 9 plant a variety of flowers, make the garden look colorful, will notMonotonic → Skip to 10 6, which type of women do you think is the most tragic: to be disappointed by someone you love, such as the flower in Rouge Buckle → skip to 10, you can never be with the one you love,For example, Meggie in “The Thorn Birds” → jump to 11 7 and think that the ideal place to chat with friends is: on the lawn exuding a fragrant fragrance, the surroundings are quiet and beautiful → jump to 11 on the sofa at home, the aroma of coffee wafting around→ Skip to 12 8. If you have n’t fallen asleep late at night, it ‘s easier for you: listen to music, or put a favorite movie to pastime → Skip to 13 in bed and work hard to make yourself fall asleep, save energy for the next day’s work→ Skip to 14 9, which type of novel do you prefer to read: Mysterious Detective Novels such as The Murder of the Eastern Train, Sherlock Holmes and Others → Skip to 14 “Gone with the Wind”, “Little Woman” and more with loveWinning novel with twisty plots → skip to 15 10, do you think you are more suitable for some kind of adjectives: simple, lively, and kind → jump to 15 sane, mature, silent → jump to 16 11, your understanding of friendship and love is easier: there are obvious differences, andIt is obvious that it is more important to go in and out → skip to 16 and do n’t know which one is more important, and feel that it ‘s all part of your life → skip to 17 12 and you eat with your friends, the usual situation when checking out is: I treat guests or she (he)Inviting guests, in short, pay for one person → jump to 17 usually AA system, pay each → jump to 18 13 if you and your friend like a opposite sex at the same time, you will: let her (he), and then find a new one yourselfLife → Skip to 19 to compete with her (he), if necessary, sacrifice friendship → Skip to 14 14 Your friend usually refers to you: your real name → Type B will usually call your nickname, or give youGet an nickname → jump to 15 15. Every time your birthday, your friends will remember the day clearly and will give you a gift that surprises you. Type C sometimes requires your reminder to remember, orCan’t remember being reminded → jump到16 16, the friends you want to make are better than you in any aspect, or at least as good as you → D type is not as good as you in any aspect, and even hope to rely on you → skip to 17 17 if your friends have difficulties and need youHelp, what can you sacrifice at most to help her (him)?

  Sacrifice everything you are willing to pay → Type E sacrifices something outside that can be regenerated and reduce some loss of money → Skip to 18 18, do you think a beautiful life needs: family, friendship, love must have → FThe type does not have to have all the good feelings, as long as you are happy → Type G result analysis: Type A: villain’s turn: unfortunately, if you reach this option, the friend around you is likely to be your lifeVillain.

In fact, in your heart you don’t trust her (he) and have even started to replace her (he).

And she (he) ‘s existence is likely to just want some benefit or benefit from you.

If so, it ‘s better to stay away from closeness, no matter how close you behave, the true thoughts in your heart will not lie.

Even if you have to be friends together under certain circumstances, you must be vigilant and never let her (he) infringe her legitimate interests and protect yourself.

  Type B: Ordinary friends: You will not have any conflicts, of course, your life will not have too much intersection.

Your friendship is just the moment when two parallel lines intersect under special circumstances, and will remain parallel lines afterwards.

Maybe a touch of seemingly indifferent friendship is also good. If one’s own interests are not violated, what’s so bad about having another friend?

Although it is destined not to deepen each other, after all, it is also known as acquaintance. Maybe two parallel lines in a certain year and month have the moment of intersection again, which will greatly benefit you in ordinary acquaintance.

  Type C: Friend and Companion: Whether you are a girl or a boy, you need someone who listens to your heart.

He or she is a good listener and occasionally tells you his or her mood, but he or she is also a good confidential and can keep your conversations in your memories foreverIt won’t be news in the crowd.

When you are sad, you can find someone to talk to when you are nervous; when you are happy, you can find someone to share when you are happy.

Maybe he or she won’t help you solve the difficulties and make you feel burdened, but he or she is an irreplaceable person in your life because this person shares your mood.

