[Can pregnant women eat cephalobacteria?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat cephalobacteria?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

In Yunnan and Guizhou, there are many people who eat penicillium. The appearance of this kind of bacteria is cyan, so it is named. There are several types of people who are particularly suitable for eating penicillium, firstly, patients with depression, secondlyAlzheimer’s patients are people who are easily irritable. Eating penicillium has a good adjuvant treatment. Can women during pregnancy eat penicillium?

Can pregnant women eat cephalobacteria?
Pregnant women can eat cephalobacteria.

Penicillium, an edible flour.

Also known as green mushroom, green mushroom, green bean fungus, green pod, green fungus, green mushroom and so on.

The cap is grass-colored, the middle is sunken, the epidermis will be cracked, and the flesh is white.

1. Penicillium contains protein, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid and other nutrients.

These rich trace elements can supplement the nutritional needs. Among them, the calcium content is very large, which can prevent vitamin deficiency. The large amount of iron in P. cephalosporins can prevent anemia. In addition, P. cephalosporins also have rich amino acids, which can promote fetal babies.Growth and development.

2. Penicillium is rich in substances that can relieve depression. If expectant mothers are worried and down, they can eat Penicillium to adjust their mentality.

In addition, P. cephalosporins can reduce liver fire and target a lot of mothers.

The practice of eating cephalobacteria in pregnant women has a good taste, and there are many ways to cook, stew, steam, simmer, stir-fry, braise, and mix turtles, silky chickens, and native chickens to make soup.More abundant, pregnant women can eat properly.

Boiled Penicillium materials: 300 grams of Penicillium spp., Appropriate amount of oil, appropriate amount of salt, 20 grams of chives, and 20 grams of garlic

2. Pinch the washed cephalobacteria into small pieces.

3. Add the scalloped mushrooms to the cooking pot, add an appropriate amount of water and set the soup on fire.

4. Peel and smash garlic while cooking the soup, wash the leek and cut into 1 cm long pieces for later use.

5. After the soup is boiled, add a spoonful of oil.

6. Add the beaten garlic and cook for another 5 minutes.

7. After the penicillium is cooked, add an appropriate amount of salt to season.

8. Add the leek section to turn off the heat.

Tips: 1. When removing the wild fungus, remove the sediment on the stalk, rinse it with water for a while, and put it in the brine for two minutes.

Stir the mover gently, and the sediment in the cap will slowly sink into the water.

2. More stubborn mud can be gently washed with a small toothbrush in saline water.

Because the proportion of salt water is so large, the mud and sand brushed down naturally sink into the water.

3, the taste of wild mushrooms is sweet and delicious, no need to put chicken essence, MSG and other fresh products in the soup.

Ingredients for stir-fried green pepper: 200 grams of green head mushrooms, 200 grams of milk fungus, appropriate amount of vegetable oil, appropriate amount of green pepper, appropriate amount of dried pepper, trace of pepper, appropriate amount of shredded ginger.
2, green pepper, garlic slices, garlic cloves, ginger.

3. Penicillium and lactobacillus are cleaned, and the petals are small.

4. The cephalocephalus and lactobacillus preparations are clean, and the petals become small pieces.

5. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok.

6. Release the bacteria.

7. When you’re about to cook, put green peppers, garlic slices, garlic cloves, peppercorns, and salt.

8. Fry for three minutes.

Tips: The green pepper must be put last, or it will be yellow.

Fried yellow doesn’t look good or taste good.

Xingyu shares (601799): better than expected gross profit margin continues to improve year by year

Xingyu shares (601799): better than expected gross profit margin continues to improve year by year

The core point of view is better than market expectations.

The company achieved operating income in the first quarter of 201914.

24 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

2%, the growth rate increased by 13 from the fourth quarter of 2018.

1 percentage point, a significant increase; net profit attributable to mothers1.

700,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

2%; deduct non-attributed net profit 1.

54 ppm, an increase of 32 in ten years.

8%, EPS is 0.

62 yuan, net profit growth faster than revenue growth mainly benefited from improved gross profit margin.

Revenue growth was better than expected, gross margin improved significantly, and net cash flow from operating activities increased significantly.

With the year-on-year decline in industry sales in the first quarter, the company’s revenue was still two years.

2% growth is expected to be mainly related to the upgrading of automotive products.

The gross profit margin for the first quarter was 23.

3%, an increase of 2 per year.

2 average values, the improvement is obvious.

Expenses during the first quarter8.

9%, a decline of 0 per year.

2 units, of which selling expenses are 2.

5%, a decline of 0 per year.

1 unit; management expense ratio (including R & D expenses) is 6.

3%, a decline of 0 per year.

1 unit, the cost control ability is further enhanced.

Net cash flow from operating activities 1.

5.7 billion, an annual increase of 77.

0%, a significant increase, mainly due to the increase in business scale.

The company’s inventory at the end of the first quarter was 11.

52 ppm, an increase of 13 at the end of the first quarter of each year last year.


Continue to promote product structure upgrades and production capacity expansion to ensure the company’s profit growth.

The company successfully developed predictive headlights, NDAS smart headlights, LIN / CAN controlled RGB turn lights and calibrated dual-light LED lens components in 2018. It is expected that continuous research and development this year will promote further upgrade of product structure.

The company’s production capacity has expanded steadily. The second phase of the Foshan factory is expected to be completed in the second quarter. The first phase of the Intelligent 深圳桑拿网 Manufacturing Industry Park is also expected to be completed within this year.

With the overall recovery of the automobile market, the company’s customers’ new car output has increased, and the company’s products have continued to upgrade its structure. It is expected that the profit in 2019 is expected to achieve higher growth.

The financial forecast and investment recommendation gross margin is better than expected, and the EPS for 2019-2021 will be adjusted to 3 respectively.

05, 3.

79, 4.

65 yuan (originally 2 for 2019-2021).

90, 3.60, 4.

46 yuan), with reference to comparable companies for 24 times PE assessment in 19 years, with a target price of 73.

2 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risk warnings The passenger car industry demand is lower than expected, and headlights and rear combination lights are lower 淡水桑拿网 than expected.

China Automobile Research (601965): First-quarter results are expected to be low and expected to accelerate quarter-by-quarter

China Automobile Research (601965): First-quarter results are expected to be low and expected to accelerate quarter-by-quarter

Investment Highlights Event: Recently, the company announced the 2019 first quarter report, with revenue of 5 in Q1 2019.

0 million yuan, down 22.

3%, return to 佛山桑拿网 mother’s profit 0.

900 million, an increase of 8.


