[Can lactobacillus tablets be eaten by babies-]_ Baby_Can I eat

[Can lactobacillus tablets be eaten by babies?

】 _Baby_Can I eat

Lactobacillus tablets are a very common drug in medicine. They are mainly used to treat gastrointestinal diseases of the body. They can regulate gastrointestinal diseases. They can effectively treat gastrointestinal constipation or abdominal pain. They are very good for gastrointestinal diseases, and the baby is growingDuring this period, medications need to be used with caution. Generally, babies cannot take lactic acid tablets. They can be treated with food therapy or take medications according to the condition.

Can lactobacillus tablets be eaten by babies?

Babies can’t eat lactobacillus tablets, you can give your baby some probiotics or mommy loves to regulate the stomach.

Ingredients Each tablet contains lactamectin 1.

2 grams.

Excipients are starch, sodium cyclamate, cocoa powder, magnesium stearate, and talc.

Characters This product is light yellow or light yellow brown tablets; sour.

Function category This product is digestive over-the-counter medicine.

Indications are for abnormal intestinal fermentation, indigestion, enteritis and diarrhea in children.

The specifications are based on lactic acid bacterin.

2 grams.
Appropriate dosage: 1-2 tablets for adults, 3 times a day.

Children once.

5 tablets, 3 times a day.

Adverse reactions are unknown.

Taboos are unclear.

Precautions 1. For those who are allergic to this product, use it with caution.

2. If you take too much or have serious adverse reactions, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

3. It is forbidden to use this product when its properties change.

4. Put this product out of the reach of children.

5. Children must use under adult supervision.

6. If you are using other medicines, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product.

[Can pregnant women eat gelatin cake]_Recommended diet

[Can pregnant women eat gelatin cake]_Recommended diet

Ejiao cake is popular and loved by many people because of its tender texture and good nourishing and nourishing effect. It is edible for men, women and children.

Especially for female friends, it can also bring out the effect of beauty and beauty.

Children’s consumption can enhance their immune capabilities and also play a positive role in intellectual development.

So, for pregnant women who are pregnant, can I eat gelatin cake?

Pregnant women can eat gelatin cake.

Pregnant women are inevitably weak during pregnancy, and their weight also needs to absorb the nutrients of the mother, so pregnant women need to add a lot of nutrition, and Ejiao cake can better supplement the effect of nutrients.

Consuming Ejiao cake can improve the physical fitness of pregnant women and their ability to resist disease.

In addition, Ejiao cake can exert the effect of preserving tires and effectively alleviate the phenomenon of fetal movement. Pregnant women eating Ejiao cake in an appropriate amount can not only supplement their nutrition, but also be beneficial to the healthy development of fatty acids.

Through the delivery of material from the mother, some materials that are beneficial to the growth of the fetus can be well transferred into the polymer.

At the same time, during pregnancy, the skin often becomes rough, and the gelatin cake can improve the skin condition and make the skin look elastic and shiny.

Among them, the good effect of nourishing qi and blood can also prevent pregnant women from bleeding during delivery.

Eating about 3 pieces of Ejiao cake per day can play a positive role.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat gelatin cake.

Eating gelatin cake in moderation is beneficial for pregnant women to conceive, can also achieve the effect of improving physical fitness, and also has a positive effect on the growth of obesity.

However, this must be ensured under the condition that the right amount of food is consumed, even if the Ejiao cake is beneficial to the human body, the amount of food must be controlled, otherwise excessive consumption will bring a burden on the human body.

Wanhua Chemical (600309): MDI prices stopped falling and rebounded in anticipation of peak season results in line with expectations

Wanhua Chemical (600309): MDI prices stopped falling and rebounded in anticipation of peak season results in line with expectations

The first half of 2019 results are in line with our expectations of the company’s first half of 2019 results: revenue 315.

4 ‰, at least -15.

35%, compared to -11.

4%; net profit attributable to mother is 5.6 billion, which corresponds to corresponding profit after full dilution1.

