[Can pearl milk tea be consumed during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pearl milk tea be consumed during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Impact

Nowadays, many people like to drink pearl milk tea very much.

In particular, some women are very passionate about pearl milk tea.

But everyone also knows that the conversion of pearl milk tea is relatively high, which is not suitable for some over-populations.

So, for women, can I drink pearl milk tea during pregnancy?

Nutrition experts tell you that for pregnant women, it is not recommended to drink pearl milk tea.

The reasons are as follows: Milk tea contains tea residues, and tea is contraindicated for pregnant women. Generally, the concentration of caffeine in strong tea is as high as 10%, which will increase the urine output of pregnant women, increase the number of heartbeats, and increase the load on pregnant women’s heart and kidneys.It is more likely to cause pregnancy poisoning, so it is best to drink less tea.

Another part of milk tea: sugar. During pregnancy, the sugar intake of pregnant women also needs to be controlled. It is easy to make people fat. Eating too much may lead to high blood sugar and high blood sugar in pregnancy, which is not good for the fetus.

Moreover, the pearl milk tea (street stalls, supermarket milk tea drinks) in the general market are mostly made with creamer, color, flavor and tapioca flour (referring to pearls in milk tea) and tap water.

The main ingredient of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a trans fatty acid.

Experts point out that the content of trans fat in a 500 ml cup of pearl milk tea per day has exceeded the normal human body’s tolerance limit, thus making people susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

For pregnant or lactating women, excessive intake of foods containing trans fatty acids can affect fetal health.

Studies have found that fetuses or infants can passively replace trans fatty acids through the placenta or milk. They are more likely to develop essential obesity deficiency than adults, affecting growth and development.

In addition, it will reduce our memory.

Studies have shown that the proportion of people with poor eating habits in their young and old age suffers from Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease) in old age.

Trans fatty acids are resistant to a type of plasma that can promote human memory.

Easy to gain weight.

Trans fatty acids are not easily digested by the body, and are easily accumulated in the body, leading to obesity.

Those who like snacks such as French fries should be vigilant, as trans fatty acids in fried foods can cause a noticeable slight buildup.

[Can I eat crayfish in 4 months of pregnancy]_ Early pregnancy _ Can you eat it?

[Can I eat crayfish in 4 months of pregnancy]_ Early pregnancy _ Can you eat it?

Women have passed the first trimester when their fetal position is not stable when they are 4 months pregnant. In this period, women may be a little lazy. In fact, during the second trimester, the diet should be as careful as the first trimester.I love crayfish. Although it is delicious, it should be carefully eaten by pregnant women.

Can women eat crawfish at 4 months of pregnancy?


In the second trimester, if you have no allergies, you can eat some crayfish. Don’t worry. Proper eating of shrimp skin is mainly calcium supplement, so when you are four months pregnant, you must be two people, especiallyWhen you first eat, you can eat a little if you are not allergic, but do not eat vitamins when eating shrimp, and do not eat foods high in vitamins such as grapefruit.


Although there may be many nutrients in crayfish, such as amino acids, potassium, sodium and so on.

However, many people do n’t know that crawfish are carrion. They are grown in a dirty environment and eat some carrion. The carcasses of certain animals, so crawfish contain more bacteria and germs. If they are not processed thoroughly,, Then it may be harmful to the fetus and the pregnant woman itself.

In addition, when the water body contains metal pollution or the carrion it eats already contains heavy metals, the crayfish may also carry heavy metals.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should not eat crayfish.


Pregnant mothers must ensure that the crayfish is fully cooked, because if the cooking is not in place, it is likely that the parasites in the crayfish may survive, so in order to avoid the parasites affecting the health of the fetus, you must eatA cooked crayfish.

Huafa shares (600325) quarterly report comments: performance volume and price rise to maintain rapid growth

Huafa shares (600325) quarterly report comments: performance volume and price rise to maintain rapid growth

Core Views The company released a quarterly report and achieved revenue 67 in Q1 2019.

