Is a sports drink suitable for you?

Is a sports drink suitable for you?

Many people like functional drinks after exercise, but are they suitable for each of us?

  When the amount of exercise is low, it is best not to drink sports drinks. Multiple manufacturers of sports drinks start to promote their products every summer, and there are more and more products for consumers to choose from.

  Professor Li Xierong of the Sports Medicine Department of Xi’an Institute of Physical Education pointed out that sports drinks are actually a dynamic preparation process. It will be prepared according to the characteristics of individual athletes’ physical consumption, sports events, and changes in the environment.To maintain and improve the ability to exercise and accelerate the elimination of fatigue after exercise, it usually does not contain carbon dioxide, caffeine, alcohol, and has the right amount of electrolytes and a certain amount of sugar.

  However, sports drinks are mainly aimed at athletes or people who often participate in fitness. If ordinary people do not exercise more than 1 hour a day, it is not necessary to drink this drink.

If you exercise a lot, exercise for a long time, and sweat a lot (over one liter), it is recommended to introduce sports drinks.

From the perspective of adverse reactions, it is not suitable for people to drink sports drinks blindly. Various electrolytes in it will increase the burden on blood, blood vessels, and kidneys, cause an increase in heart load, increase blood pressure, cause vascular sclerosis, and stroke.

  Functional beverages with caution for cardiovascular disease Generally speaking, functional beverages refer to beverages that adjust the function of the human body to a certain extent by adjusting the composition and content ratio of nutrients in the beverage.

Nutrition experts point out that many functional drinks are selling concepts, and the actual ingredients are supplemented through food.

  Specifically, nutrient drinks represented by pulsations and screams can supplement vitamins, while drinks represented by Gatorade, Jinran, etc. contain electrolytes that can balance body fluids; other special-purpose drinks are currently mainly red bulls on the market.As the representative, Jianlibao’s main functions are anti-fatigue and energy supplement.

  Ye Lin, deputy chief physician of the clinical nutrition department of Tangdu Hospital, said that the special feature of functional drinks is that it “adapts to the special needs of certain special populations”. Because it is different from ordinary beverages, it is mainly suitable for specific populations.

Functional drinks contain caffeine and other ingredients, children should drink with caution.

Although Ye Lin affirmed that functional beverages can eliminate anti-fatigue and reduce stress to a certain extent, some young people like this beverage that can quickly refresh, often making it contain caffeine and make the body substitute.

Too much caffeine may cause toxic reactions, causing discomfort, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, and anxiety and insomnia.

Therefore, the average adult should have a certain control of the intake of functional drinks, blood pressure and hypertension, people with hypertension should not take it.

  Herbal tea herbal tea is made from one or more traditional Chinese medicines. Although the medicinal properties of traditional Chinese medicines are not as strong as those of western medicines, they are medicines, and everyone knows the truth of “three poisons of medicine”.

And the theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that traditional Chinese medicine is divided into cold and heat, and human body is also divided into cold and heat.

Unable to distinguish one’s physique from the current physical condition, the random selection of herbal teas could not only relieve the symptoms, but even counter-productive.

If you are a person with a cold constitution, you should be afraid of cold and cold, and then drink the same cold honeysuckle and prunella, which may cause diarrhea, bloating and nausea.

  At present, the herbal teas on the market are mostly cold, with a debilitating constitution, and those with both spleen and stomach deficiency are not suitable for placing, because it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, such as diarrhea, bloating, and nausea.

The physical characteristics of these people are afraid of cold, wind and sweat.

Cold, afraid of wind, sweating, etc.

  In addition, if menstrual women drink cold herbal tea, it is easy to cause qi and blood to catch cold and stagnate, the menstrual blood is not discharged smoothly, and dysmenorrhea is caused.

  Only people with a hot and humid constitution can drink herbal tea in moderation. The physical characteristics of such people are opposite to those with a debilitating constitution. They are more likely to show heavy limbs, pronounced fever in the afternoon, yellow greasy tongue coating, and short urine.

The most complete milk beauty DIY manual in history


The most complete milk beauty DIY manual in history

We all know that milk has a very important role in beauty and skin care. It can whiten, firm skin, moisturize, and so on. It makes milk a noble part of DIY skin care.

Today, let’s read carefully what is the way DIY uses milk!

Make your skin as fair, transparent and beautiful as milk!

  1. Vitamin E Yogurt Face Care Use 400 international units of Vitamin E in a empty bowl, add two tablespoons of yogurt, half a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice, mix well, and absorb it on the face.

After about 15 minutes, wash with water, the face suitable for people becomes clean and tender.

Because gently massage with yogurt containing active lactic acid bacteria can deeply penetrate the skin and completely remove dirt from pores.

  2. Yogurt banana mask, half a banana, mashed into a mud, mixed with an appropriate amount of yogurt, adjusted to a paste, and apply it on the face, keep it for 15?
After 20 minutes, rinse with water.

