Seven vegetables of late autumn Guide: gradually entering late autumn, the weather is getting colder, and the temperature difference between morning and evening begins to increase. At this time, the human body is prone to colds and sneezing. You need to eat more vegetables to improve the body’s immunity. ItContinue Reading

How do men have a blood stagnation? Hemorrhagic disease is the appearance of red semen when ejaculation, accompanied by urinary urgency, frequent urination, urinary pain and other bladder irritation, or mild perineum, anal periorbital or lower abdominal pain. Patients should be encouraged to drink more water, urinate more, and shouldContinue Reading

Must-see: “Light pollution” Light is the master of the home atmosphere. If the lamps are used properly, not only can the fashion, warm and bright mood come along, but also make people’s lives healthier. But nowadays, the lamps of many families are too fancy, especially the popular crystal lamps. TheContinue Reading

Varicose varicose diet guidelines The problem of varicose veins is nothing more than three cores: venous wall problems, venous valve problems, and venous blood problems. Another thing to say is that the venous wall exceeds the elasticity, so that the venous valve reduces elasticity and makes the venous blood flowContinue Reading

What to eat in late autumn In the late autumn, when winter is about to fall, the temperature has dropped further, and women with excessive cold have begun to step on the “attacks” of cold hands and feet. What can women who are afraid of cold eat to protect themselvesContinue Reading

Correctly view contradictions An obstacle is a new and known condition. Any will, any obstacle, will become an opportunity to surpass yourself.   One day, the lion, known as the king of the forest, came to the gods: “I am very grateful to you for giving me such a majestic physique,Continue Reading

Helium qigong accumulation super energy Women who love beauty always pay attention to the meat on their own body. When they are a little more, they are troubled. If they are less, they are very excited. Therefore, careful selection of the correct method of weight loss is the primary focusContinue Reading