  Type D: The gentleman’s friendship: The gentleman’s friendship is as light as water, maybe he (she) will ignore many details, maybe you think he (she) will not help you and care about you like a friend at all.

But when you are really in trouble, he or she will stand up and help you; when you encounter unfair possession, he or she will appear to help you achieve justice.

Your friendship can be ground only in times of adversity. In normal times, it is just a bowl of water.

If you have such a friend, please cherish it, because he or she can carry you and help you. It is your beacon in the darkest time.

  Type E: Life and Death: If you reach this option, then congratulations.

Because too many people will never have a life-and-death affiliation in their lives, this kind of friendship is too rare to be encountered but not to be expected.

It is said that when people encounter life and death, they will have different feelings in their hearts. Do you have them?

When life hangs on the line, he or she will miss you. This is probably the most affectionate relationship in life besides parents. It is even more pure and true than love.

Outside of congratulations, please cherish such feelings gradually throughout your life.

  Type F: Wine and meat friends: He or she must be a very good friend when you are happy together, and make your life colorful all at once.

You can be the best happy partners at KTV or colonial parties. You may be recognized as close and unspoken friends.

But this friend can only share music, but cannot share difficulties.

If one day you feel uncomfortable or need someone to help, he or she will hide away and look for his own happiness, leaving you alone.

People may have more or less friends with wine and meat, but these friends are still trying to stay away.

  Type G: Absolutely harming friends: He (she) will not approach you for some benefit like a villain, nor will he just want to be happy with you.

Maybe he (she) is very righteous in some behavior, making you think he (she) is your best friend in life.

However, his or her behavior will not add color to your life and will not make you any intellectual improvement. On the contrary, he or she is likely to lead you astray and contaminate you with many bad habits.

You have to know that this is by no means the purpose of making friends. I just hope that you are careful and hold your own principles.

Love Psychology: How Many Secrets Do You Understand Men

Love Psychology: How Many Secrets Do You Understand Men

Core tip: The following “classic” comments are all from men’s mouth, changed from men’s semantics, it is always men who understand women!

What about women, how much do you know about men?

  Men always like to ridicule. They often use their crooks to make you cry and laugh. They would say: “It’s not cold to know nothing about pine and cypress; it is not difficult to know about women.

  ”A man knows women’s ambitions.

  ”Men’s confused.

(Meaning female cleverness) “Night gives women black eyes, and women are destined to use it to conquer men.

  ”I’m here. I watched. I was conquered by Cleopatra.

  ”A woman who doesn’t want to conquer a man is not a good woman.

  ”A woman who can think is really a man of infinite strength.

  ”Trust women first, and then others will trust you.

  ”I don’t like being conquered, but I swear to defend the rights of defenders to conquer men.

“Look at the above” classic “comments, all of them are from the mouth of men, changed from the man’s meaning, as a woman, have you read me ashamed-it is always men who understand women!

  This world is made up of men and women. Without a man there is no woman, and there is no woman and no man.

God created Adam, and Adam dismantled his ribs to create Eve. That’s why “women are men’s ribs.”

So, as a man’s rib, how much do you understand by a woman?

  In aerodynamics of love, you need to highly identify professional “aerobic” men and understand why they are so popular.

They often have the following ten characteristics: 1.

Self-confidence men need self-confidence, and strong aura men need strong self-confidence to back them up.

The charming temperament break between confident men raising their hands to break the heart of every woman.


Temperament can not be denied. Temperament is the easiest tag to identify a man in a masque. He can look handsome, but he must have enough temperament to be captured.

Often the first thing a woman sees is the temperament of this man.


Control In the animal world, basically male animals are in absolute leadership and have absolute control. One of the important feelings of aerobic fields is control.

Men are born overlords, and women are stunned by men.

In the bones of a woman, he hopes that the man has control over her and the surroundings, and desires to be led.

So men with control are born with lethality to women.