This method can make the skin fresh and smooth, and remove facial acne and freckles.

  3. Yogurt cream mask, wrinkle-free yogurt, aliquots of cream, mix and mix well, apply on the surface, leave it for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with water.

This method has an astringent effect. It can eliminate wrinkles on the skin and make the skin smooth for a long time. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly women or pregnant women with facial wrinkle texture.

  4. Yogurt mask Yogurt can be directly applied to facial beauty, because it has skin adjustment and health care effects, sour cream mask can whiten the skin.

The method is to use half a cup of yoghurt, 2 slices of lemon with peel, half of orange with peel, put the three ingredients together, stir and pat on the face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with water.

  5. Yogurt honey lemon healthy yogurt, honey, lemon juice 100 mg each, add 5 capsules of vitamin E and mix thoroughly, leave the face on for 15 minutes and wash.

This method can replace the dead cells on the epidermis and promote the growth of new cells to achieve the purpose of skin fitness.

  6. Yogurt, strawberry, anti-aging yogurt 100ml, 6 strawberries, smashed like mud, at the same time mix into a paste, rub the face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off.

This method can prevent skin from drying and aging, making the skin shiny, moist and delicate.

  7. Yogurt almond powder for acne 8. Whitening freckle yogurt mask. Take 50 grams of pure yogurt with good quality, add 50 grams of lemon juice, mix well, apply evenly on the face, and keep a small amount.

Washing it off with water in the morning will have a certain relief effect on the spots and acne on the face.

  9. Yogurt mask for diabetic skin. Three teaspoons of pure yoghurt of good quality. Stir and mix one egg yolk, spread it on the face and complications.

Rinse off with water after 20 minutes, which can relieve the acne on the face.

  Add two portions of almond powder to make a paste, apply it on the face, and wash it after 15 minutes. It can treat facial acne or small bumps.

  10. Fresh milk moisturizing and whitening mask material: mask powder without gypsum, fresh milk, rose water, rose essence oil (for dry skin replacement) or lavender essence oil (selected for oily skin) or chamomile essence oil (mediumOr sensitive skin) and gauze.

  Method: Spray rose water on the gauze first.

Put 25 g of mask powder into a bowl, add 20 ml of milk and a drop of lavender essence oil, and mix thoroughly. Then put gauze on it, and then apply a thin film of paste.

After about 25 to 30 minutes, you can remove the gauze and rinse your face with water.

  Efficacy: The mask powder without gypsum ingredient can make the pores thinner and improve the pore occlusion.

Fresh milk has whitening and moisturizing effects, making the skin crystal clear.

  11, milk peeling scrub material: milk, scrub, lavender essence oil (oily skin replacement) or rose essence oil (dry skin replacement) or jasmine essence oil (neutral skin replacement).

  Method: Just put a coin-sized scrub on the palm of your hand, add a small amount of milk and a drop of lavender or rose or jasmine essence oil, mix it on the surface and massage for about 5 minutes.

Finally, wash the scrub with water.

  Efficacy: Can help soften the skin and reduce the chance of skin damage due to scrubs.

Adding lavender essence oil can provide deep cleansing or improve oil secretion; adding rose essence oil has a high moisturizing effect and exerts anti-aging and wrinkle removing effects; jasmine essence oil can replenish skin moisture.

  12, homemade anti-sensitive cleansing milk ingredients: mild cleansing milk, fresh milk and lavender essence oil.

  Efficacy: Adding milk to the cleansing milk has a deep cleansing effect, and also provides moisturizing effect, which helps prevent moisture from being absorbed by the cleansing milk; adding lavender essence oil can prevent skin allergies.

  Method: Add five drops of lavender essence oil to 100 ml of cleansing milk, then shake the cleansing milk evenly.

When using, pour out a cleansing milk of about 5 cents in the palm of your hand, add fresh milk, and massage it for two minutes before wiping it off with a paper towel.
  13, Milk Quick Cleansing Scrub wants the cleansing products to play the greatest role. In addition to choosing products suitable for personal skin, you should also try to avoid leaving the cleansing liquid on the skin for too long.

Otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced, and it is more likely to cause damage to the skin.
When using a cleansing milk or cleansing cream, just gently circulate the surface for about two minutes and then wash it off with water.

However, if the scrub time is too short, dirt on the face cannot be effectively removed.

If the massage time is too long, the soap in the cleansing cream may have an allergic reaction to the skin, and even redness and swelling may cause the metabolism to be too fast and accelerate skin aging.

If the cleansing milk is left on the surface for more than 3 minutes, the pores will also absorb excessive moisturizing ingredients, allowing the oil particles to continue to grow on the skin.

  14, milk whitening and skin care first bathe and clean the skin, and then use fresh milk and apricot honey powder to stir the whole paste, because milk apricot honey exerts moisturizing effect, making the skin soft and smooth.

After an hour of massage, the steam will expand the pores and exert a deep cleansing effect, while also softening the skin and increasing blood circulation.

