Is a sports drink suitable for you? Many people like functional drinks after exercise, but are they suitable for each of us?   When the amount of exercise is low, it is best not to drink sports drinks. Multiple manufacturers of sports drinks start to promote their products every summer, andContinue Reading

Malangen stewed pork lungs Malangen stewed pig lungs[Materials]1 pig lung, 100g of malangen, ginger, sesame oil, small Xu.   [Practice]First remove the blood bubbles from the pig’s lungs, wash and cut into pieces; add 600 ml of water, boil over high heat, skim off the foam;Simmer over low heat until crispy,Continue Reading

Newborns are too alert to mental retardation A small life comes to life, every action and expression full of vitality will bring incomparable joy to parents. For some newborns, they have less activity, lack of facial expressions, and rarely cry, but they mistakenly think that their children are “good”. AsContinue Reading

How do men have a blood stagnation? Hemorrhagic disease is the appearance of red semen when ejaculation, accompanied by urinary urgency, frequent urination, urinary pain and other bladder irritation, or mild perineum, anal periorbital or lower abdominal pain. Patients should be encouraged to drink more water, urinate more, and shouldContinue Reading

Ten tips for drinking to reduce alcohol harm Everyone knows that alcohol is not a good thing, which seriously affects our health, but for some work, entertainment, and drinking is inevitable, but we can reduce the harm of alcohol to the body. Here are some tips for everyone, which canContinue Reading

Requirements for massage techniques The technique requires long-lasting, powerful, uniform, and soft-so as to achieve deep penetration, of which long-lasting, powerful, uniform, soft is the means, and deep penetration is the purpose.   Permanent: Require a method to operate correctly and continue for a certain period of time, in order toContinue Reading

Must-see: “Light pollution” Light is the master of the home atmosphere. If the lamps are used properly, not only can the fashion, warm and bright mood come along, but also make people’s lives healthier. But nowadays, the lamps of many families are too fancy, especially the popular crystal lamps. TheContinue Reading

Endure girlfriend and old lover broken Ask him what he intends to do, he said that the most important thing at present is career. Feelings matter. “Looking for a girlfriend next time will definitely not take appearance as the first element. He said, “I hope that my future partner canContinue Reading