Show you the charm of colorful yoga


Show you the charm of colorful yoga

There is also color in the world of yoga.

Let’s feel the charm of color yoga together!

  Seven-round yoga was founded by Wei Limin, a teacher of Hada Yoga Club, based on the three-pulse and seven-round system, following the Chinese system, combining traditional Indian medicine, color energy therapy, spar therapy, aromatherapy, and other characteristics of yoga.A brand new yoga fitness system.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each color represents a chakra. Each chakra has a separate lesson. With special conditioning, it helps to improve sub-health, reshape the body, and change the mood.

  The organs involved in the red root wheel: the spine, kidneys, legs, feet, rectal root wheel are located in our lower body, the root may cause lower pain, sciatica, varicose veins, colon cancer, adrenal gland, poor circulation of the lower limbs.

Through triangle, warrior, chair and other yoga movements, combined with the practice of alternating breathing methods can effectively relax the muscles, eliminate edema, and make the legs and feet bare and slim, and have a very good conditioning for smooth excretion.

  Suitable for the crowd: often supplement the workers to stand with the diet: before and after the exercise, you can eat some red vegetables containing guava red and capsaicin. Among them, red tomatoes and watermelons can effectively enhance the vitality of cells in the human defense system and greatly improve immunity.force.
  The organs involved in the orange abdomen: the kidney, the urinary system, the cecum, the colon, the reproductive organs, the pelvis, and the tailbone. The abdomen is generally the area of our stomach. Women should pay special attention to the warmth of this part. Abdominal blockage can cause lower body pain., Sciatica, gynecological and prostate urinary disorders.

The yoga movements such as beam angle type, back-end contraction type, sword-type archer type and kettle-type breathing method can promote blood flow in the waist, strengthen the stomach, and tighten the lower abdomen.

  For the crowd: Women who sit in front of a computer for a long time or have gynecological problems.

  With diet: Before and after the exercise, you can eat some orange fruits and vegetables with high carotene content, such as carrots, oranges and other orange fruits and vegetables that can effectively fight cancer.

  Yellow umbilical wheel The organs involved in the umbilical wheel: liver, gallbladder, central spine, spleen, pancreas, adrenal gland, small intestine, implanted upper part, nervous system, etc. The umbilical wheel is the middle part of the body, how to balance the key functions of the entire body, how”Power” inside the body is inextricably linked to external power. If the umbilical cord is blocked, it can cause stomach ulcers, bowel tumors, diabetes, pancreatitis, indigestion, hepatitis, cirrhosis, arthritis and other diseases.

Through the yoga movements of the tiger, camel, fish, and king, and the Holy Light breathing method, it can adjust gastrointestinal function, improve stomach pain and indigestion.

  With the diet: yellow fruits and vegetables with high vitamin content before and after exercise can help strengthen bones and strong muscles, some yellow tomatoes, corn and so on.

  The organs involved in the green heart chakra: the heart, lungs, ribs, breasts, esophagus, shoulders, arms, and hand chakra are the parts closest to the heart. If the chakra can directly cause heart disease, lung cancer, breast cancer, pneumonia and other problems.
By twisting, mariki, adding twisted ridges and other yoga movements combined with complete breathing can improve the heartbeat problem, make your breathing smoother, no longer feel chest tightness.

  Matching diet: Vegetables with high chlorophyll content such as cucumber and celery can achieve certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and it is easy to eat before and after heart chakra exercise.

  The organs involved in the cyan laryngeal wheel: throat, thyroid, cervical vertebra, mouth, teeth, esophagus, trachea, bronchus, etc. The key to our vocalization is to prevent throat pain, thyroid dysfunction, and laryngitis and bronchitis., Cervical stiffness, gums and tooth problems.

Yoga exercises such as baby-style, lion-style rehabilitation and relaxation, and lion breathing can delay the aging of the skin on the face and chin, and improve the condition of the thyroid.

  Food Matching: You can eat foods with high chlorophyll and anthocyanin content, such as cabbage, kelp, and green grapes, with this round of exercises.

  The organs involved in the blue frontal chakra: the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, cerebellum, eyes, ears, nose and other frontal chakras are often called “spiritual centers” in yoga theory. Its blockage will directly cause brain tumors and strokes.Blindness, epilepsy, spinal cord disorders, and even death.

The yoga movements such as tree, balance beam, one-handed support, and god-holding styles, combined with buzzing breathing, can help restore and maintain body balance.

  With the diet: Blueberries such blue foods contain higher anthocyanins to protect the body and damage from free radicals.

  Organs involved in the purple top wheel: The top head is the highest part of the human body closest to nature. Insertion on the top will cause diseases of the muscular system, bone and skin problems, which will cause depression, chronic fatigue, light, sound, and the environment.sensitive.

Through the connection of yoga movements such as rabbit style, plow style, scorpion style and cool breathing method, it can effectively improve the common sense of fatigue in sub-health state, regulate irritability and relax the spirit.

  Match with diet: You can eat more purple food before and after this round of exercises, such as purple sweet potatoes and raisins, which can enhance the adhesion between the cells of the body and prevent blood vessels from embrittlement and bleeding.