Obesity cause Obesity is a chronic disease in the world today. The number of patients has doubled every year. At present, the total number of obese people has exceeded 70 million. Obese people have gradually felt that their impact on health has caused fear, disgust, and confusion as to “theContinue Reading

Prevent rebound after exercise to lose weight Fast weight loss has always been a good thing for fat brothers and fat sisters. Many weight-loss methods have their own effects, but the problem of “re-weighting after weight loss” has become the focus of everyone’s attention.   It is not easy to loseContinue Reading

Description obesity requires science Hypertension is a bio-psycho-social medical model of disease response, which is not only related to diet nutrition, lifestyle, metabolic disorders, genetic predisposition, psychological factors, but also traditional concepts, cultural qualities, economic conditions, etc.The impact of factors.   There are many formulas on how to define obesity. OnContinue Reading

Carbonated drinks will “rush” the nutrients in the body Studies have shown that about 60% of children who prefer carbonated beverages are affected by normal calcium due to calcium deficiency. Especially for cola-type beverages, because the phosphorus content is too high, excessive drinking will lead to imbalance of calcium andContinue Reading

Cervical pain more do head reverse action Cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, in the eyes of many people, has always been a disease that the elderly will have. However, in recent years, this aging disease has become more and more young, and even boys who have just entered junior high schoolContinue Reading