Focusing on a dedicated man, he is often able to focus his time, interests, and wisdom on what he wants, thereby exerting enthusiasm, initiative, and realization in a transformative manner.

The earliest men were the easiest to conquer women?

Serious man.


Grace and grace refers to the words, manners, manners, and grace of a person, which are the natural expression of a person’s inner strength.

Manner cannot be imitated, it is often a unique personal sign of a person.

Charisma is attractive because it has strength, strength is the cause, charm is the result, and cause and effect cannot be reversed.


A man with deep eyes can be lethal, let’s say Tom.
Cruise, let’s say Jude Law, let’s say Liang Chaowei, let’s say Takeshi Kaneshiro.

I’m very cold for this kind of deep-seated men, their gas field is very powerful, it is really powerful.  7.

Chic and chic is a realm.

Don’t always think that chicness is just the transcendent and graceful manners of words and deeds. In fact, chicness is a natural state and a sincere attitude towards life.

Born into the world, he has an open-minded state of mind, transcendental and not burdened by world affairs, and the chic realm comes from rational and open-mindedness and the passion of life.

Even if the man is plain, but as long as he has this chic, he suddenly does not feel inferior and sharp.

And if a man with a good appearance can also achieve a chic mood, then it is the icing on the cake.


Risky women are easily attracted by men who like to do extreme adventures and unusual things.

Because these things are exciting, it is undeniable that the adventurous spirit makes men more sexy.


Mature men are no longer boys because they are mature.

The world of boys is simple, but men are different.

With their own character, strength and credibility in the crowd calmly, mature men show extraordinary charm.


Cold women don’t like men who stubbornly beat themselves. This is a kind of psychological inertia.

So the cold-hearted man became fragrant. Suddenly so different among the suitors, it easily attracted the attention of women.

Such men are generally more ingenious and fascinated women.

  When you have identified the aura man, the next step is to take the first step in love.

Don’t pretend that you are foolproof when you know a man. On the basis of knowing his inner, you should further observe his external conditions.

  Understanding the nature of his work You must have a clear understanding of the nature of his work.

For example, you have a general grasp of the content of his work, the place of work, and even the relationships.

If you want to fall in love with him, the real problems will continue to pay attention to, and you will learn more about his character and maturity through the nature and ability of his work.

  Observe his speech and behavior In addition to the nature of his work, you must also carefully observe his speech and behavior.

Details are the key to success or failure. Does this man look the same? Look at the problem through the details.

Love is a beautiful feeling and a real life. You can’t talk about Plato only with movie stars on the screen, so it’s better to be pragmatic.

  Caring about his living environment and daily life can polish a man’s cultivation and endurance.

An important part of aerodynamics is to find a man who shares your interests, then you must pay special attention to his lifestyle and environment.

A man who spends his entire day researching stocks is likely to be a money maker, but he doesn’t understand fun.

A man who only knows that drinking as a hobby is difficult to achieve, and has a high degree of violence-your love is fortunately unhappy, all because you see the right man from your living environment.

  Men are steel, women are water.

Knowing yourself and knowing each other, the aura of love is not supported by one person. Men conquer women because men like to think about women. After thinking about it for a long time, they understand the nature and weaknesses of women and think that they can override women.

Women are emotional animals. In the way of love, women understand men, but women need to understand themselves.

  Love is often blind. When a woman is injured, her fault is usually blamed on a man without seeing the true face of the man.

What about women themselves?

Does the failure of love have its own “contribution”?

  When two people are together, they also need to leave a private space for each other.

He thinks that the protection of the other party is very good, but it is often counterproductive. People may not buy your account, especially men. Instead, he feels that you have too much control, which makes him feel stressed.

What a man needs is a companion who knows what he wants and what he wants, rather than being reduced to a strict wife control.

  Therefore, in the aura of love, men recognize women, think about women, and women understand men and understand themselves.

There is a saying: Women are made of water.Smart women are not only “water” but also “living water”.