  15. Milk + hydrogen peroxide + flour bleaching freckle mask. Mix one spoonful of milk, two spoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide, three spoons of flour and some water carefully, and then spread the face with a soft brush.

After the mask is completely dry, wash it off with warm water to effectively remove the spots.

The water added to the mask is preferably distilled water without impurities; avoid touching the eyebrows and eyes when applying.

  16, milk + strawberry wrinkle, mash 50 grams of strawberries, filter with double gauze, take the juice into 1 cup of fresh milk, stir well, apply strawberry milk on the surface and replenish and massage, keep the milk on the faceAfter about 15 minutes, clean.

According to records, this beauty milk is one of the ancient Swiss skin care recipes, which can moisturize and clean the skin, has a mild astringent effect, and also has an anti-wrinkle effect.

  17, milk + olive oil + flour anti-wrinkle mask fresh milk 50 ml, plus 4?
5 drops of olive oil, flour and mix well, keep for 20 minutes and wash with water.

Long-term use of this method can increase the vitality and elasticity of the skin, make the skin more refreshing and smooth, fine and white, and reduce wrinkles.

  18. Milk Oatmeal Mask Blend two tablespoons of oats with half a cup of milk and cook on a small fire, then apply it on the face when it is still warm.

Applying oatmeal mask for 10 minutes every day can effectively remove skin acne, freckles, blackheads, facial blisters, etc., if these problems are not particularly serious.

  19. Milk + flour mask Mix 3 spoons of milk and 3 spoons of flour evenly, make a paste, and apply it to the face. After the mask is dry, carefully wash the face with warm water.

Can only be applied at most twice a week. Too much is not good for the skin.

This mask is especially suitable for normal skin.

If you have oily skin, you need to change the milk to skim milk.

Rich milk fat can effectively change the phenomenon of dry skin, while fat-free milk flour mask can greatly improve skin texture.

  20, milk + strawberry cleansing mask, mash 50 grams of strawberry, filter with double gauze, take the juice into 1 cup of fresh milk, mix well, take the strawberry milk, apply on the face andBest initial massage, wash off and replace after about 15 minutes.

Strawberries must be cleaned before use.

  21. Multi-layer milk mask, two teaspoons of fresh milk and half a teaspoon of olive oil. After mixing the two, apply with your fingers on the face, and then apply it for the second time after the first application is dry.Four times.

After it is completely dry, wash it off with warm water to make the skin shiny and pleasant.

  22. For the milk steam noodle bath, put 250 g of fresh milk in the pot and boil on the fire, then switch to a slow fire to make the milk boil in the pot to generate steam. At this time, place your face on the boiling milk steam and keep a certain distance.The eyes, let the boiling milk vapor blow to the face, look moist and comfortable, for several minutes to tens of minutes, depending on how you feel.

If you stick to it once a day in this way, you will feel ruddy, smooth, soft, white and tender, and eliminate fatigue.

This is because the nutrition-rich milk is heated and evaporated, which can promote facial blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and produce beauty and health care effects.

  23, salt milk bath farewell to dandruff. Melt a cup of salt in a small jar beforehand, pour it into a bathtub with warm water, and add 4 cups of the same amount of skim milk powder.

In this way, you can lie in this custom-made bathtub, soak for 20 minutes, and then carry out your daily washing process.

Take a bath once a week and you can say goodbye to dandruff.

When milk and salt are mixed together, it can improve rough skin, increase smoothness, and effectively remove the dander of discarded people.

  Washing your face with iced milk to cure sunburn 24. Washing your face with iced milk to cure sunburn. If the skin becomes red and swollen due to sun exposure, you can use milk for care.

Wash your face with iced milk, and then apply a cotton pad soaked with iced milk to the hot and swollen area, and you can immediately get the soothing and analgesic effect.

Because milk can completely supplement the skin with nutrients, the enzymes it contains can also eliminate anti-inflammatory, swelling and soothing skin effects.

  25, milk + vinegar to eliminate eye puffiness milk also has the effect of tightening the skin, if you get up in the morning to find puffiness of the eyelids, you can use an appropriate amount of milk and vinegar plus boiling water to mix thoroughly, then repeatedly press 3?
5 minutes, then apply a hot towel for a while, the eyelids swelling instantly.

For a simpler method, first dip two pieces of cotton pads in frozen milk, then apply them on the puffy eyelids for about 10 minutes, and then wash them with water.
  26. The milk mask protects the neck with two spoons of cream curd, one banana, one spoon of cream, and one egg yolk. These four ingredients are mixed together to form a smooth facial mask.

When using, first whipped this milk mask to make it foam in the whipped, then apply it on the neck exposed, and wash it with warm water for half an hour and it works well.

Malangen stewed pork lungs

Malangen stewed pork lungs

Malangen stewed pig lungs[Materials]1 pig lung, 100g of malangen, ginger, sesame oil, small Xu.