Gross profit margin is 30.

2%, an increase of 6.

0pct, net interest rate 19.

0%, increase by 5.

3 points.

The inspection and R & D business improved in the first quarter, but orders in hand were redundant.

2019Q1 company consolidated revenue 5.

0 billion, down 22.

3%, parent company revenue 2.

100 million, down 3.


Consolidation returns to 0.

900 million, an increase of 8.

4%, the parent company returns to the parent profit 0.

800 million, down 7.


The industrialization of the company includes the heavy truck distribution and rail transit business revenues extending but profit growth, while the inspection and research and development business revenues are basically flat but the profit has declined, which is expected to be related to the project confirmation time point.

The first quarter of 2019 reports the company’s advance payment2.

1 billion, an increase of 40 previously.

1%, the company’s subsequent growth in testing R & D business income is still guaranteed.

The expense ratio has increased.

Selling expense ratio 2.

3%, an increase of 0.

5pct, management (including R & D) expense ratio 6.

8%, an increase of 3.

8%, financial expense ratio -1.

8%, down 0.

7pct, period expense rate 9.

3%, an increase of 3.

4%, the increase in expense ratio was mainly due to changes in revenue structure.

The first quarter results are the expected lows and are expected to accelerate quarter by quarter.

The company is the only listed company in the domestic automotive testing 重庆耍耍网 and evaluation industry. The 2019-2020 emissions business will benefit from the rapid growth of China VI upgrades, and intelligent test sites, and automotive wind tunnel projects will be put into production one after another. It is at the leading level in China, which is our continued optimistic sound.Growth target.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.52/0.


73 yuan, maintain the “prudent increase” rating.

Risk reminder: shorten the project confirmation time, and turn the industrialized business into a loss

Yinlun shares (002126): Acquisition of Swedish thermal management company is beneficial to improve product technology and expand mid-to-high-end car enterprise customers

Yinlun shares (002126): Acquisition of Swedish thermal management company is beneficial to improve product technology and expand mid-to-high-end car enterprise customers
Event: The company acquires 100% equity of Setrab AB in Sweden. Core Opinion The company acquires a Swedish high-end sports car intercooler and oil cooler design and manufacturing company.The company plans to start with SEK 70 million (approximately RMB 5067).30,000 yuan) to acquire 100% equity 深圳桑拿网 of Setrab AB in Sweden.The target company is headquartered in Malmo, Sweden, and is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of high-end sports car intercooler and oil cooler products. Its downstream customers are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and other super sports car companies.The target company’s operating income in 2017 and 2018 was approximately 65.09 million and 71.72 million yuan, with net profits of -1.82 million and 750,000 yuan. The acquisition promotes the company’s new energy vehicle thermal management technology and expands the mid-to-high-end automotive enterprise customers.The target company has an advantage in the design of small-scale high-end sports car cooling modules. This technology can be applied to domestic high-end electric sports cars in the future, which will help improve the company’s new energy vehicle thermal management technology and help the company to further develop joint ventures or wholly-owned new energy.Car enterprise customers, improving the profit contribution of new energy vehicle thermal management. The acquisition assisted the company in expanding its business in the European market.The company’s scale continues to expand in the overseas market for passenger cars. In February 2019, the company won an order for water and air cooler products from MANN + HUMMEL. Its Renault model was the first time the company has won a water and air cooler project for passenger cars in the European market.The target company can provide a technical service platform for the company to expand its business in the European passenger car market. At the same time, its factory in Poland can provide a product manufacturing platform for European business and facilitate the appointment of European talents.The acquisition is an important expansion of the company’s continued expansion of overseas customers. It is expected that more thermal management products will receive orders from the European market in the future, becoming an important profit growth point for the company. Financial forecast and investment advice forecast EPS0 for 2018-2020.45, 0.55, 0.69 yuan. The comparable company is a car conduit and parts related company. The 19-year average PE valuation of the comparable company is 22 times, and the target price is 12.1 yuan, maintain BUY rating. Risks suggest that after-treatment of exhaust gas, the amount of new energy vehicle thermal management system matching is lower than expected, and the amount of replacement matching is lower than expected.

Finger fitness tips

Finger fitness tips

Today is cool enough, dazzling enough, strange enough to become fashionable, and health care can also lead fashion.

“Eat full, good health” has been replaced by “Dietizing, clearing intestines, detoxifying and keeping your health”. The most common and common exercise of walking has also been tried to transform into a variety of posture walking exercises.Benefits every year . These methods are different. These methods are unique, but they are equally effective in health care.

The following is the hand care method, you may also try it.

  Rotate your thumb. If you feel physically weak, try to rotate your thumb 360 degrees.

When rotating, the tip of the thumb must be tried to draw a circle.

At first, it may feel uncomfortable, but after repeating it several times, the thumb will rotate rhythmically, and you will feel comfortable.

Generally, let the thumbs rotate 1-2 minutes in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

  The most simple way to integrate and use self-handshaking as a health method is to self-handshake.

The left and right palms are held close together and alternately held. The key is that the thumb of the right hand consciously and firmly grasps the small fish of the left hand, and the left thumb grasps the small fish of the right hand.

Hold your hands apart for 3 seconds.

Hold each other tightly 5-6 times.

  Cross your fingers When you feel that your brain is unresponsive and not paying attention, it will not prevent you from twisting your fingers together.

After someone has their thumbs crossed for a while, they change their thumbs to the other.

Then point your fingertips forward, aligning your hands and wrists.

Repeat twice.

  Warm wind blowers Many people use a hair dryer to dry after shampooing.

If you use a hair dryer to stimulate your palm, it only takes 3-4 minutes, but the health effect is great.

Use a hair dryer to send warm air to the palm of your hand. When you feel a little warm, remove the hair dryer and then close the palm of your hand.

This is repeated 6-7 times, so that the entire palm is stimulated by the warm wind from the hair dryer.

  Rotating Tennis Clamps the tennis ball with both hands, slowly and forcefully, and stimulates the entire palm through the tennis ball.

You can also put your fingers up, pinch the tennis ball for 3 seconds, and then press again.

This is repeated many times.

What should be paid attention to in neonatal home safety?

What should be paid attention to in neonatal home safety?

·The anti-wire winding should check the baby’s fingers every day. Whether the toes are wrapped by the socks, the clothes or the thread on the quilt, otherwise the baby’s hands and feet will continue to dance, the thread will become more and more tight, and the blood will flow after a long time.Poor, tissue necrosis.

It is best not to wear gloves for your baby and not to hang anything on your neck.