The popular saying is that women need to be flexible and deal with different types of men.

Most men, especially well-known men, actually have some women in their bones that can’t afford women, and even treat women as playthings.

Plato said that the talents of men and women are the same. What men seek is also what women seek, but in general women are inferior to men.

Nietzsche, who is full of unusual feelings for women, also believes that once a woman gets rid of the habit of “fearing men” and hopes for freedom, she loses her “richest female instinct.”

His very famous saying-go to a woman?

Don’t forget to bring your whip!

This often fuels men’s arrogance.

But don’t forget that men are always inseparable from women.

Water is the source of life. No matter how much a man looks down on a woman, he needs her, but he also needs her emotions.

Therefore, smart women use the gas field to attract the first attention of men. They are always at ease in the steps of love, and they are the “living water” that makes men inseparable.

A man can’t live without you. He knows that if he let go, he will gradually ease the good shift-a good woman is rare, and a gas field woman in love is even more rare.

Taboo foods for children when taking Chinese medicine

Taboo foods for children when taking Chinese medicine

Some Chinese medicines and certain food ingredients have antagonistic effects. If these medicines and food are eaten together, the effects of the medicines will be replaced, and no therapeutic effect will be achieved.

  Taking spleen pills or nourishing the spleen and stomach, eliminating spleen and strengthening the spleen, Qipi pill avoids greasy and thick taste; taking blood-reinforcing drugs avoid tea, because the blood-enriching preparations contain iron, and tea has rich nitric acidForms a complex with iron in the drug that is not easily absorbed by the intermediate, which directly affects the treatment effect.

The names of banned and contraindicated foods are printed on the product descriptions of some medicines.

So, what are the food taboos for taking western medicine?

Children’s 0 family education 0 young children 0 education Medications for the treatment of bacterial cells, Trane, and drugs for the treatment of renal hypertension, such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors, should not be taken at the same time as foods containing tyramine, such as pickled fish, broad beans, beer, ChenCheese, yogurt, red wine, beef liver, coffee, chocolate, etc.

Because these foods are taken with drugs, blood pressure rises, causing symptoms such as headache.

  Related information: The decoction method of children’s traditional Chinese medicine replaces the continuous progress of society and major changes in the disease situation in the pediatric field. At present, traditional Chinese medicine interferes with common diseases in children. The intractable advantages have attracted the attention of medical circles at home and abroad.

Due to the remarkable curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine and less asynchronous, more and more parents seek treatment from traditional Chinese medicine.

Oral decoction of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most traditional methods and the most basic method.

If you do not master the method of decoction for children’s traditional Chinese medicine, in addition to a lot of inconvenience to the medication, it will also have an adverse effect on the child’s body.

Therefore, pediatric clinicians and children’s parents should be clear about the method of decoction of Chinese medicine for children.


Method of decoction: divergent medicines, such as flowers and leaves, have a shorter decoction time. Generally, they can continue for the first 5-10 minutes after boiling; supplement medicines and kernels, shell medicines should be cooked for a longer time, and after boilingThe first 20 minutes.

Regardless of divergent drugs or tonic drugs, gentle fire (slow fire) should be used as the degree.

The decoction for children’s traditional Chinese medicine decoction, some need to be fried first, then the next, Bao Jian, Chongfu, etc., the doctor should give detailed instructions.

Especially for the drugs that need special treatment, they should be carried out carefully according to the requirements of the physician in order to obtain the correct effect of correction.


Amount of fried medicine: Due to the small stomach capacity of children, especially the horizontal or semi-vertical stomach of infants, if the amount of medicine is not accurately grasped, it can easily cause children to vomit or even cough, affecting the recovery and treatment of children.

Therefore, the amount of decoction should be different according to the age of the child.

Generally, the dosage is 60-80 ml for infants, 100-150 ml for infants, 150-200 ml for preschool children, and 200-300 ml for school-age children. The dose should be concentrated to the dose required by children.