100 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 318%; net profit attributable to mothers5.

6 ‰, an average of 5% for ten years.

Taking into account the high base generated by investment income in the first quarter of 2018, the company’s performance in the first quarter of 2019 was only a slight shift, exceeding our expectations; supported by ample value, the company’s sales growth led the mainstream housing companies.

Considering that the Q1 performance of real estate companies is generally not very informative, we maintain the EPS for 2019-2021.

46, 1.

89, 2.

Earnings forecast of RMB 35, maintain “Buy” rating.

The carry-over scale and quality rose steadily, and the performance remained stable under a high base. The company’s first quarter settlement and consolidated project volume and price also rose. Wuhan, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Zhongshan project settlements (over 90%) promoted revenue growth of 318%., Gross profit margin increased by four years.

2 up to 31.

At the same time, due to the higher profit level of the project and the scale of land, taxes and surcharges accounted for 2% of revenue.

7 up to 9.


During the period, the company’s cost management and control efficiency improved, and the sales management expense ratio of the flow caliber decreased year by year.

2 up to 2.


The high base in the first quarter of 2018 due to the recognition of investment income by the equity method, and the steady performance in the first quarter of 2019 reflected the flexibility of the company’s performance release.

As of the first quarter of 2019, the company’s advance receipts amounted to 42 billion yuan, a further increase of 8% over the end of 2018. Compared with the 2018 development business revenue coverage coverage rate of 185%, it can carry abundant resources.

Sales growth led the mainstream housing companies, and further strengthened the first- and second-tier cities in 2019Q1. The company achieved a sales area of 75.

40,000 square meters, an increase of 58% in ten years; sales of 183.

10%, an annual growth rate of 83%, leading the mainstream housing enterprises.

We estimate that the company’s saleable value will exceed 140 billion in 2019, with too many pushes, and the push area will become more balanced. The 北京夜生活网 sales amount is expected to exceed 80 billion, and we will work towards 100 billion biology, with a corresponding growth rate of more than 40%.

In 2019Q1, the company won the Wuhan Jiang’an District site, and through the cooperation of housing and enterprises, it added new projects in Shenzhen’s Guangming District and Nanjing’s Jiangning District to supplement the land storage area of about 540,000 square meters, further strengthening the first- and second-tier cities.

We expect the company’s land acquisition to grow steadily in 2019, and the amount of land acquisition will be more than 350 trillion points, which is the gradual basis for subsequent growth.

Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau have abundant land reserves, and the Group’s endorsement highlights the advantages of financing. As of the end of 2018, the company 武汉夜生活网 has deployed nearly 30 cities, with a total land storage capacity of 14.74 million square meters. The first-tier, second-tier, and third-tier cities account for 6%, 42%, and 52%, of whichZhuhai (third-tier cities) accounts for 20%.

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim, Midwest and other cities accounted for 32%, 14%, 21% and 33% respectively.

With the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Australian dollars, Zhuhai Hengqin International Tourism Island and other regional advantages gradually break through, asset values continue to be released.

Due to the accelerated development rate since 2017, the company’s net debt ratio is relatively high. The increase in interest-bearing debt in 2019Q1 resulted in an increase in net debt ratio by 8 to 257% over the end of 2018.

Participated in the endorsement of Huafa Group, the controlling shareholder of the state-owned enterprise, and the company maintained its financing advantage. The average financing cost in 2018.

87%, 1.5 billion corporate bonds will be issued in the first quarter of 2019, and the interest rates will not exceed 5%.

Maintain high-speed growth and maintain a “buy” rating. The company has proven its growth ability in the last round of growth. Since 2017, the company has increased its land acquisition speed, the national layout has become more balanced, and the policy environment has improved.Boosting its new opportunities in 2019.

The deep resources of the company and major shareholders in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will also benefit from the boost of regional dividends.

We maintain EPS for 2019-2021.