  [Practice]First remove the blood bubbles from the pig’s lungs, wash and cut into pieces; add 600 ml of water, boil over high heat, skim off the foam;Simmer over low heat until crispy, add MSG and drizzle with sesame oil.

  [Take]Take the heat service twice.

  [Efficacy]cooling blood to stop bleeding; clearing away heat and dampness; detoxification and swelling, tonify lung and cough.

  [Indications]For lung cough caused by pulmonary yin deficiency type tuberculosis, the symptoms include dry cough with little sputum, or blood in the sputum, dry throat, dry hands and feet, or hot flashes in the afternoon, reduced diet, rednessThe tongue is sharp red.

Newborns are too alert to mental retardation

Newborns are too alert to mental retardation

A small life comes to life, every action and expression full of vitality will bring incomparable joy to parents.

For some newborns, they have less activity, lack of facial expressions, and rarely cry, but they mistakenly think that their children are “good”.

As everyone knows, under the illusion of “behavior,” children may have hidden mental illness.

Therefore, young parents can observe the situation of the newborn as follows: they do not laugh or they will laugh very late.

  Normal children will laugh about 2 months, and laugh at 4 months.

If you ca n’t laugh or laugh late, it is a sign of mental retardation.

  Eye dysfunction.

  About 1 month of age, the baby will pay attention to the surrounding environment with his eyes, and he will turn his eyes to track what he is interested in.

But mentally retarded babies often appear indifferent to people or things around them.

  Poor response to sound.

  Babies are often particularly sensitive to the surrounding sounds and are afraid of loud noises or loud noises such as thunder.

If he doesn’t respond to the sound, even when he hears unusual sounds, and suddenly becomes “honest”, it is often a sign of mental retardation.

  Usually cry less.

  Babies often cry, cry when they are hungry, and cry when they are wet.

If the child cries very little, he will only scream when he encounters something, or he is suddenly indifferent to external stimuli, which is often a relatively low IQ.

  Difficult to aim.

  Chewing late, eating solid foods not easy to swallow, and frequent vomiting are also signs of mental retardation.

Saliva can be said to be normal in children under the age of one year, but the possibility of mental retardation must be thought of when saliva is drooling after one year old.


  Born 3?
5 month babies especially like to play with their own hands, but will not play with hands after 6 months or 2?
3 years old also likes to put toys in his mouth is not normal.

Children with the same weight as normal babies and children with mental retardation have awkward movements. When they learn to walk, their feet still kick together, and they usually intervene without purpose.

How do men have a blood stagnation?

How do men have a blood stagnation?

Hemorrhagic disease is the appearance of red semen when ejaculation, accompanied by urinary urgency, frequent urination, urinary pain and other bladder irritation, or mild perineum, anal periorbital or lower abdominal pain.

Patients should be encouraged to drink more water, urinate more, and should stop sex for a period of time.

So what do men do with blood syndrome?

How to adjust it?

Here are the four recommended diets for menstrual blood syndrome.

What factors are caused by blood sperm?

The first reason is due to blood diseases such as purpura, scurvy, leukemia and other blood.

The second reason is the blood sperm caused by the diseases of the seminal vesicles and the prostate, such as seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, tuberculosis, stones and injuries of the prostate and seminal vesicles.

The third reason is that tumors, such as seminal vesicles and prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The fourth reason is that other factors, such as long-term repeated compression of the perineum, seminal varices, fine rupture of the suburethral venous subcutaneous vein.

The four major therapeutics for conditioning blood sera (1) fresh porridge: 50 grams of fresh glutinous rice, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate amount of sugar.

Both boiled into porridge, add sugar to adjust.

It has the function of clearing heat and cooling blood to stop bleeding, and it is used for blood essence caused by blood heat.

(2) squid soup: 1 squid (200-500 grams), pepper, small seedlings, onions, ginger amount.

Remove the fish from the scales, the internal organs, wash and drain the water, and add the seasoning after cooking.

Eat fish and soup.

There is the benefit of clearing damp heat, used for blood purification caused by hot and humid bet.

(3) lotus seed porridge: lotus seeds, the previous rice, the amount of sugar.

The lotus seeds are peeled and boiled with the previous rice, and the sugar is added.

It has the power of replenishing the heart and the spleen, and is used for the blood essence that is expected to be caused by blood.

(4) Pig kidney boiled black beans: 1 pair of pig kidneys, 500 grams of black beans.

Wash the pig kidney, remove the tendon, and cook with black beans and water. Cook until the beans are cooked. The pig kidneys are eaten. The black beans are taken out and dried. The black beans are chewed, 30-60 grams per day, half a month.1 course of treatment.

There is the merits of tonifying kidney and improving essence, and it is used for blood essence caused by kidney deficiency.

Expert suggestion: If you have friends with this symptom, please consult the doctor in time to avoid missing the best treatment period and bring you potential troubles.