The ropes and curtain cords of the hanging toys should be tied to the thread, not near the crib.

  · The woman who is falling from the height is still not turning over, but sudden reflections, such as shocking reflections, crawling reflexes, or kicking legs, may cause the baby to fall off the bed or chair.

Your baby’s cot must have a fence. If you let him sleep on a big bed, try to stay away from the bed.

You have to develop a habit. When you turn around and do other things, keep your baby in one hand to prevent accidents.

  · Prevent head injuries. Don’t shake your baby’s head up and down. Don’t throw your baby into the air to play.

Protect your head when helping your baby move.

  · Accidents in the bath My bathroom is very small, so when my son is very young, I use a large washbasin to hold the water and put it on the toilet lid to bathe him.

That day, as usual, after I put the water, I was about to wash him. I didn’t expect him to be more and more energetic. When I stepped on my legs, I broke off from my hand and fell between the toilet and the washing machine.

Fortunately, there was no sharp thing to put there, or else it would not fall out!

The next day, I went to buy a baby-specific bathtub.

The bathroom floor can’t fit, I will bathe the baby in the living room.

Although it is very troublesome to put water, it is troublesome, but I don’t dare to take such a risk.

  · Don’t wear gloves for your baby. Just when you have a baby, your friend sent several sets of small clothes, and there are matching small gloves, which are soft and beautiful.

In order to prevent the baby from scratching and scratching herself, I will give her a small glove all day long.

That day, I went to listen to an expert lecture. One thing the expert said scared me.

She said that when she was working in the nursery school, a baby was put in gloves in the morning, and the baby was crying all day, and it was not good.

When I picked up the gloves at night, I found that a piece of thread in the glove tightly wrapped around the baby’s fingers.

Due to lack of timely detection, the finger was necrotic due to insufficient long-term blood supply, resulting in a lifelong disability.

After I got home, I immediately took off my baby’s gloves. I wanted to scratch my face and be milder than my finger.

Besides, as long as the nails are cut, the baby will not scratch the small face.

Women must see 12 hidden rules for dating men

Women must see 12 hidden rules for dating men

Even now, dating rules are changing rapidly.

We surveyed 19,000 single men who are smart and worth dating. They are the most attractive dates!

Let’s see what’s going on in their heads.

  Rule one: My friends are everywhere. Our question: Usually you meet women in certain situations?

  57% of friends introduced, 31% at a bar or party, and 12% at work.

  ”I like to know the opposite sex through a friend’s introduction. I think it’s safe.

“This year-old David, 27, who works in the securities sector, said.

But if you’re tired of the old-fashioned way your friends introduce you, don’t forget the bar or party is also a good place.

“I have no problem with meeting friends elsewhere,” David said.

Rule two: Your appreciation is his question of always loving us: What do women say that most appeals to you?

  51% “Your eyes are beautiful”, 33% “How about I invite you for a drink?

“, 16%” Have we met before?

“” My sincere praise can increase my confidence and make me easy.

“26-year-old lawyer Han Jin said.

A woman’s praise for a man suggests that she is cute, funny, and approachable.

Rule # 3: Optimized sexuality implies extraordinary efficacy. Our question: Which part are you most satisfied with today?

  59% of women are relatively sexy than before, 27% are compared to the past, and men are more open to women. 14% of women are more responsible for money than in the past.

  ”Once a woman shows her sexy side, everything becomes great.

Cheng Tao, a 26-year-old law student, said.

28-year-old real estate agent Pete added: “I like a confident woman to show her feminine tenderness, and inadvertently flicking her hair or changing the posture of her legs are mesmerising.

Rule 4: Food + Movie is the first choice. Our question: What program do you choose for your first date?

  72% go to dinner, then watch a movie, 27% go hiking or exercise, and 1% listen to a poetry recital.

  ”Dinner together, watching movies is the best choice.

“25-year-old engineer Weizi said.

“If you feel good at dinner and there is no embarrassing silence, the dim movie theater is a good place to enhance your relationship.

If you feel bad while eating, the cinema can make everyone relax.

But if you go out or exercise, you cannot escape.

Rule 5: Arousing his interest Our question: What is the best help for a first date?

  71% have a pleasant personality, laughter, no embarrassing silence, 18% sexy body, and 11% her clothes and makeup show that she has carefully prepared for dating.

  ”Every man dreams of finding a woman to talk to, so it’s important to have a good chat.

“Said 22-year-old musician Paul.

“If the other party can ask some interesting questions, tell some jokes, and keep me laughing, I will be very satisfied.

Rule No. 6: Don’t be Xiang Lin 嫂 Our question: What do you hate the most when you first date?

  55% kept talking about herself and her problems, 26% kept asking me about my family, income, past girlfriend and other issues, and 19% she was drunk.

  ”I hate the first date as a grievance.

“Said 28-year-old editor Zhan Ning.

“I’d rather get to know her basics before going into a heavy topic

Yoga Weight Loss

Yoga Weight Loss

Yoga instructor Lin Min talks about yoga weight loss moderator: I think yoga is more in terms of nourishing and refreshing, is it really effective in losing weight?

  Lin Min: It definitely works.

From the perspective of yoga, weight loss is not so simple. Some people feel that they are fat and fat because they eat a lot. In fact, how much you eat is not the reason that determines your obesity. Yoga is divided into many reasons such as mentality, especiallyWhen a female is in a bad state of mind and a bad state of mind, she is upset and often eats a lot of food at this time, and it is junk food.

Another thing is that the usual habits are not good. You see someone goes to the gym to exercise. She just exercises her arms, abdomen and legs. She didn’t expect that a little attention in normal life might not cause obesity.

For example, the sitting mode, the substantive mode and the state of working in peacetime.

For example, if you are typing, you are sitting in a certain position, or if you are walking in a certain manner, it is different for you to abdomen and lift your chest.

Yoga is promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle.

  Netizen: Is Yoga Useful for Partial Weight Loss?

  Moderator: What you are more concerned about is that your belly is bigger and your thighs are particularly thick. These two parts are more important.

  Lin Min: The thighs and abdomen are places that almost every woman pays attention to.

Still have to go back to the habits I just talked about, the usual habits, standing posture, sitting posture are very important, and whether you participate in some activities or sports, not necessarily yoga, but our topic today is yoga,I think yoga is the most stress-free way to lose weight.

  Lin Min: Because it works with very slow breathing, yoga is a cleansing way, just like your aunt is a kind of garbage in the body.

It is cleansed through three channels, one is posture, one posture that we do one by one, and the other is breathing, which is to remove the garbage in your airway, and the other is to eliminate spiritual garbage.