Medication time: Children should take Chinese medicine between two meals (or two feedings), which is conducive to the full absorption and utilization of the medicine.

Medications before meals can easily stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, and medications after meals can easily cause adverse reactions such as vomiting.

In principle, it is advisable to feed continuously at both ends for half an hour after a meal.

Depending on the child’s tolerance, it is better to give a small number of times.


Medication method: After decoction of Chinese medicine, parents should try it first. Too much can easily burn children’s throat, esophagus, gastric mucosa, etc. Too cold will cause stomach discomfort, which will affect the efficacy of the medicine.

When taking decoction, children are encouraged to take it by themselves, or use a small spoon to feed the medicine slowly along their mouths.

Try to take a short rest after taking the medicine, which is conducive to drug absorption, so as not to cause vomiting due to excessive activity.

Take medicine, the medicine is calibrated without sugar, so as not to affect the efficacy.

If there is indeed bitter cold medicine plus Coptis chinensis, Scutellaria baicalensis, etc., an appropriate amount of licorice can be added to reduce the ambiguity.

Difficulty in feeding soup medicine to children is a major problem in pediatrics, but it is also the oldest, most traditional and most basic way to achieve it.

While striving to reform pediatric pharmacy, it is necessary to be proficient in the correct method of feeding.

It is necessary to be patient and careful in feeding Chinese medicine decoctions to children, and not to feed a few mouthfuls of water or sweets.

For children who refuse to take Chinese medicine decoction, they can fix their heads and use a small spoon to send the medicine to the root of the tongue or the tongue. It will be swallowed naturally. Do not lift the nose or feed the medicine down the tongue to avoid choking into the trachea.


Dose for children: The dosage of Chinese medicine for children varies with age, individual differences, severity and emergency, and doctor’s experience.

Due to the wasteful use of medicine in children, the dose of the medicine is relatively large, but the amount of the product used for the Xin, hot, bitter cold, must be cautious.
Such as ephedra, aconite, asarum, rhubarb, croton, huanglian and so on.
For the convenience of calculation, the following ratios can be used to calculate the dosage for children: 1/6 of the adult adult; 1/4 of the adult adult; 1/3 of the adult adult; 1/2 of the adult adult preschool age; school ageChildren can use 3/4 of adult or adult.

Children are more sensitive to drugs than adults, and caution should be exercised when taking them.

Sometimes the methods and techniques of decoction of traditional Chinese medicine are briefly introduced above, but specific to some places, local medicines, disease symptoms or physical conditions of some children, they need to be treated differently under the guidance of clinicians.

The four secrets are more noisier and more loving

The four secrets are more noisier and more loving

He always likes to throw dirty clothes on the bathroom floor after bathing, and he always accuses your new clothes of being a luxury waste.
Almost all couples are arguing over such trivial matters.

No couple does not quarrel, this is the experience of all “come here”, but some couples quarrel and lose each other, and finally have to wave and say “bye bye”; some couples can become more noisy and love each other, run into understanding in the quarrel, emotional indexrise.

  How to make a couple who are more noisy and more in love?

Here are 4 tricks you shouldn’t miss!

  First, let’s talk about things without harming the innocent. When there is an argument, does your brain seem to have a database, as long as the people related to the other party, whether they are parents, friends, or colleagues and neighbors, will “kill without pardon”?

A simple dispute, but because of your “fire”, extended from him: his parents did not invite you to dinner last year; his dead party wearing “open crotch pants” is very ignorant, often come to your home to cheat. to the end, you say a hurtful sentence: “I wish I was single!

“A British psychologist points out that you must not drag a lot of old things during a quarrel, and don’t hit each other’s family, friends, colleagues, and bosses, otherwise the battlefield will be infinitely expanded and the problem you originally wanted to solve is solvedNope.

Psychologists suggest that you ask yourself three questions 30 seconds before the war: First, what is making you angry?

Second, is this matter terrible and needs to be resolved through quarrels?

Third, can quarrels solve the problem?