79 yuan, -46 for the whole year.

5%, chain + 1%, in line with our expectations, received government subsidies in the first half of the year.

14 billion, net profit after deduction 50.


Development trend MDI prices have stopped falling and rebounded, waiting for the peak season to come.

The average price of aggregated MDI in the East China market was 13,200 yuan / ton in one week, and the average price in the earlier 6 months rebounded by 887 yuan / ton, an increase of 7.

2%, up 15% from the year-to-date low; the average market price of pure MDI this week was 19,000 yuan / ton, a rebound of 1,187 yuan / ton from the previous June average price, an increase of 6.

7%, up 11% from the year-to-date low.

Affected by Saudi Sadara’s overhaul and discounted supply by major manufacturers, social inventory is reduced, the spot on the market is limited, and the supply is tight.

On the demand side, in the first half of the year, due to the impact of Sino-US trade frictions, downstream demand was significantly weak, and the vertical crossover of emotional changes was translated into the arrival of the traditional peak season of “Golden Nine and Silver Ten.”

Firmly grasp the core of technology, continue to expand and improve the layout.

The company’s conditional acquisition of Swedish International Chemicals in July ensured that the core technology of MDI production is still in the hands of existing producers, stabilizing the industry’s competitive landscape, and will also help the company’s R & D capabilities in Europe and improve the company’s implementation strategy.

Wanhua Yantai / Ningbo Base will add MDI 50 locations / 30 capacity through the sixth generation technology and put them into production. The rapid contrarian expansion will further expand the company’s cost advantage, increase the city’s share, and further strengthen the company’s MDI leader, the Democratic Party.

Petrochemical platforms continued to increase volume, and fine chemicals and new materials continued to deepen the company’s moat.

With the launch of SAP / MMA / PMMA, the performance improved, the company’s sales of fine chemicals and new materials increased by 25%, and operating income increased by 21%.

With the company’s 100 years / year ethylene, 40 tons / year PVC and other ethylene project construction, the company’s product prices continue to optimize, anti-conversion enhancement, high value-added products market space, significant growth, and continue to bring new performance.point.

Earnings forecast and estimation We maintain net profit of 122 trillion / 136 trillion in 2019/2020.

It currently corresponds to November 2019/2020.

3 times / 10.

1x price-earnings ratio.

Maintain Outperform rating and 58.

00 yuan target price, corresponding to 15.

0 times 2019 P / E ratio and 13.

3 times 2020 price-earnings ratio, compared with the recent inclusion 杭州夜网论坛 of 32.

2% upside.

Risk crude oil prices fluctuated sharply, Sino-U.S. Trade frictions intensified, and downstream demand was sluggish. It is estimated that the center moved downward.

Focus Media (002027): No signs of improvement in continued income trend

Focus Media (002027): No signs of improvement in continued income trend

1H19 earnings are forecast to fall by 76.

82% of Focus Media released its 2019 annual results report: revenue 57.

1.7 billion, down 19 a year.

59%; net profit attributable to mother 7.

76 trillion, down 76 a year.

82%, the performance fell into 7 of the Air Force’s notice.


Within the 0 Gigabit segment, it basically met our expectations.

Focus on demand Demand is still flat, quarterly revenue has fallen for many years.

Operating income for the second quarter of 19 was 31.

06 million, down 25 every year.

16%, but increased by 18 due to unfavorable factors.


We believe that the company ‘s second-quarter revenue continued to overlap due to three reasons: weak demand in the advertising market and tightening of advertisers ‘overall budgets; substitution of investment and financing activities in the primary market; new economy advertisers’ investment significantly reduced, and traditional industry advertisingIt is still under development and its incremental contribution is limited. During the World Cup in the second quarter of last year, it was the peak season for advertising and brought a high base of revenue.

We expect the company’s revenue decline in the third quarter will narrow.

In addition, the company aims to tap traditional brands and has established “National KA Team” and “Focus 100 Team”.