Three channels go together to clean up your garbage.

  Lin Min: It ‘s the same reason to lose weight. First of all, you have to face your aunts. You have to find the reason why I have so many aunts on my belly. It may be because you usually keep a sitting position for a long time. Maybe you oftenSit in front of the computer for five or six hours and stay motionless for two or three hours. This habit will form a long time, and it will definitely accumulate. First of all, you must face the problem first, why the reason is so.

Not to say that once you come up, one pose, one pose can’t solve so many problems.

  Lin Min: And if your lifestyle is good, and some postures, you say it ‘s a local aunt. Actually, when we practice in yoga, it ‘s not that we have to practise this part all the time.Yoga is about the whole body, and it may be obesity caused by your endocrine disorders. At this time, you should do some yoga posture relief and regulate the endocrine system, especially women.

The same goes for men.

  Netizen: There are a lot of yoga CDs on the market now. Would it be so smooth if you practice by yourself without the guidance of a teacher?

Will it cause some harm to the body because of poor breathing methods?

  Lin Min: It is possible that a book and a CD can never replace a teacher, because teachers can communicate and can have feedback, a book and CD can never have feedback.

  Lin Min: I suggest that you can read the book a little bit before you learn it, or after you have learned it, it will help you to learn more about the exercise method of yoga, this kind of fitness.

If you have learned to adjust and have experience in yoga practice, then it is good to practice according to the CD.

But many times now it is indeed a pity. Now we have a lot of yoga coaches in China. The level is also good and bad. Of course, I am not aiming at anyone. I am reminding everyone because yoga is getting more and more hot.The demand for yoga coaches is also growing.

Some gyms may offer yoga classes every day. In fact, it may just say that they need a yoga instructor, but this yoga instructor may not be someone who knows yoga well.

Therefore, he may have some things in the process of teaching that he does not understand very well. How to adjust the breath and how to form consciousness, he should stay in a certain position. When he is not too clear, he will guide the student in this wayVery shocking question.

  Lin Min: Yoga should be just starting out in China. It’s better to find some good books, good materials, and good CDs. This will be better.

It is true that there will be some people who do not pay attention to breathing and the direction of muscles when practicing because of poor information, which may cause some injuries.

This is very likely.

  Netizen: I am ready to want a child. I have been practicing yoga and want to continue, but I am worried that it will have some impact on having children in the future?

  Lin Min: In fact, yoga is independent of age and gender, but like pregnant women, or should belong to a special group of people, this needs attention, but now without pregnancy should not be considered a special group of people, you just have a plan.

If you have a plan, I suggest you keep practicing all yoga poses as long as you can do it, because all yoga poses will help your body.

Unless you have some disadvantages, some say there are some diseases, try to find some good yoga information or yoga instructor, try to avoid postures that are not suitable for practice, because there is something in yoga that must be paid attention to,Yoga is suitable for everyone, but not every posture is suitable for everyone.

  Moderator: Are there different methods for different people?

  Lin Min: Right.

For example, everyone has some problems. Maybe my legs are stiff, maybe my waist is stiff, or something is a little bit wrong.

But all people take the same medicine, and the patients are not all very effective.

If you practice selectively, practice in a targeted way, it will be better to be continuous.You must find a good coach, really don’t take a crooked path, netizens: Does yoga practice need to be paired with diet to do it?

  Lin Min: That’s the best.

  Moderator: Should you pay attention to eating lighter?

  Lin Min: Yoga is actually a way of life. It’s not just a sport. It includes too many connotations, it’s just posture. What we call yoga now is what we see in yoga halls and gyms.It’s just a small part of Yoga Kari’s head, the practice of yoga postures.

In addition, its diet is also a large piece, just like the book I am making now, which completely writes the yoga diet, including lifestyle, and the way to make friends. This is a person should pay attention to in life.Yes, if you change your life habits, including your way of thinking, you may be more peaceful, clearer thinking, and less impatient.

  Netizen: I have bought Huilan Yoga. What is the difference between your Qingxin Yoga and Huilan Yoga?

  Lin Min: Huilan Yoga, why is it called Huilan? In fact, yoga is yoga.

What we do is the same system, called the Hada system. I originally learned Hada Yoga.

  Moderator: Where did you first learn?

  Lin Min: My teacher is from Malaysia.

I think it ‘s very likely that I ‘m going to be separated from yoga. Until now I have a lot of Indian teachers. So far, I ‘ve been in contact with some of the most pure yoga systems. Of course, you say that it ‘s different from Huilan.System, different systems, no matter what system they are named, they are consistent and the purpose is exactly the same, that is, the human body.

  Lin Min: Yoga means connecting, uniting your body and spirit.

For me, Huilan is a senior and a teacher. I tried to contact her, but I didn’t contact her later.

I heard some of her students say that she is now in the United States and may have done something of her own about yoga, which is also very good.

  Lin Min: I have arranged my yoga for you. I arrange it in the morning, at noon, and at night before going to sleep. It can better help modern people choose his posture, but Huilan is more comprehensive. I think it should beIt’s all good.
And I introduced some modern yoga systems.

  Netizen Xiaolinzi: I have been practicing yoga for several months, my body shape is better, but my weight has not changed much.

  Lin Min: Why are you anxious?

Your body is getting better, your body density will be greater and it will be firmer. Congratulations. If a woman can make her skin firmer, she will feel better. Why trust the scale?

A certain sentence in Yoga is “Listen to your body’s feelings”. Now tell you how you feel. I feel that I am thinner and my body is firmer, all my muscles are tightened, muscles have increased, and my bodyExcessive lines, more beautiful.

  Moderator: Is this a psychological effect?

  Lin Min: Yes.

In Japan a few years ago they have been popular a conscious beauty method, sometimes in yoga, this is just a new concept.

It is said that human consciousness affects a lot.

For example, if you think of something happy, you will immediately feel that the muscles on your face will be more beautiful and your expression will be more beautiful.

If you think of something very stressful, the whole person’s mentality will also accelerate and heavier, and it will feel uncomfortable.

  Moderator: If you practice yoga to lose weight, you will lose weight, but will there be a rebound after stopping?

  Lin Min: I think yoga is the least rebounding compared to other sports. Practicing yoga has three conditions, one is posture, one is consciousness, and one is breathing. These three are slowly combined. If you stopIf you lose your posture, you can do some breathing exercises every day.

Breathing exercises can help you massage the internal organs and eliminate the slightness of your abdomen. Abdominal breathing is in yoga. If you often breathe like this, the abdomen is moving every day.