Ten tips for drinking to reduce alcohol harm

Ten tips for drinking to reduce alcohol harm

Everyone knows that alcohol is not a good thing, which seriously affects our health, but for some work, entertainment, and drinking is inevitable, but we can reduce the harm of alcohol to the body. Here are some tips for everyone, which can greatlyUseful.

Do not take a bath after drinking alcohol. The glucose stored in the body after drinking will be consumed by physical activity during the bath, causing the blood sugar content to decrease and the body temperature to drop sharply, while alcohol inhibits the normal activities of the liver and the recovery of glucose storage in the body, which is life-threatening.Cause death.

When drinking alcohol, eat more leafy greens and soy products. Antioxidants and vitamins in green leafy vegetables can protect the liver; lecithin in soy products can also protect the liver.

Don’t use medicated wine for banquet. Some medicinal ingredients may conflict with some ingredients in the food, or chemical changes may cause nausea, vomiting and discomfort after drinking.

The best hangover is not tea, let alone Sprite and Cola, but juice.

Juices, especially orange juice, and apple juice can achieve a good hangover effect, because they contain fructose, which can help alcohol burn better.

When drinking on an empty stomach, do not drink while drinking, while eating, alcohol stays in the stomach for a long time, alcohol is disturbed by gastric acid, absorption is slow, and it is not easy to get drunk.

Don’t mix drinks with various kinds of wine, because various kinds of wine residues have different contents, they will change with each other, making people uncomfortable after drinking, even a little, easy to get drunk.

Don’t sip heavily, drink slowly, pause from time to time, don’t drink carbonated drinks such as cola, soda, etc., so as not to speed up the body’s absorption of alcohol.

Liquor, beer should pay attention to drinking boiled water, so that alcohol is excreted from urine as soon as possible; when drinking beer, go to the toilet frequently; it is best to add ice when drinking spirits.

When drinking alcohol, eat more leafy greens and soy products. Antioxidants and vitamins in green leafy vegetables can protect the liver; lecithin in soy products can also protect the liver.

Hot wine can be drunk, whether it is white wine, rice wine, after heating, it is changed to: one is aromatic and palatable; the other is that it can volatilize some aldehyde harmful substances with low boiling points and reduce harmful ingredients.

  Drinking is unavoidable.

Drinking in moderation is good for your health, and transplanting wine will hurt you.

Passion fruit has high nutritional value, but doctors have repeatedly reminded: these three types of people do not touch more

Passion fruit has high nutritional value, but doctors have repeatedly reminded: these three types of people do not touch more

Passion fruit is a kind of fruit. It also has an alias called egg fruit. In the way of eating, it can be eaten raw or the fruit pulp can be eaten in water. The effect of health is very good. The most important thing is thatIts nutritional value is high.

Do you often have some nutritional value when you eat passion fruit?

In a study, we found that passion fruit contains a variety of amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, substitute fiber, carotene and other nutrients.

Among them, the content of vitamin C is relatively high. From the nutritional content of passion fruit, about 100mg of vitamin C can be contained in every hundred grams of passion fruit, which can help us to remove some oxidative free radicals in the body, so some middle-aged and elderly people eat it in moderation.Passion fruit can make vitamin C protect the skin and achieve certain anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.

It can also reduce the deposition of age spots to some extent.

At the same time, passion fruit is also rich in vitamin A and carotene. In nutrition, sometimes absorbed by our body, it can be converted into vitamin A, which is very beneficial for protecting eyesight and skin mucous membrane health.

In addition, in some studies, it has also been found that the peel of passion fruit can also be used as a feed. Its roots, stems and leaves have certain medicinal effects. It is a food that is all baby and is also a kind of medicine and

The most worth mentioning is that the passion fruit is rich in a large amount of crude fiber, especially those small black seeds in the passion fruit, many people will spit it out. In fact, these black seeds are rich sources of crude fiber, which can promote the stomach.Peristalsis, reducing the incidence of constipation, eating the right amount is good for your health.

Passion fruit also contains some organic acids. When you have no appetite, you can promote your appetite, refresh your mind, eat sorghum food, and don’t hinder eating some passion fruit.

But remind people with indigestion not to eat passion fruit: passion fruit those black seeds have a lot of crude fiber, which can promote digestion.

But it is precisely because this point about some indigestion people, but it is a negative thing, it is likely to aggravate their own condition, or eat less.

Remind people who have an allergic reaction to passion fruit: If you have had some discomfort after eating passion fruit, if the skin has obvious itching, redness and other symptoms, it means that you have allergies to passion fruit.It is best not to eat anymore.

Remind the diabetics not to eat more passion fruit: Do not look at the passion fruit to eat more acidic, but it has too much sugar, sugar content can reach 13g or so, people with high blood sugar may eat blood sugar levels may be unfavorable.

Requirements for massage techniques

Requirements for massage techniques

The technique requires long-lasting, powerful, uniform, and soft-so as to achieve deep penetration, of which long-lasting, powerful, uniform, soft is the means, and deep penetration is the purpose.

