Lichun eats leek to effectively improve body immunity [Introduction]”Early in the early spring, late in the late autumn,” this “韭” is naturally amaranth. The quality of amaranth in the early spring season is the best, followed by the late autumn, the worst in summer, with the saying that “the springContinue Reading

Falling in the sky Time is called the sand between the fingers, inadvertently a grain leaks from the fingers, colorful, prosperous, but nothing but a dream. Look at the magical landscape all the way, see the flowers and leaves, wear the shade of the forest, joy sometimes, sadness sometimes.   InContinue Reading

My long fattening road Everyone shouts to lose weight, but I want to gain weight. My friend Xiao An screams, you are sick, and the envy of others is envious of the bones that you can’t come, but you have to destroy it with one hand. It is also difficultContinue Reading

Correct fattening method, adequate sleep Today, I will introduce you to the correct method of fattening, and friends who want to gain weight will come to understand it.   First, there must be enough sleep because the body cells and tissues can get the most repair and growth. The body isContinue Reading

Burning abdomen If you’ve been doing traditional sit-ups, and it’s almost too fast, let’s face it, it won’t do anything, because it strengthens the wrong abdominal muscles. Fortunately, an American For best results, these 4 sports are done in 3 groups each day, and each group lasts 15 minutes.   ScooterContinue Reading