  Moderator: Take a deep breath, right?

  Lin Min: Right.
  Moderator: Yoga also has a kind of work, water can enter from that nostril through that nostril.

  Lin Min: Yes, this is a very good exercise and a cleansing method. This cleansing method is to clean up our airways.This method of cleaning the airways, yoga itself is a clean method.

Breathing is through air and oxygen to clean the respiratory tract. It is also possible to pass external water. Water is very good. You drink it and then excrete it. This is an internal excretion.

Another is through the respiratory tract.

  Lin Min: But I suggest that you can only do it under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. You can easily get it done by yourself. This method has a feeling of being nagging at the beginning.

  Moderator: Seeing your figure feels particularly good, can you give our netizens some suggestions?

Because we are talking mainly from the direction of weight loss, what should our netizens pay attention to in daily life?

You are a yoga instructor by yourself. How do you make your own diet?
What are some schedules?
  Lin Min: A very important point is that you must insist on what you do. I have n’t interrupted from 1993 to 11 years ago.

Every morning I get upside down and do some handstands. It’s very simple. You can bend forward and back. Yoga has a very good posture.

Yoga is an exercise that anyone can do.

My own habit is to try to eat lighter, that is, clean food, green food.

  Lin Min: If you have to eat tadpoles, eat less red meat. If you can, you should eat white meat. Fish is whole, and small fish is better.

Eat as light as possible. There are a few foods in yoga that are very good, such as cereals. I get milk in the morning, cereals, cereals, or whole wheat bread, and then fruits. I can eat them at noonSalads. It’s best to eat salads before each meal, some greens and fruit salads, and soup.

  Moderator: Drink before meals, right?

  Lin Min: The habits of southerners are very good. Drink a little soup before eating. Northerners do n’t do this. After eating a meal, drink soup. It is easy to gain weight. Drinking a little soup before meals is better for the stomach.

There are nuts, walnuts, dried fruits, and almonds that can provide some impurities to the body.

Also drink plenty of water, it can clean the body.

  Lin Min: Because I have to take classes every day, I will practice less in the morning. Most of my productivity during class will be spent on teaching materials. I do n’t practice that much. I may practice something suitable for myself when I am alone.Work.

If I do n’t have classes, I will keep exercising. Of course, I wo n’t make myself sweaty. I will do some breathing exercises. My mentality is always good, even when I am the ugliest.Is the most beautiful.

There are more beautiful people than you and more people than your figure, but be nice to yourself and that’s it.

Tell myself every day that I’m the best.

  Moderator: I believe that yoga can not only lose weight, but also enhance self-confidence.

  Lin Min: Certainly.

The more aunts you have, the more you think about it, the more you will not leave. If you feel more relaxed, it will disappear naturally.

Change in all aspects, the mentality is better.

  Netizen: I have almost every movement of yoga, and I do it for a long time. How can I feel nothing after doing it?

  Lin Min: Is your soft energy too good?

You might be doing yoga as a stretching exercise.

  Netizen: How many days do I have to do yoga to feel it?

  Lin Min: Yoga feels right from the beginning.

I ‘ve taught acrobatic groups, people who practice calisthenics, their softness is so good, they do n’t feel it, but that ‘s gymnastics and acrobatics. What we do is yoga, we must have breath and consciousness, plus breath and consciousnessIt can’t be without feeling.

Maybe you did it wrong.

May be done the wrong way.

You should feel it carefully.

If you do n’t care about everything, it ‘s impossible for you to communicate with your body without feeling.

  Moderator: Yoga may not require each movement to be done in particular, as long as it feels most comfortable?

  Lin Min: Right.
Based on your physical feelings, I often have the first day to participate in my class, practice for the first time, and some people have practiced with me for a year or two. How can we practice in the same class?He made the same request?

Maybe we do the same action with different requirements, but everyone ‘s feeling is the same. When you are in the position and posture, you should feel that your local part and breathing are the same. You can do your own limit.Yoga is not a competitive exercise.

  Netizen: I think yoga is more mysterious, so will practicing yoga have the feeling of getting into the magic?

  Lin Min: (laughs), do you think I’m mysterious?

I practiced for such a long time. When some reporters interviewed me, I sat there waiting for him, and after he came over, he asked me, “I’m looking for Lin Min, and I say I am.”

People don’t believe it, saying it is impossible, what I imagine should be the kind of very serious, with a severe disability, very serious, very mysterious feeling.

In fact, yoga is the most natural, it is your behavior, there should be no mysterious place, it provides a way of life, very natural, very simple.

  Moderator: If you have some sprains before, should you fully recuperate and practice?

  Lin Min: This is a very good question. Many people not only have sprains, but also some physical diseases such as cervical spondylosis and gastrointestinal diseases. Yoga can help these diseases, but yogaThe coach is not a doctor, so you must consult the doctor to see what your physical condition is, and then ask him if he can do this, whether he can start exercising, and then find a more experienced coach. SlowSlow regulation and adjuvant treatment do not necessarily require complete recuperation.
Some people have a sprained waist, which may be just a muscle strain. Of course, if it is more serious, they must be treated separately.
If it is too serious, wait until you can move.

  Lin Min: If it is a small muscle strain, it is not necessary, because proper exercise will help it heal.

Don’t always stimulate that part, it can stimulate the surrounding joints and muscles, and strengthen blood circulation to help it recover. This is good.

  Moderator: Are there many types of yoga now? Is there any yoga that can be practiced in the office? Some may be specifically aimed at weight loss?

  Lin Min: This just means that we separate one thing to distinguish different groups of people and target their needs.

In fact, yoga will have these functions, and office yoga, yoga has a history of nearly 6,000 years, there is no word “office” before 6,000 years, you say office yoga is indeed a concept of modern yoga, becauseAny stretching and squeezing can be done in any small space, but the environment is different. You can do it at home, maybe yoga in the bedroom or living room. This is just a concept.

  Netizen: Yoga is too slow to lose weight. Is there any trick to lose weight faster?

  Lin Min: It varies from person to person, some people are also fat when they drink water, how much weight loss yoga needs to be continuous, how good the weight loss effect varies from person to person, because everyone’s endocrine system, digestive system, respiratory system, various systemsThe state is different. The degree of adaptation is related to the speed. There is also a lot of reasons for the duration of persistence. The objective and subjective reasons add up.

  Moderator: Is there any subdivision of our yoga? Some partial sets of postures are aimed at losing weight in a certain part of someone?

  Lin Min: Yes.

