How is dreaming possible for human health As the saying goes: “Thinking day by day and dreaming at night”, people often have a misunderstanding that when you dream more, the quality of sleep is worse and it is not good for your body.   First, relieve fatigue and rest your body.Continue Reading

The first soup for autumn health-Baiyin Tang After the beginning of autumn, people pay more attention to their own health care, because many diseases will be repeated from the autumn, and the medical community is vividly called “eventful autumn”. In terms of diet, you can eat more foods that nourishContinue Reading

How to deal with worry before exam Anxiety is a psychological phenomenon that almost every examinee has before the exam. It is caused by the exam situation and mainly manifests as nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, irritability and other psychological emotions. If these emotions are not paid attention to, it may leadContinue Reading