  Permanent: Require a method to operate correctly and continue for a certain period of time, in order to ensure a certain therapeutic effect, such as law, requires one hand to continue operation for more than 5 minutes, point method requires 1 minute.

  Powerful: Requires a certain degree of strength in each operation.

This “force” is the force of skill, not brute force.

Due to different diseases, physique, gender, age, and treatment site are different, and the strength of the method is different.

The “force” of this technique depends on actual operation and gradually explores and accumulates. The modest “force” directly affects the treatment effect.

  Adequate: It is required that the technique master a certain rhythm according to different techniques while maintaining a certain pressure. It must not be slow, slow, light, and heavy. Only by maintaining a good rhythm can the full effect of the healing power be guaranteed.

  Gentleness: refers to the fact that when the technique is applied to the patient’s limbs, although it is required to maintain a certain pressure, the patient should be basically comfortable to complete the treatment.

Don’t hurt local skin, even deeper tissue.

  Deep penetration: Only by grasping the long-lasting, powerful, uniform and soft, can deep penetration be guaranteed.

Deep penetration means that “force” has reached the part (acupoint) to be treated, which is what the ancients referred to as “Sida Hospital”. It is not advisable to pass or fail.A clear overview of the requirements of the technique.

The operation of the “light” technique should make the healing power of the technique to the depth to be treated, and should not float on the surface of the skin; the operation of the “heavy” technique should not be left in the part that is not the treatment, but should reach the required level of treatment.

  During the operation, especially when operating on acupuncture points, the acupuncture should feel like “getting qi”, except that the patient may feel numbness and swelling, and sometimes even feel comfortable and sore.

In the manual operation, the doctor can also feel very comfortable and happy, which is often called “hand feeling”.

The presence or absence of feel can directly affect the treatment effect.

  In short, the kind of simple stiff and even rough casual movements will not only achieve the purpose of preventing and treating the disease, but also bring complications and pain to the patient, and even aggravate the condition and affect rehabilitation. Therefore, it can only be called an action and should not beCalled the trick.

The ancients attached great importance to the requirements of massage, such as “Yinzong Jinjian?

The Essentials of the Orthopedic Heart Method said: “The method is applied so that the patient does not know its suffering.

“To reach such a proficient and sophisticated level, we must practice hard, keep practicing, and even be handy.” Once the card is presented, the machine touches the outside, it is born inside, the hand turns at will, and the law comes out of the hand. “

Must-see: Light pollution

Must-see: “Light pollution”

Light is the master of the home atmosphere. If the lamps are used properly, not only can the fashion, warm and bright mood come along, but also make people’s lives healthier.
But nowadays, the lamps of many families are too fancy, especially the popular crystal lamps. The light and shadows are colorful on the wall. Although it looks good, it may cause people to be unknowingly attacked by “light pollution”!
  Because of the pupillary adjustment, the human eye can adapt to a certain range of light radiation, but when this radiation increases to a certain amount, it will have an adverse effect on the environment and human health. This is “light pollution.”
The interior decoration is mainly polluted by white light pollution such as “white light pollution” and “color light pollution”. The glass wall or mirror wall, polished marble floor and various paints reflect the decorative light.
  Hazard: Stimulate the retina, easily cause eye fatigue, and even lead to decreased visual function.
People who have stayed in this environment for a long time, the retina and iris will be damaged to varying degrees, the visual acuity drops sharply, and the incidence of cataract is as high as 45%.
It may also cause symptoms such as insomnia, loss of appetite, and depression.
  Solution: Install mirrors, glass and other accessories on the wall as much as possible; choose paints with low light reflection coefficient, and the walls are mainly light colors such as beige and light blue; avoid using polished floor tiles.
  Color light pollution is caused by various colored light sources in the home.
Home-use lighting, televisions, computers and other appliances with screens are also the main source of pollution, and these sources have a lot of radiation.
  Hazard: Studies have shown that color light pollution not only damages people’s physiological functions, but also affects mental health.
The color light source is dazzling, not only bad for the eyes, but also interferes with the central nervous system of the brain, making people feel dizzy, nausea, vomiting, insomnia and other symptoms.
If you receive long-term exposure to colored light, you can induce nosebleeds, cataracts, and even leukemia and other cancers.
The style is too complicated, such as lighting around the crystal, there will be shadows on the wall after turning on the lights, it will also affect vision.
  Solution: In the living room, study, kitchen, the main lighting function of the headlights is best to choose a cool color, that is, a light that can emit white light; and the bedroom, bathroom, balcony should use a warm light source, that is, a light that can emit yellow light.Auxiliary light sources, such as wall lamps, table lamps, etc. should also choose warm light; the direction of light should avoid direct eyes; it is best not to choose colored and overly complicated headlights.
  If you don’t like fancy lighting, it’s best to choose soft incandescent and fluorescent lights to minimize the effects of “light pollution.”
  If you are already in “light pollution”, these methods can help you ease: if the floor is too bright, try to turn on the small light; set a low-light fluorescent lamp on the same side of the TV; you can put some green plants in the bedroom.