But these things you need a good coach to help you design a set of such moves, if I feel it myself, there must be some of what you said.

If you want me to design, I can help you design, but I think yoga is yoga no matter what, yoga should be full-hearted, if you really practice yoga, it should be practiced everywhere, because yoga teachesThere is an air of life in our bodies, that is, energy flowing in life.

  Lin Min: If you just practice a part, energy may flow more smoothly in this part, but the joints that are not moving may be stiff, so that our energy passing feeling will not be so good.

I suggest that you can strengthen your belly and legs, but don’t forget your whole body.

Because if this is the case, if you treat your body kindly, the body will give you a slimmer and better condition.

  Moderator: The yoga we practice in the gym should be for the whole body.

  Lin Min: Right.
I sometimes design in the classroom according to the requirements of scholars. This lesson may be more focused on the position of the waist and abdomen, but I think the whole body is better.

  Netizen: I practice yoga during menstruation, and I practice shoulderstand. What kind of consequences will this cause?

  Lin Min: Women do not participate in the practice during menstruation and do not practice, especially during the first three days.

Some original yoga yogis have some controversy about this problem. Some people absolutely do not practice, but some people feel that there is no bad reaction after practicing.

Yoga’s toxic formula is raised from the tailbone, which is the process of detoxification. When you stand upside down, it seems to return toxins to your head.

  Moderator: It seems that handstand can promote blood circulation in the brain.

  Lin Min: But it is best not to practice during menstruation, especially the first three days.

  Netizen: I hurt my waist in junior high school. It’s been five or six years since I started practicing yoga. Does it hurt my waist now?

  Lin Min: Every time you practice, you have to listen to your body’s feelings. If your body sends a signal, I’m already uncomfortable, so don’t go down.

Sometimes the signal from the body is better than any teacher gives you.

  Lin Min: Yoga can treat certain chronic diseases, such as spinal disease, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. Some people may be uncomfortable with cervical and lumbar spine for a long time, but once you start practicing yoga, it will greatly improve, but the wayBe right.

  Netizen: I can’t hear the teacher’s voice and see the image of the teacher is very depressed.

  Lin Min: We will meet you. I recently did vcd on CCTV. You can see me.

It turned out that some programs have been made one after another, these are more concentrated, and books are also available in major bookstores across the country.

  Netizen: Where should I start practicing yoga?

  Lin Min: You can find a yoga studio or a gym with yoga classes in a convenient place. First, you need to feel that people need to have a process of cognition. How do you get in touch with this thing first, in the process of practice?After slowly accumulating some knowledge, you will have judgment ability. When you have some judgment ability, and this judgment ability comes from your own knowledge and physical feelings, if these tell you that it is very comfortable to practice like thisIf you do n’t feel right, maybe this teacher is not suitable and you can change places.

Many places now have such exercises.

  Lin Min: This Saturday I will do a free event at the Zhongti Beili place. In the left bank commune, 68 Beisihuanxi Road, Haidian District, their phone number is 62616161.

At 14:15:10 on July 3rd, when I got there, I gave them a lesson and the other was to communicate with each other. They could draw lots of questions on the spot. There were 20 books I published, “Qingxin Yoga.”There was one such free event.

If you are interested, you can join.

  Moderator: Every week?

  Lin Min: Yoga is a week, and other forms of fitness, you can choose a fitness method that suits you.
  Netizen: In the magazine “Health and Beauty”, I saw an American woman lose weight successfully after long-term practice of shoulder stand, can yoga in any form be successful?
  Lin Min: Standing upright can control our thyroid. It may be a little uncomfortable at first. Yoga posture is like this. As long as you don’t give up, it can have this effect. It has the function of controlling weight.

Some glands in our body have the function of regulating endocrine.

Whether you can achieve weight loss by relying on only one posture is different from person to person.

Some people have high blood pressure because of an endocrine system disorder, while others have different lifestyle habits.

  Netizen: What if the coach pushes me if I ca n’t bend?

  Lin Min: There is a degree to your own limit. What is the standard for this degree?

See if you can still breathe normally. If you can’t breathe normally, you must let this instructor understand that you can’t breathe anymore. If you exhale immediately and cooperate with the coach, you can bend to the best.

  Netizen: How long does it take to spend a day?

  Lin Min: I think if you have time, don’t get involved for forty minutes.

If you do it continuously, don’t interval 20 minutes each time, don’t replace 40 minutes every day.

  Netizens: I do n’t know if yoga is the best way to lose weight for some people?

  Lin Min: There are people of any size.

And because of the endocrine system, and so on, you have to find the cause of your excess at first. In your life, if two of the four or five reasons may be your bad habits and reasons, then quickly change them., Or consciously change it.

  Moderator: Actually, I have also learned a little yoga. Sometimes I may not go to the first lesson but go to the middle. I am worried that there will be no problem if I practice from the middle.

  Lin Min: Not good.

Therefore, a notice will be issued in some yoga classes at a distance. Don’t go in once the class starts.

Yoga practice must be step-by-step. The warm-up, posture, breathing, meditation and relaxation parts must be clear. If you cause the warm-up part of the body may be injured, because many of the yoga exercises are anti-joint exercises.

  Netizen: If you practice yoga by teaching vcd at home, will it help the body?

  Lin Min: Certainly.
  Moderator: Actually the effect of exercise?

  Lin Min: Right.
  Netizen: Can people with a diseased femoral head practice yoga?

  Lin Min: Yoga coach is not a doctor. As long as the doctor thinks you can exercise, compared to other sports, yoga is the most suitable exercise.

Some people who have bone spurs or other diseases should first seek the advice of a doctor. When doing so, they should also consult the yoga instructor. Be very careful to let the instructor design some actions for you to help you recover from the disease.

  Netizen: I have just practiced yoga and I feel slightly sick and a little uncomfortable.

Is the practice method incorrect?

  Lin Min: This is a problem that many beginners have. Don’t worry or worry.

There are several reasons for this. The first is that the first time you come to this exercise, you may not have enough energy to cause hypoxia, and the improper breathing may cause dizziness.

Because yoga is practiced on an empty stomach, if you eat a lot of things to practice, because it squeezes the stomach more, it may cause nausea.

It doesn’t matter, slowly getting used to this type of exercise these feelings naturally disappear.

  Netizen: My sleep quality is particularly poor. Can exercise be improved before going to bed?

  Lin Min: This is a good question. My book includes exercises before going to bed at night.

The back of our body will stimulate our spinal nerves, making it more active. Generally, we recommend that you do some forward bending movements at night, do not do too crooked movements, the body bends forward for a calmer breathing.