46, 1.

89, 2.

35 yuan profit forecast.

With reference to 9 times PE estimates of comparable companies in 2019, considering that the company’s net debt ratio is high, we believe that the company’s reasonable PE estimate for 2019 is 7.

8-8.2 times, target price 11.


97 yuan (previous value was 13.


60), maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: risks in the capital chain; regional market risks caused by the expansion and concentration of the layout; potential risks in the sales of the real estate industry, and the company’s sales may be dragged by the industry.

Tongkun shares (601233) quarterly report comments: performance in line with expectations PTA-polyester replaces earnings to continue to improve

Tongkun shares (601233) quarterly report comments: performance in line with expectations PTA-polyester replaces earnings to continue to improve

Core point of view: Filament sales increase by 49 per year.

67%, operating income increased 49.


The company released the first quarter report. In Q1 of 19, the company realized revenue of 116.

78 ppm, an increase of 49 in ten years.

10%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 5.

21 ppm, a ten-year increase4.


The rapid growth in revenue growth was mainly due to the company’s sales 南京桑拿网 growth. According to the company’s sales data, the company’s 19Q1 polyester POY sales were 93 instead of +44.

91%, +20.

03%), polyester FDY sales 26 revenue (previously +87.

61%, +4 from the previous quarter.

70%), polyester DTY sells 18 prefixes (twice +32.

69%, +0.

11%), the total sales of the three filament products 137 per year (+49.


The production and sales rate of 19Q1 filament exceeded the same period last year, and the company’s destocking effect was obvious.

PTA-polyester supply and demand improved, and raw material price cuts strengthened the profitability of the downstream industry chain.

According to China Fiber Network Information, 2018-19 is a period of slowing production capacity of the PTA industry. With the steady growth of demand, the industry’s supply and demand layout has further improved.

2019 is the peak period for the country’武汉夜生活网s PX to be put into production. We expect costs to fall. Given the tight supply and demand situation, the profitability of the PTA industry is trying to continue to improve.

Based on the price data released by Treasure Island, today (20190425) the PTA-PX spread has widened to 1232 yuan / ton, and the average spread in Q2 19 has reached 1035 so far.

6 yuan / ton, an average price difference of 783 compared with Q1.

7 yuan / ton, an increase of 251.

9 yuan / ton.

Zhejiang Petrochemical expected to contribute 20% of its equity, and the integration layout continued to improve.

According to the company’s 18-year annual report, the company has a 20% stake in ZPEC, which is expected to reach production this year. At that time, the company will realize the cross-cutting of the entire industrial chain of crude oil-PXPTA-polyester filament, and its profitability will be improved compared with the current one.

At the same time, the production of refining and chemical projects will bring investment income to the company.

It is expected that the results for 19-21 will be 1.

44 yuan / share, 1.

89 yuan / share, 2.

11 yuan / share.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019-21.


89 and 2.

11 yuan / share, corresponding to the current price PE is estimated to be 11.

0, 8.

6 times.
If the company’s 19 years of convertible bonds are considered, the company’s pro forma EPS for the years 19-21 will be 1.

24, 1.

63, 1.

82 yuan / share, corresponding to the current price of PE 12.


8, 8.

7 times.

Reference comparable companies’ consensus consensus for 19 years averages 13.

3x PE estimate. Considering the company’s polyester filament industry leader and matching upstream and downstream production capacity matching, we give 2019 performance a 13x PE estimate, which is equivalent to a reasonable value of 18.

72 yuan / share, maintain the company’s “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: A sharp drop in international oil prices will cause the company to lose inventory; reduced filament demand will affect the company’s performance; Zhejiang Petrochemical’s low production schedule is expected to affect the company’s performance.

Summer infant life care

Summer infant life care

Summer health with clothes How to adjust your baby’s clothing on a hot summer day is a big test for parents. Wearing too much clothes, sweating, and wearing less, the baby keeps sneezing, especially in the air-conditioned room.Frequent sneezing made parents overwhelmed.