After answering these three questions, you will find that some things are not worth arguing at all.

  Second, to advance with retreat, from the complaint to communication, “sugar-coated shells” are sometimes more powerful than real ammunition, because men usually eat soft and not hard.

The “highest realm” of the art of quarreling is that he neither makes a roar of a lion in his nose by pointing at his nose, nor treats him fiercely with three chapters, or even “should be softened”.

  Sandy planned to introduce her husband to her high school classmates when she attended the class reunion, but her husband was one hour late, and he simply greeted Sandy’s classmates and left the venue in a hurry.

When the party ended, Sandy’s anger could no longer be suppressed, and she began to blame her husband: “You are always like this!

Those are the dead parties I have n’t met in 5 years. How can you be so indifferent to others?

“But my husband didn’t feel that he had done something wrong:” Why should I listen to you?

“A civil war broke out like this.

  Psychologists suggest that when you encounter this situation, you can’t stop accusing him of accusing him of being too rude to your friends, and it’s better to calmly understand him.

For example, “If you just disappear without saying a word, it’s really hard for me to do it because there are a lot of topics about you to talk to you.

“In this way, you become a victim, and no longer a hysteria accuser, which will also lay a good foundation for further communication between you.

  Third, focus on firepower, do not quarrel air-to-air. Ms. Li has just emerged from a failed marriage recently. The reason for her and her husband breaking up is simple: the escalating argument.

Two people often quarrel over trivial matters, quarrel over which restaurant to eat dinner, when to have children, and even quarrel over inappropriate adjectives in a sentence.

Marriage gradually lost its original tenderness in such bad argument.

Finally, some days after two years of marriage, the tired husband filed a divorce petition.

Ms. Li blamed “disharmony” on the breakdown of the marriage, but one week after the divorce, her husband and her had a long conversation that surprised her: What the husband “revenges” is what Ms. Li said in each dispute”Qi”.

  Psychologists believe that many couples quarrel to the end, they have developed into a “complaint meeting.” You can’t wait to get your heart out, but he is misunderstood. In this way, almost all of the quarrels will be over.

  So, how can we communicate effectively when arguing?

Experts made three “no” suggestions.


Say “I” and not “You”.

“You treat me this way?

“” You’re ill again.

Is this familiar?

When we began to condemn the other party with the “you” sentence, we have already forced the other party into a corner of self-defense.

The other person thinks you are judging under chaos. The first natural reaction is to defend yourself and then counterattack.

When the defense system was established, communication stopped immediately.
No sarcasm.

“You don’t take me out to play, and I want to thank you for giving me freedom!

“Taunt is a lame trick often used by couples in quarrels, only to irritate each other.

However, the gravity effect of this trick is very large, it will cause huge damage to both parties, and it is likely to give the relationship itself a lot of points at once.


Don’t interrupt him.

Rob him or interrupt him. You think you know exactly what he wants to say. This is nothing more than an excuse.

If you refuse to listen, how can the other person listen to you?

Tell the other party what you understand, step by step to determine if this is what he wants to express.

When arguing, often use “Do you mean .?”

“,” What do you mean . “repeat what the other person said, and if there is an error, let him correct your misunderstanding, so as to achieve the purpose of listening.

  Fourth, do not fight the consumption-type Cold War. Although some tricks are not very bright, but everyone likes to use it, that is, the Cold War.

After the quarrel, they did n’t answer the other party ‘s phone, deliberately “forgot” the temporary agreement, or moved to their parents ‘house in a hurry . A match in the Cold War took place with patience. It depends on who chooses to compromise first, and what is left out is affection.

Experts suggest that you don’t think about punishing each other in various ways, because you also punish yourself at the same time.

  When you wander aimlessly on the street and want to go home later, it is better to warm up the feelings after the quarrel with a positive attitude: go home to eat together; do not hesitate to answer the call he made after you quarrelA call, unless you never want to answer his call, what is the difference between the first call and the fifth call?