Yoga’s relaxation technique is very good for promoting sleep. There is also a laryngeal breathing in yoga that also promotes sleep.

It’s in my books.

  Lin Min: In fact, there are many postures in yoga that can stimulate sleep. Some people have insomnia for many reasons, not because there is something that can’t sleep today, it may be a long-term mental reason.

  Moderator: Do you want to keep practicing?

  Lin Min: Of course.

It may be stress caused by long-term stress.
  Moderator: I’ve heard that you can’t sleep before going to bed. Deep breathing in bed can promote sleep. This is the principle of yoga, right?
  Lin Min: Yes.

It’s throat breathing.

The theory of yoga believes that one’s breathing affects one’s consciousness, and one’s consciousness affects one’s posture, so how can the body relax if breathing has been rapid?

How can I fall asleep without being physically relaxed?

Even if you finally fall asleep, your body is still in a state of tension, which consumes energy.

  Netizen: I will be married in three months. I want to make myself look better. Is it okay from now on?

  Lin Min: Of course, come and learn with me (laughs).

You now want to be the most beautiful bride, and give yourself this consciousness first.

Consciousness is particularly important. If you want to be serious, you feel very serious, so you should think of yourself as the most beautiful. First of all, you must solve this problem psychologically. Practice some simple forward and backward postures.Three months of yoga is enough to make you a yoga beauty.

  Netizens: Everyone said that yoga can detox or something, and the principle of this posture can detox?

  Lin Min: Yoga is a clean exercise method. There are several ways. One is posture. It is like saying that the joints of the body are damaged. Apply some lubricating oil to make your body part.

There is also breathing above. You often do breathing exercises to exhaust the depressing air from the body and inhale more oxygen. Generally, I take half of my breath and spit it out, bringing out a lot of toxins.

There are also a lot of targeted postures consciously. The postures targeted at the legs and waist can eliminate some bad toxins in your body.

  Netizen: My lung function is not particularly good. Can I practice yoga?

  Lin Min: It is very necessary. People who have frequent breathing problems can practice breathing cleansing, dialysis, tuberculosis, and respiratory system.

I was originally a person with a very bad respiratory system. I am a Southerner and ran to the north. This kind of air is very unsuitable to the weather. It makes me feel that the respiratory system is always dry and the weather here is very dry., I feel uncomfortable, but do some breathing exercises, throat breathing, abdominal breathing, chest breathing, are very targeted.

I often do handstands to promote blood circulation throughout the system.

  Netizen: If I insist on practicing yoga, how can I practice as soft as a coach?

  Lin Min: It’s easy. As long as you practice yoga, your softness will be particularly good.

Yoga is not a gentle practice. It is absolutely wrong for only gentle people to practice.

If you guide people in this way, it is only to achieve the flexibility of that action, which will cause some harm to the body and lose its meaning.

Because yoga may have an effect on the internal organs, it is not good just to strongly stretch the muscles and joints.

  Netizen: When you inhale, you need to belly, and when you exhale, you must flatten your belly?

  Lin Min: This is abdominal breathing.

  Netizen: Where is it better to practice?

  Lin Min: Spread a mat on the ground. Don’t practice on the bed. It’s too soft and may not be good.

It is better to lay a mat on the wooden floor, and you must learn to protect yourself.

  Netizen: I care more about how to buy your books and vcd?

  Lin Min: Xidan Book Building, Wangfujing, etc., as long as it is large.

vcd I don’t know when it will come out, maybe next month, soon.

  Netizen: When I practice, I ca n’t always move. Can I achieve the effect mentioned above?

  Lin Min: What is the lack of action?

The action of the coach is that the coach is in place, and that you are in position is your own posture.

  Moderator: Sometimes I think the coach’s posture is very beautiful.

  Lin Min: You just think he can do what I can do. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t compare with him.

So people just have to set their minds. First, I just try slowly. I can’t do it slowly, but I can definitely achieve it. Don’t worry, I must pay great attention to it.

And the feeling that you are in place is that you can maintain normal breathing in the fractured position, and always do it with a smile. When you smile on your face, you will be more relaxed, and you will smile if you ca n’t do it.

People need to have a good mental exercise.

  Netizen: Is yoga separated into several stages?
What are these stages?
  Lin Min: At the stage, you have corrected it. If you say that a beginner is in a state of “ignorance” in yoga, everything you learn in this state is like this. You first touch it. We have already mentioned this problem.
Many people are exposed to yoga from the beginning. This is the most direct, because the body can feel it, and you can also feel it from the breath. This is the simplest.

I suggest that you learn some yoga postures and breathing, then slowly enter some simple meditation, so slowly practice and then read some books about yoga, then understand the history of yoga and the philosophy of yoga.

  Lin Min: Yoga is a culture that originated in India, not just a few postures.

We are promoting the simplest and most basic yoga.

Netizens, no matter how difficult your posture is, it seems that you can’t do it. That’s the most basic and simple yoga. As long as you keep exercising for a long time, you can do it one day.

Many people feel that I can’t do that posture, not because of anything else, because I do it longer than you, and I persist better than many people, and that’s it.

Everyone insists this way. If everyone does this, everyone will be like me. Many people will do better than me. I am not afraid (laughs).

Yoga is for yourself.

  Moderator: What are the time requirements for practicing yoga every day?

Is it good practice in the morning?

Noon or evening?

  Lin Min: Yoga is better at any fasting time of the day.

The best time is to clean up your whole body after waking up in the morning, go to the toilet, brush your teeth, and wash your face before practicing yoga. Be sure to practice some stable nerves before breakfast, before noon, before dinner, before going to bed.Posture, get up in the morning and do some active nerve postures, so that you can refresh your day.

  Netizen: Doing sit-ups has nothing to do with yoga?

  Lin Min: Yoga must not be eager to lose weight. This is a theory in yoga.

You are always very forced, it is definitely not possible, everything is like this.

In fact, yoga is reflected in every corner of life. If you try too hard on this matter, you may not be able to do it. Sometimes you have to let it go.

Some people find that they have given up without losing weight after a few days. In fact, it is wrong. It is a gradual process.

  Netizen: What is throat breathing?

  Lin Min: Through the nose when inhaling, and through the throat when exhaling, a sound similar to snoring is made.

(On-site demonstration) Moderator: Is this breathing method the best one?

  Lin Min: This is a breathing method that has the highest utilization rate when practicing yoga in various gyms and yoga halls around the world.

  Moderator: When I practice yoga, the coach often talks about exhalation and breathing. I will be confused. I will know if I should exhale or inhale, and I will get confused.