    Because the sweat glands are not yet mature and the perspiration function is not good, it is easy to grow mules if you are not careful.

Blowing air-conditioners can suppress mules. For babies with atopic dermatitis, an air-conditioner is a must-have at home, because blowing air-conditioners can alleviate the itch of atopic dermatitis.

In the summer, how to make good use of air conditioners is another new thesis for modern parents.

    When there is no air-conditioning in the room, you can help the baby to wear a thin cotton shirt. If the baby is sweating, immediately help the baby to dry the sweat and put on dry clothes. Do not let the baby sweat first-class because he is hot.Just turn on the fan or air conditioner, so your baby will catch cold easily.

    The sun is strong in summer. When taking your baby out, pay attention to your baby’s sun protection measures.

    When going out for mountain climbing or military outdoor activities, your baby often sweats and gets wet all over. You can place a towel in the clothes behind your baby in advance. When the towel gets wet, pull it out and change a dry towel. BabyYour clothes wo n’t get wet with sweat, nor will they blow wind and catch cold.

      The humidity in the air-conditioned room is the lowest, and the skin is easy to dry, so pay attention to adjust the humidity in the air-conditioned room to 40 to 60 degrees. If you want to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, it is best to put a basin of water in the house to avoid drying.

There is also indoor, the temperature difference between the upper floors should not be too large, and the room temperature should preferably be maintained at 24 to 28 degrees.

    When the air-conditioning room is maintained at a proper temperature, the baby does not need to add special clothes, as long as he adds a thin quilt or towel during sleep.

      Sun protection measures Facing the sun, you must not ignore the sun protection measures when taking your baby out.

  10 am to 4 pm is the time when the sun is the strongest. Try not to take your baby out at this time. If you must go out, try to shorten the time as much as possible.

In addition, avoid leaving your baby in an uncovered place for a long time.

    When going out, it is best to help your baby wear long-sleeved thin cotton clothes to avoid direct skin exposure, and wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect the sun. The skin exposed outside the clothes is best rubbed with sunscreen lotion.

    When choosing a sunscreen lotion for your baby, you should choose to exclude fragrances with a sun protection factor below 15.

When rubbing sunscreen lotion for your baby, be careful not to rub it around your eyes, so as not to irritate your eyes and cause discomfort when rubbing your eyes.

Sunscreen lotion is best to take with you when you go out. Remember to reapply sunscreen lotion after playing in water or every one or two hours.

      In the home environment, mosquitoes come out in summer, and the baby’s delicate skin is the favorite of mosquitoes.

Therefore, pay more attention to cleaning on weekdays to maintain a clean home environment.

To prevent mosquitoes, there should be no stagnant water in the home. Like vases, it is easy to have sewage, and it is easy to provoke mosquitoes to lay eggs, so they should be cleaned frequently.

  Summer is over. It is necessary to overhaul the screens at home, whether the screen doors are damaged, and to prevent mosquitoes from entering and leaving. It is best to add mosquito nets or use mosquito traps, pyrethrums, and insecticides when the baby is sleeping.

When spraying insecticide to remove mosquito, because the insecticide is harmful to the human body, be careful not to be present.

  No matter how careful the parents are, the baby may still be bitten by mosquitoes. At this time, you can help the baby to apply the ointment instructed by the dermatologist to relieve itching.

  In the hot summer, although gastroenteritis, dehydration, sunburn, mosquito bites, and other health problems are prone to occur, as long as you take precautions in advance, you can still have a peaceful and happy summer vacation.

 White collar new decompression style popular network

 White collar new decompression style popular network

White-collar workers revealed their secrets and secrets. Ms. Dong, who works at Xujiahui, recently became hooked on “secret” websites.

In the short term, she often goes to the website to check for new posts or comments.

“I have been a very introverted person since I was a child.

After working, I was even more worried about telling others some secrets, but it attracted strange eyes.