  After the editor: A family psychologist said it well: Most of the couples’ quarrels have no results. It is impossible to know who is right and who is wrong. Sometimes it is just a choice.

Therefore, quarreling between husband and wife is not terrible. The key is that both parties should understand some art of quarreling, so that the bond of love becomes tighter and tighter, to avoid any impact.

How to choose a book for your child

How to choose a book for your child

Children’s books are different at different ages, but they all have very similar characteristics.

  For example: 0?
In 2 months, the brightly colored large digit maps are mainly of various small dolls. Babies will learn how to stick their tongues out and watch them laugh;
At 6 months, animals, fruits and other cards and baby books are especially suitable for babies to develop cognitive abilities, certain knowledge and identification; after sitting, she will play with the books to be thin and light, waterproof and tear-resistant and it is best toSoft leather corners are not sharp.

The common experience of many mothers, the advantages of the kind of book are: safety, the corners will not hurt children, especially the eyes; beautiful, when the little guy’s saliva or meals are spilled on it, just wipe it with a cloth to clean it;Because it is not torn, it can be used for a long time; it is convenient and versatile. Due to the small number of pages, the baby can use the right hand to go from one page to the next page, and then use the left hand to go from back to page.The flexibility of the hand, especially the difficult and delicate movements of the thumb and forefinger against each other, also unconsciously distinguished the positive and negative of the book.

  Sometimes, parents will find books that they think are good, but children do not like to read them at all.

In fact, children’s favorite books and adults have different perspectives. For them, books should look like this: bright colors, large and simple depictions, and contrasts between backgrounds and pictures.

  Complex patterns can easily make babies tired and distracting. Only bright pictures will make them happy and attract their interest.

This kind of book that looks small but contains prominent single pictures or the whole picture can help infants deepen their memory and learn quickly.

  It seems to be similar to the real thing without exaggeration.

  Unlike school-aged children, exaggerated or fictional lines are too abstract for infants and toddlers. They cannot understand the picture and do not like what you are saying.

Some of the animals drawn on books are sometimes difficult to distinguish from adults. Children seem to be indistinguishable. If the things on the card are very different from what they usually see, they will raise their hands and throw it away.

  If it is a story, the content must be related to the child’s life, it must be simple and clear.

  At least children can experience and experience in their own lives. Even the most complicated truth must be broken down in a language that the child understands.

At the same time, put down the book, you can find the same thing for him to feel, such closeness can enrich their experience, otherwise they will be at a loss.

  Focus on positive emotions and positive behaviors.

  Because infants and toddlers have a strong ability to imitate, if you want your child to develop good hygiene habits, then the unhealthy action of the younger sister and sister painting on the book to wipe the eyes with the book becomes a model for children to imitate.

  The best way is to use the correct behavior as an example.

  Coupled with happy and joyful expressions, the child’s own emotions will be infected with joy, which encourages good behavior and even self-confidence.

The picture must match the content, and it is recommended that it be described as descriptive and action-oriented.

Otherwise, you have told a lot of content, the child actually just sees a painting that has nothing to do with the content, and when you question it, they find the right place.

  In addition, it is also important to mention that book editors publish books. Parents should pay attention when selecting books for their children: many children’s books and even children’s pictorials now draw a small one, such as a small animal.The image of the class is placed at the eyebrow of the book. The designer of the book originally wanted to make the book more beautiful. It was impossible to think that the little guy had a good observation ability. He specifically sought to find the subtle changes that these adults could not easily notice.

Because the signs on the eyebrows are too small, the children keep looking down, making parents really worried about the distance and vision of the children.

  The last point is that the color of books is now bright, but the paper used has a lot of additional light film, high reflectivity, and it is also bad for children’s vision.

This also requires parents to pay special attention when purchasing books.

  The methods of reading books are our mentors and friends. As parents, we hope that children can develop the habit of reading at an early age.

However, reading is not like eating. Sleeping is an instinctive behavior acquired by human beings. It must be cultivated by the day after tomorrow.