We believe that this strategic adjustment is expected to gradually achieve success and help to regain revenue growth.

Operating costs are expected to remain flat month-on-month, but increase significantly each year.

The company achieved net profit 厦门夜网 attributable to its mother in the second quarter of 19th.

36 trillion, down 79 a year.


We expect the company’s terminal point value to remain stable and operating costs to be comparable to 1Q19, but at least the offset increase.

The rigidity of cost is still continuing, and the expansion to the profit side is greater than the income side.

The speed of customer repayments has slowed down, and the provision for bad debts is expected to increase.

The company stated that it reported a deterioration in the short-term aging structure and increased risks.

The company’s accounts receivable at the end of 1Q19 was 40.

7.3 billion.

We expect that the overall provision for bad debts will increase significantly from the earlier period, which will have a certain impact on profits.

Estimates and Proposed Estimates Macro and macro environmental pressures and the aftermath of expansion, the company’s performance is still at a low point.

However, we believe that the long-term trend of the elevator media distribution brand advertising market cake remains unchanged, the company’s business model and competitive advantages are solid, and in the face of the industry’s prospects, it has timely adopted countermeasures to seek for healthy sales growth.

It is recommended that investors closely track the inflection point of demand and seize the opportunity of long-term bottom layout.

Maintain the sustainable profit forecast and rating. It is expected that EPS for 2019-2020 will be 0.

22 yuan / 0.

30 yuan, corresponding to the current expected price-earnings ratio of 22.

3 times / 15.

9 times.

Maintain Outperform rating and target price of 6.

80 yuan, 40 more than the current price.50% growth space, corresponding to 23 times the price-earnings ratio in 2020.

Risks The macroeconomic downturn has dragged down advertising expectations, media point cost growth has exceeded expectations, competition in the elevator media industry has intensified, and Alibaba’s cooperation has fallen short of expectations.

China Merchants Bank (600036): Chenghe protects the king’s power from a new level

China Merchants Bank (600036): Chenghe protects the king’s power from a new level

Core Views China Merchants Bank’s retail development strategy is an important way to form its competitive advantage, and its strategic capabilities constitute core competitiveness and are sustainable.

In 2004, China Merchants Bank first determined the retail development strategy, expanded the first-mover advantage of the retail business, and transformed its execution power to continuously accumulate its first-mover advantage, eventually forming a wider moat.

CMB’s retail strategy is highly forward-looking, and it always adheres to the fundamentals of retail strategy.

The three transition themes of China Merchants Bank in 2004, 2010, and 2014 were “Keeping the business straight”, and did not sway in high-yield, fast-recruiting interbank and off-balance-sheet businesses, and adjusted specific retail tactics in a timely manner according to different era backgrounds.Doing the right thing has brought outstanding performance to China Merchants Bank.

The moat of China Merchants Bank comes from opposition, assets and capital.

In terms of debt, high-viscous demand deposits contributed significantly 杭州龙凤夜网 less than the cost of losses to peers, which is also the fundamental reason why their net interest margin aggravates peers.

Its asset end adheres to a sound business philosophy, continuously invests in non-standard assets with high returns and high risks, and at the same time tilts retail loans with higher yields. Accordingly, the yield of China Merchants Bank is not much different from that of its peers, but retail loans have contributed better.Asset quality.

Due to the excessive consumption of capital in the retail and non-interest-bearing businesses, China Merchants Bank’s lightweight conversion effect is significant, and its capital adequacy ratio is relatively high. RoRWA far exceeds its peers.

Fintech is expected to break through the ceiling of the core development elements of retail business, “capability of customer acquisition” and “customer stickiness.”

Fintech has resolved the restrictions on outlets for banks, opened digital services, established user portraits, and cooperated with third-party platforms to achieve comprehensive, multi-scenario services to promote new possibilities for user experience.

