How to choose a book for your child Children’s books are different at different ages, but they all have very similar characteristics.   For example: 0? In 2 months, the brightly colored large digit maps are mainly of various small dolls. Babies will learn how to stick their tongues out andContinue Reading

_1 Show you the charm of colorful yoga There is also color in the world of yoga. Let’s feel the charm of color yoga together!   Seven-round yoga was founded by Wei Limin, a teacher of Hada Yoga Club, based on the three-pulse and seven-round system, following the Chinese system, combiningContinue Reading

Requirements for massage techniques The technique requires long-lasting, powerful, uniform, and soft-so as to achieve deep penetration, of which long-lasting, powerful, uniform, soft is the means, and deep penetration is the purpose.   Permanent: Require a method to operate correctly and continue for a certain period of time, in order toContinue Reading