In fact, there are many things I still want to find someone to talk about.

“Ms. Dong told reporters that after discovering” secrets “, she became hooked on this website. At first, she just went online to check on others’ secrets, and when there was a resonance, she left a message.

  Until one day, Miss Dong finally posted on the Internet a story about her bullying classmates in her childhood.

“I’m a good friend with her, so I haven’t dared to tell anyone about this, but I always feel sorry for seeing her.

So I also tried to write this on the Internet, hoping that she could see it one day and forgive me for my ignorance at that time.

“After the post was posted, Ms. Dong would go online every day to see what netizens think of her childhood behavior.

Ms. Dong is pleased that her childhood ignorance has been forgiven by most netizens.

“I don’t feel as guilty as before when I see my friend. I’m considering apologizing to my friend and I believe I can get her understanding.

“More than 80% of secret and sex-related reporters found on the” secret “website that there are currently 3,022 secrets on the Internet.

The secrets cover a very wide range, some are the secrets between husband and wife, some are the shadows of childhood, and others are the physical defects that do not want to be humane.

According to statistics from netizens, more than 80% of secrets are related to sex. After speaking, they may affect family harmony, husband and wife feelings, or friend friendship. Therefore, secrets are published anonymously.

  The site’s administrator stated that the “secret” site is also a platform for netizens to publish any secret at will.

Before each secret is released, the management will review the secret until the real name does not appear in the secret and cannot contain contact information such as web address, email address, phone number, address, etc.

The website side will not disclose the IP address of the publisher, in short, to ensure that everyone’s privacy is safe.

  Everyone claimed that netizens: Do not rule out deceiving click-through rate. For the emergence of secret websites, netizens also hold an unwilling attitude.

Netizen Awen told reporters: “For many people, everyone will be curious, which is why I often log on to the website.

But this does not mean that I will believe that all the secrets in the website are real. There cannot be so many sensational secrets in life, and the possibility of some people deceiving clickthrough rates cannot be ruled out.

“After all, the appearance of this website has given netizens an extra place to talk about their secrets. Perhaps some people can rely on this method to reduce stress.

Other viewers can browse the secrets of others and talk about it.

Looking at it in your spare time is also a way to reduce stress.

“Netizens unify that the emergence of” secret “websites provides a place for stress relief.

  Expert: I do n’t know how the decompression effect is. Sociologist of Shanghai University Qiu Liping believes that as a way of venting, telling the secrets in your heart can really relieve the stress, but it is only online, not to find a special directorThis method can be decompressed, and it is difficult to conclude.

  Nowadays, there are various ways of decompressing through the network, and it is unknown how effective it is.

Discharging is not necessarily an insult to the exit, and many people are exposed. In this way, the quality of itself is unknowingly reduced.

Netizens can achieve pressure reduction through personality and consultation.

  Lawyer: If the human rights infringement website is responsible, Lawyer Wu Dong of Huiye Law Firm told reporters that publishing his secrets online is understandable, but it must be guaranteed not to infringe on the exclusive rights of others.

Every secret content is reviewed, and the website’s approach is appropriate.

But even so, there is still no guarantee that some netizens can contact the relevant plot in the secret to check in with a specific person.

Therefore, in addition to reviewing names, addresses, and other information, the site also needs to properly disrupt the plot in the secret.

  In short, if the content on the website is infringed by others, the website administrator needs to bear relevant legal responsibilities.

How to choose a good fitness club

How to choose a good fitness club

I do n’t need to write more about the benefits of fitness?

Relieve stress, delay aging, shape the body, increase self-confidence and attractiveness, etc. How can you choose a good fitness club?

Hey, here are some tips for you.

  You can find a lot of relevant information in places such as Baidu, but in addition to what they say: price factors, location and other suggestions, there are some very important factors that are not known to outsiders.


Time to visit the health club: It is best during peak hours of the club’s business, such as 7 to 8 pm.