Endure girlfriend and old lover broken

Endure girlfriend and old lover broken

Ask him what he intends to do, he said that the most important thing at present is career. Feelings matter.

“Looking for a girlfriend next time will definitely not take appearance as the first element.

He said, “I hope that my future partner can care about each other and be physically close to each other. In addition to being pure in character and good in character, he must also respect his parents.

“I listened to his whisper, and I was a little sad but pleased.

Fortunately, the young people at this stage have already been very clear about what they need. It is sad that if love can be realized by conditions, then what else can be ignored in this world?

  Oral Records Gao Gaoshu Shu Xin’s transcripts like her, but it doesn’t force me and she are both from Sichuan. In current words, they are both “post-80s”.

We are classmates in secondary school.

At that time everyone was eighteen or nineteen years old, and youth was invincible.

I remember when we first started military training, she was right in front of me. I have loved her since then. She felt innocent and fresh at that time, that kind of beautiful beauty.

In fact, I was a very pure student at that time, and I had never been in love in the past.

I didn’t tell her I liked her, but I was just happy to see her every day.

I remember once she caught a cold, and I ordered a song for her on the radio. At that time, our school sent a small radio to everyone, so many students heard the song I ordered for her, and everyone knew me.Like her thing.

It’s just that I never told her personally, I think she can feel it.

I remember the next day when I sang the song, I went to the pedestrian street and bought her a “talisman” and gave it to her. This was the first time I gave a gift to my beloved girl.

  In the second year of my secondary school expertise, because I started a company in Guangzhou, I needed someone to help me. I also felt that I couldn’t learn too much at school, so I left the school and came to Guangzhou to help I set up a company.

Because I didn’t establish a relationship at school, I came to Guangzhou and wrote one or two letters, but I didn’t contact them later.

It was not convenient to make a phone call without a cell phone.

  After spending a second in Guangzhou, a past classmate asked me: Do you still feel her?

What did I say?

My classmates persuaded me to give up, saying that after I left, the school management has not been very good, and she also did not like reading, and went out to play with a group of people every day, sing and drink, and sometimes stayed away at night.

The meaning of the classmate is obvious, that is to say that she behaves very badly. After listening to it, I was very low for a while, and my heart was very cold, and I felt that her pure image in my mind suddenly disappeared.

In desperation, I decided to give up my first love, because such a girl is definitely not suitable for me.

  Later, I met a girl from the Northeast in Guangzhou and talked for a few months.

She is really good to me, very caring and caring. When it is cold, she will call me to remind me to change clothes. When I am busy, she will ask me if I am tired.

But I have been hesitating about this relationship.

Because her education and knowledge are different from mine, I have been worried that this gap will become an obstacle to our future life.

Five months later, I still resolved to break up, and I still remember the passing romance, and I have no regrets in my heart.

  Until the second half of 2003, a female student in Guangzhou suddenly told me that she was coming to Guangzhou.

At that time, I didn’t have much surprise in my heart, because I felt that since she has changed, we can no longer continue to lead.

Although I have always liked her in my heart, but I know that emotional matters cannot be forced.

At this time she had graduated from technical secondary school and worked for a while in the local area before coming to Guangzhou to work.

Because of these thorns in her heart, when she came to Guangzhou, I was not very enthusiastic about her, only when she was an ordinary classmate and friend.

  I used to believe she would change. So we were all busy in Guangzhou, and sometimes we would get together to chat and eat.

Sometimes on my birthday, I would call my classmates together, and my female classmate in Guangzhou often asked her to make an appointment.

  The turn of events happened in the Spring Festival in 2005. I just returned to Guangzhou after the Spring Festival in my hometown, and because she didn’t go home for the Chinese New Year, she heard that I came back and said she came to see me.

That night, she came to me after work. Who knew that she encountered a motorcycle scooter on the road? Fortunately, her bag was not snatched and no one was injured, but she was frightened.

So when she saw me, she ran over to have me cry.

I was really distressed at that time and held her tightly.That is, from this day, we really determined the relationship and she became my girlfriend.

  Actually, I have always loved her since school, so after being in love, I treat her very well, and I really treat her as a marriage partner.

I have never thought about her previous. I think she is still young, and she may have been playing and growing up. I believe my love will change her for me.

Not long after falling in love, she moved over to live with me. At that time, she worked at a gas station and often had to work night shifts, which was very hard.

So after we lived together, she told me that she wanted to resign and rest for three months, and didn’t want to be so tired.

I agreed without thinking about it. At the time, I was starting a company in partnership with a friend, and my financial situation was better.

So she resigned, and slept at home every day. When she woke up, she went out shopping and shopping. Of course, I never let her lack money.

I have a lot of trust in her. Sometimes she hangs out with her friends, comes back late or simply lives with friends, and I say nothing.