  Lin Min: If this happens, you should keep in mind that forever you are the most important thing. In fact, people can’t replace you. The coach is just a guide, just like what I did in front of you to do what exercises. I just guide.Individuals are different. I just affect most feelings. I just guide a unified state, but each individual is different. If at this time, such as the coach says “inhale”, you may be exhaling, it does not matterIt’s very easy to breathe out slowly and then slowly inhale, it doesn’t matter, or just keep breathing naturally.

  Netizen: The coach brought the practice while practicing, but what should I do when I get home?

  Lin Min: Maybe you will remember a few of them, and do whatever you think of.

Sometimes we stretch lazy waist, the body needs such expansion (stretching lazy waist), what action your body thinks of may be just such action, it is a natural reflection, my body sends me some kind of signal and I will do somethingKind of action.
If it does n’t work, and you ca n’t remember a single action, buy a resource to practice. It ‘s best to find a teacher, and everyone can remember a few actions.

  Lin Min: Sun worship is a particularly coherent set of postures in yoga. The 12 movements are easy to remember.

The left side represents 12 hours, and the right side represents 12 hours. Completely worship the sun to give you energy 24 hours a day.

  Lin Min: That set of postures was a bright and praying posture of India facing the sun in ancient times. Now it has developed to a very good position to lose weight and shape your body, because you bend your waist very wellThere is potential strength. If a person’s spine has no strength, it will break down and the abdomen will relax. If it is generated, the abdomen will be tight.

The state of your spine affects the entire visceral system and affects the entire person’s mental system.

  Netizen: What do you think of the current bikram?

  Lin Min: This yoga is very popular in the West, but it is very controversial.

  Moderator: Say that one must breathe through his nose and must follow his routine?

  Lin Min: It’s 26 movements designed by bikram and his wife at room temperature 38?
The 43-degree action will make people sweat profusely.

This is currently very controversial in the world.
Because I communicate more with many Indian mentors, many Indian mentors don’t appreciate this, but Westerners and nowadays, this yoga is also very popular in China, because it sweats a lot, you mayI drink a lot of water and detoxify while practicing. I feel refreshed when I start.

  Lin Min: I think so. At present, all the hot yoga systems in China are not perfect. No one is perfect. For the gym or yoga studio, I just make a suggestion. It must be very clear about its principles and rules.And its ventilation system and its temperature regulation system must be very reasonable.
Because it is not only a temperature relationship, but also the ventilation system that regulates it, as well as the coach’s guidance document to drink water during the practice process, this is very important.

In addition, many domestic practitioners currently have high blood pressure and hypertension. Will they have any adverse reactions in such a hot place? Many coaches must figure it out before doing it. Don’t just see its commercial value.
Many yoga studios now offer such courses.

  Netizen: Can I practice yoga without background music?

  Lin Min: Of course, yoga originated 6,000 years ago. Was there background music at that time?

  Netizen: I found some yoga materials from the Internet. Is this practice okay?

  Lin Min: If the information is clearly stated, if it is not clear, it is just a posture. It is gymnastics.

  Netizen: Every time you practice yoga, you always repeat one pose. When can you change?

  Lin Min: There is a regular pattern of yoga.

There are two ways, one is to breathe yourself, how many times do you breathe, some say I breathe 6?
Eight times, I may not be able to do it for the time being. I can breathe a little less and put your feeling on the breath, which will be better.
Look at your body’s ability.

  Moderator: If the breathing is confused, will it be uncomfortable?

  Lin Min: Right.
  Moderator: Many people have a relaxing movement in yoga and will fall asleep.

  Lin Min: People who have no experience will fall asleep.

It ‘s called corps. It means “a person who has just died, lying there very loosely, but he is conscious.” Sleeping is unconscious, proving that you are lying there without consciousness and using your breath.If you use it, you will find that your mind and body will relax simultaneously. It doesn’t matter. Someone fell asleep when they first started studying. It may not be a bad thing. Maybe he has never slept so sweetly.

  Moderator: When listening to music, my mind will think more and more.

  Lin Min: It doesn’t matter, this is a normal phenomenon before meditation.

When you are going to observe your thoughts, you will find that there are so many miscellaneous things in your mind, why you are usually so tired, you do n’t know, maybe most of the energy consumption is taken away by boring things.

You just lie there and feel so confused in my head.

Yoga is one way to clean up your mental trash.

  Moderator: Yoga often mentions a physical unity.

What does it mean?

  Lin Min: Breathing is the bond between your body and mind. Breathing is very important, accounting for 80%. People do n’t have life without breathing. You just said why there are so many things in your mind. You have to pay attention.Put it on your breath, and at this time you will slowly feel the feeling of physical unity. This is the easiest way to meditate.

  Netizen: Can you talk about the content of meditation?

  Lin Min: Many people think that meditation is very mysterious and seems difficult to do.

Yoga meditation is also the most advanced part of yoga, because meditation means that you have to control your consciousness, and human consciousness and thinking are the most difficult to control.

I want to do a lot of bad things, or other people think whimsical things, you want no one to control you in your mind, this thing is difficult to control, like a wild horse, this is also the highest layer of yoga, is meditation.

  Lin Min: In the process of practice, we started with the simplest method and reached a simple breathing meditation.

I also mentioned in the book some meditations suitable for modern people. Meditation is spontaneous like sleeping. No one will teach you how to meditate, only you know it.

  Netizen: In addition to body position, think of glyphs to practice yoga’s voice meditation.

  Lin Min: That’s good.

A sound made through a chant is very good.

This is a very old style of Sanskrit, and there are some special meditation music, which will chant some Sanskrit to keep the mind in a peaceful state.

Many yogis are musicians, and many musicians are also very good chanters of yoga.

  Netizen: Can I order aromatherapy while practicing yoga?

  Lin Min: I think the more natural the better.
Now there are aromatherapy, and there are also sesame oil in India, etc. I think it is better to be pure.

Some fragrances can help people stabilize their nerves, too. Be natural.

Don’t be too irritating, it can stabilize the nerves, it is very calm, and the air must flow.
  Moderator: It’s almost time today, can you tell us something at the end?

  Lin Min: I ‘m very happy today. I did n’t expect it to be so lively. I talked about it in many ways. Another thing that Yoga has noticed today may be that the problems mentioned today are that they do n’t know much about yoga.It’s something that people are happy about, and it proves that more and more people are joining yoga.

Yoga is very beneficial for people to adjust their mental state. As long as you learn yoga, yoga will benefit people for a lifetime.