Most fitness clubs are crowded at this time. Visiting the club at this time can check whether the fitness atmosphere of the club is good or not. At the same time, you can know whether the club’s equipment is sufficient, and whether the failure rate of the treadmill and other equipment is high.Need to wait long.


Stand firm: Don’t be tempted by discounts or price cuts until you know enough about the club.

If the club you choose isn’t for you, then even if it’s cheap, it’s not good for your fitness.


Air quality: In fact, the hardware environment of the club is not particularly important. What really matters is air quality.

During exercise, the energy consumption in the body will increase significantly, so the required oxygen and carbon dioxide produced will increase accordingly.

Breathing frequency and breathing depth increase, and lung ventilation increases.

If the club’s ventilation is not good, it may inhale a large amount of exhaust gas and ground dust during exercise, and even harmful substances emitted by electromechanical equipment such as treadmills.

(Hey, to avoid inhaling particulate matter during exercise, don’t open your mouth to breathe like a fish while exercising.


Temperature situation: If you are going to consult fitness in spring, autumn and winter, then you must consider the temperature situation of the club in summer, and you should check with the old members whether the club is hot in summer.

When the external ambient temperature is around 34, people will feel hot and exercise in the hot environment. The human body always has to withstand this kind of change in the movement, and also accept external changes.

When the body temperature rises to a certain degree, organs in various systems throughout the body will generate a heat stress response, which will cause discomfort.

If you continue to exercise in a hot environment, and the club air conditioner is not effective, or the air conditioner is not turned on at all, then once the personal thermal stress ability is exceeded, the body will not be able to evaporate through perspiration, reduce circulating blood volume, and circulate.Dysfunction and other conditions cause excessive displacement to accumulate in the body, leading to the emergence of thermal diseases.

For example: fever, hypertension, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, etc.

Therefore, if the club cannot effectively adjust the ambient temperature, it may cause you to not go to the club to exercise at all in summer, which will increase the average monthly fitness cost.


Shower situation: Needless to say, you may not know that many clubs do not have enough hot water in winter.

The best way is to ask the old members who are already working out. Generally, they will tell you the actual situation of the club.

  6, physical test: mainly focused on cardiopulmonary function, coordination, balance and other aspects.

The physical test is a comprehensive assessment of a person’s physical condition. The fitness coach will make targeted exercise prescriptions according to your physical condition, and prescribe the right medicine to effectively improve the physical condition.

If the club’s physical test is not professional, it will not truly reflect the physical condition, which will affect the effect of exercise and do more with less.

Several important indicators in the physical test are: blood pressure and static heart rate, step index, body fat ratio, vital capacity and so on.

  Fitness exercises can cause changes in the body’s physiological load and cause abnormal performance levels. Fitness should be performed under the guidance of doctors and coaches.

University graduates seeking employment: the four psychological effects can not be ignored

University graduates seeking employment: the four “psychological effects” can not be ignored