  We had a great time during those days, and of course there were minor conflicts.

For example, we had a quarrel or something. We had a quarrel just after we lived together for a week. She packed her things away and I coaxed her back the next day.

I found her to be a self-centered person, not very considerate, and not very concerned about others.

She doesn’t like to do housework, and most of my meals are made by me.

Sometimes I’m really tired and I see that the floor at home is very dirty, but if I don’t say it, she won’t sweep or drag.

Of course, these are trivial matters. I don’t care. I feel uncomfortable in my heart, but since I love her, I must tolerate her shortcomings.

  Three months later, I asked the client to find her a less hard job, and the life just passed on like this.

I also took her back to my hometown, and my family loved her.

I really care for her. I am a very careful person. She has a cold. I will buy her medicine. For her birthday, I will have a birthday party for her and order a cake.

But on my birthday, she asked me if I wanted to buy a gift.

But inwardly, I also very much hope to receive her gift, because this is a kind of heart, but she never bought it.

I was busy during that time, but as long as I was free, I would drive her to work, but no matter how busy I was, she didn’t care if I was tired.

My heart is not without loss, but I can still tolerate the divisions in these sections of life.

  How can I believe you one day in October 2007, she said that she would go shopping with an old colleague, and she would not come back at night, staying at the old colleague’s house, I said okay, you go.

Two days later, I happened to meet her old colleague. I said how well you went shopping that day. The old colleague was very strange. No, we didn’t go shopping.

I said that she didn’t live in your house at night?

My old colleague said no.

  I froze for a while, so I can’t say anything more.

Maybe her old colleague saw my face and knew something was wrong. I called her as soon as I left.

In the evening, I cooked at home and waited for her. When she came back, she said you already knew, and I won’t hide you. Actually, we are not two people, but three people.

I was taken aback. I didn’t know anything before she said it, but she thought I knew it, so she had to tell me frankly that she had a boyfriend with me before, andThey didn’t break after I was together, and there were occasional contacts, and she went to him that night.

I was stunned for a long time, totally unacceptable in my heart.

But I still say that if you can be completely separated from him, we can still be together.

She asked me how long it took for her to separate. I thought it was weird. Does the breakup need to be continuous?

But I still say half a month.

I didn’t sleep that night, and went out for a lap at five in the morning, except that she slept very well and knew nothing.

The next morning, I told her I couldn’t stand such a blow, let’s break up.

I thought I could forgive all her shortcomings, but now I find that I cannot forgive betrayal.

  She started packing and I went to the company.

At noon she slammed my phone and I didn’t listen.

In the afternoon, she ran to my company. I was outside at the time. She called me on the company phone. As soon as I heard the phone call, she cried.

She cried and said she didn’t want to break up, and explained that she only accompanied the man to climb the mountain that day, not living with him at night, but living with his sister.She wished I could give her another chance and vowed to never see him again.

My heart hurts, but I really like her too, so I said okay, and I will give you another chance.

  In this way we lived together again and again, with constant contradictions and constant quarrels, but as long as it was not a matter of principle, I tried to tolerate forgiveness.

This was until the end of last year. One day she called and said she would go to the disco with her friends and come back later.

I said you try to come back as early as possible, it’s too late for a girl to be safe.

Because I knew that some young people were crazy in that kind of ballroom, and even ecstasy, so I didn’t like her going to that kind of place, and she agreed at that time.

But at 10 o’clock in the evening, I called her. She said that she had just finished dinner and was about to go to the ballroom. I said it was too late. I had to go back to the ballroom several times before coming back. Do n’t go tonightGo back next time.

She said no, she was going.

I was very angry at that time, and said that if you go, do n’t come back, she said not to come back.

That night, she did not return. I did not sleep all night and was very angry. I did not care much about her when she returned the next day.

When she was at work on the third day, she called me and said that she would not return at night and did not want to return.

I thought about it very seriously, and then told her, if you don’t want to come back, let’s break up.

She said they broke up and broke up, then went home and took her things away.

  For almost a month, I couldn’t sleep every night, thanks to my friends who accompanied me.

Later on the Spring Festival, I returned home, and my parents’ understanding and accessibility gradually made me recover from the pain of love.

I know now that I am still in the entrepreneurial period of my career, I need to concentrate on my career. As for love, let it be.

But the next time I fall in love next time, I will not be based on the other person’s appearance, not on personality.

She must be a girl who cares about others, understands others, and is filial and considerate.

Of course, I hope to get married before the age of 30. Family is very important to me. I will take good care of my business.

  Not long ago, I was doing a show with Taiwanese female writer Wu Danru. She said that the translation of her recent new book is “Love, Either You Get It or You Learn It”. In fact, everyone will get it in love, but whether you get happinessPain, happiness or loss.

Whatever we get, the most important thing is that we must learn something in love.

You may not be able to learn wisdom or strategy, but at the very least, you must learn to know yourself and understand that what you need is a certain relationship.