How to choose a book for your child

How to choose a book for your child

Children’s books are different at different ages, but they all have very similar characteristics.

  For example: 0?
In 2 months, the brightly colored large digit maps are mainly of various small dolls. Babies will learn how to stick their tongues out and watch them laugh;
At 6 months, animals, fruits and other cards and baby books are especially suitable for babies to develop cognitive abilities, certain knowledge and identification; after sitting, she will play with the books to be thin and light, waterproof and tear-resistant and it is best toSoft leather corners are not sharp.

The common experience of many mothers, the advantages of the kind of book are: safety, the corners will not hurt children, especially the eyes; beautiful, when the little guy’s saliva or meals are spilled on it, just wipe it with a cloth to clean it;Because it is not torn, it can be used for a long time; it is convenient and versatile. Due to the small number of pages, the baby can use the right hand to go from one page to the next page, and then use the left hand to go from back to page.The flexibility of the hand, especially the difficult and delicate movements of the thumb and forefinger against each other, also unconsciously distinguished the positive and negative of the book.

  Sometimes, parents will find books that they think are good, but children do not like to read them at all.

In fact, children’s favorite books and adults have different perspectives. For them, books should look like this: bright colors, large and simple depictions, and contrasts between backgrounds and pictures.

  Complex patterns can easily make babies tired and distracting. Only bright pictures will make them happy and attract their interest.

This kind of book that looks small but contains prominent single pictures or the whole picture can help infants deepen their memory and learn quickly.

  It seems to be similar to the real thing without exaggeration.

  Unlike school-aged children, exaggerated or fictional lines are too abstract for infants and toddlers. They cannot understand the picture and do not like what you are saying.

Some of the animals drawn on books are sometimes difficult to distinguish from adults. Children seem to be indistinguishable. If the things on the card are very different from what they usually see, they will raise their hands and throw it away.

  If it is a story, the content must be related to the child’s life, it must be simple and clear.

  At least children can experience and experience in their own lives. Even the most complicated truth must be broken down in a language that the child understands.

At the same time, put down the book, you can find the same thing for him to feel, such closeness can enrich their experience, otherwise they will be at a loss.

  Focus on positive emotions and positive behaviors.

  Because infants and toddlers have a strong ability to imitate, if you want your child to develop good hygiene habits, then the unhealthy action of the younger sister and sister painting on the book to wipe the eyes with the book becomes a model for children to imitate.

  The best way is to use the correct behavior as an example.

  Coupled with happy and joyful expressions, the child’s own emotions will be infected with joy, which encourages good behavior and even self-confidence.

The picture must match the content, and it is recommended that it be described as descriptive and action-oriented.

Otherwise, you have told a lot of content, the child actually just sees a painting that has nothing to do with the content, and when you question it, they find the right place.

  In addition, it is also important to mention that book editors publish books. Parents should pay attention when selecting books for their children: many children’s books and even children’s pictorials now draw a small one, such as a small animal.The image of the class is placed at the eyebrow of the book. The designer of the book originally wanted to make the book more beautiful. It was impossible to think that the little guy had a good observation ability. He specifically sought to find the subtle changes that these adults could not easily notice.

Because the signs on the eyebrows are too small, the children keep looking down, making parents really worried about the distance and vision of the children.

  The last point is that the color of books is now bright, but the paper used has a lot of additional light film, high reflectivity, and it is also bad for children’s vision.

This also requires parents to pay special attention when purchasing books.

  The methods of reading books are our mentors and friends. As parents, we hope that children can develop the habit of reading at an early age.

However, reading is not like eating. Sleeping is an instinctive behavior acquired by human beings. It must be cultivated by the day after tomorrow.