They are all college graduates who apply to the job market. Why do some people succeed, but others fail?
Here’s the “first impression” question.
  According to psychologists, the primary cause effect, proximate effect, catfish effect, halo effect, etc., are the laws of psychological phenomena. Only the staff are required to make good use of it, and they will surely shine in the first time.Those who stand out have the opportunity to gain employment.
Job seekers may wish to give it a try.
  First cause effect: Dressing up in a frightful dress Case: Xiao Yang is a graduate of a prestigious engineering school with excellent professionalism and excellent grades. He stands out among the thick application materials and is included in the pre-selection list.
But when she was interviewing, she was too trendy: bright short tops, worn low-rise pants, and exaggeratedly wearing large tropical earrings. As soon as she entered the door, the examiners composed of senior engineers were stunned.This question ended the interview, and of course she was eliminated.
  Comment: The “primary effect” is also called the “first impression” effect.
Psychological research has found that a first meeting with a person produces a first impression within 45 seconds.
First impressions can form and dominate in the other person’s mind.
The role of the causal effect in an interview cannot be underestimated.
Although the examiner’s “impression” criteria are different, in general, some criteria are consistent. This is: a solid, cheerful, full-spirited, confident, honest, alert and capable person will leave a good first.impression.
The science and engineering majors required “stableness and resistance to loneliness”, but Xiao Yang’s dress left a first impression of “flashy and likable” for the recruiting examiner. It was natural for her to get out.
  近因效应:相貌平平却自信  案例:毕业生小林是个相貌平平的小男孩,到一个单位参加面试,进考场后,考官只轻描淡写地问了他是哪个学校毕业的,是哪个地方的人等几After a question, the interview was over.
When he was about to leave the examination room, the examiner called him again and said, “You have answered the questions we asked, and the judges don’t think it is good. What do you think about this?
Kobayashi replied immediately: “You didn’t ask questions that reflected my level, so you didn’t really understand me!
The examiner nodded and said, “Okay, the interview is over. You can go out and wait for the notice.”
“As a result, the offer letter arrived on schedule.
  Comments: The most recent and final impression is often the strongest, and it can dilute the various factors that have occurred before this time. This is the “proximate effect”.
In fact, the examiner said for the first time that the interview was over, it was just a setting, and it was the final test for the graduates. He wanted to use this to check the psychological quality and on-the-spot ability of the candidates.
If this question is answered very well, it can make up for the “prime effect” deficiency; if it is not answered well, the candidate may fail due to this final critical test question.
  鲇鱼效应:组织应聘显活力  案例:小陈是班长,他希望班上同学都能尽快地有个好工作,所以每次参加应聘活动,他都会成为热情的组织者,在应聘场上,帮助The classmates gave suggestions, and let the male students open the way for the female students in front of the crowded recruitment desk of the popular unit, and submit their resumes together.
Before his resume was submitted, several units took the initiative to ask him about his situation. One unit found that he matched the needs of his own unit and immediately asked him if he had any intention to apply to their unit.
  Comment: Xiao Chen accidentally showed the “catfish effect”.
The catfish effect stems from an allusion.
Norwegians love to eat sardines, but only the fish caught by an old fisherman is alive.
The secret is that he added a small amount of catfish to the sardines that he caught, so that the sardines that he caught were always excited and lively, so he could sell for a high price.
The “catfish effect” in talent science refers to people who are different and who can bring vitality to groups and enterprises.
Such people are the most popular.
When recruiting, especially when there are many graduates in the talent market, recruiters will pay great attention to observe the performance of each person. Among the candidates, who is most energetic, who is most creative, and who is most favored.
In group interviews, we must also pay attention to the “catfish effect”.
If it is your turn to express your opinion, you should strive to be clear, clear, and have strong arguments to stand out.
  The halo effect: “Puzzle in class” reading a pictorial case: Xiao Liu is a junior college student and applied to a foreign trade unit with a group of undergraduates and graduate students. He knows that if he simply submits a resume like that, there is definitely no hope.
He thought about it. When the recruiter had lunch, he took a pictorial in English and read it in front of the recruitment desk.
When the recruiter was attracted by the color pictorial, he told them interesting stories in pictorial in fluent English. Of course, the end result was that the recruiter accepted his resume with only a “specialty” degree, and he succeededWas recruited into this unit.
  Comment: The halo was originally a hazy phenomenon when the moon was shrouded in halo.
The “halo effect” is a universal psychological phenomenon, that is, when evaluating a person, he often hides other qualities, even weaknesses, because of his strong and clear perception of one of his qualities.
If graduates can skillfully use this halo effect to fully display their advantages in job application, they will definitely leave a deep impression on the recruiting examiner, win the appreciation of the other party, and succeed in the application, just likeXiao Liu, a college student.
Of course, when using this effect, we must pay attention that we cannot deliberately create a “halo” effect, that kind of false behavior can only have the opposite effect.