When the user’s portrait reconstruction is completed, cross-platform cooperation can improve the bank’s ability to reach customers from multiple perspectives and increase banking service scenarios.

When service friction is distorted and user experience improves, bank customer stickiness will further increase.

In 2018, China Merchants Bank’s “Fintech Bank” made significant progress. China Merchants Bank is on the right path, and its core competitiveness has continued to strengthen.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions We use DDM to estimate China Merchants Bank and get a target price of 38.

31 yuan, 2019-2021 earnings per share forecast 3.

61, 4.

14, 4.

53 yuan, BVPS predictor 22.

76, 25.

85, 29.

19 yuan.

The target price corresponds to 1 for 2019 PB.

68 times, corresponding to 10 PE in 2019.

61 times.

The first coverage was given an “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that competition in the industry is intensifying, fintech results are not as good as expected, downward pressure on the economy is increasing, and interest rates are gradually reduced.

Yoga can see sexy belly

Yoga can see sexy belly

There are too many women who develop extremely unbalanced bodies: when their legs are well-balanced, they are often small and the upper body is just full and full, so the lower limbs cannot fly up and down, especially the outside of the thigh, which is easy to bulge.Two lumps of excess meat, like two pockets hanging up, are not annoying.

  In order to put on the mini skirt with confidence, let’s lose weight on the legs from now on!

The following three types of yoga are recommended, which can correct your posture and make your standing posture look more noble and elegant. Of course, the most important thing is that it can help you repair your leg shape and let you have a charming pair of legs!

  Action 1: Tree-type main attack: Poor posture, eliminating the “elegant leg” single-leg balance posture makes the posture elegant and upright. This is one of the largest postures in yoga postures, which can cultivate people’s good posture and temperament.

Because straightening one leg can also eliminate extra leg excess and calf varicose veins, and also correct the bad habits of people with breasts and hump.

  Action 2: Sun-style main attack: Lift your body This posture can exercise the muscles of the whole body, especially the function of the legs, strengthen the heart, and cultivate a confident and firm mentality.

  Action three: Arrow-type main attack: The seat-balanced posture where the back of the arm is most exposed to age can strengthen the strength of the waist and the balance of the body. Because the arms and legs are bent to both sides, they can reach the arms and legs.Muscle, beautify legs and arms, eliminate excess meat.

How is dreaming possible for human health

How is dreaming possible for human health

As the saying goes: “Thinking day by day and dreaming at night”, people often have a misunderstanding that when you dream more, the quality of sleep is worse and it is not good for your body.

  First, relieve fatigue and rest your body.

  Fatigue is the exhaustion of energy after physical and mental activity. The energy of the brain is mainly supplied by glucose.

Physical and mental activities require a lot of glucose. If the glucose supplied from the blood does not meet its needs, it will use the body’s reserves at this time.

In the process of using the body’s reserves, a type of lactic acid is produced.

The accumulation of lactic acid is a physiological and biochemical manifestation of fatigue.

Sleep can relieve this fatigue.

When I fell asleep, all my activities stopped, my muscle consumption was reduced, and my body temperature was lowered to save energy.

  When people sleep, they also have a function to synthesize new proteins.

Most of the new proteins that the human body needs are synthesized while sleeping.

So sleep is essential to relieve fatigue and rest your body.

  Second, organize the information and bring insight.

  We go through many things during the day, our brain keeps track of it, monitors it all the time, and keeps track of everything that happens around you.

Whether you are conscious or unconscious, especially the amount of visual information is large, as long as your eyes are swept, all the stimuli will run into your brain.

When you sleep, your brain will appear, reorganize, and then organize, and then put it into different functional circuits of the brain according to different content.

  In addition, the brain has the function of learning at night.

For example, in a famous case in the West, detectives were puzzled during the day and couldn’t figure out how this case happened.

As a result, he had a dream at night, what happened to the dream, and the next day he broke the case according to his dream.

In night sleep like this, dreams sometimes bring epiphany, sometimes they bring innovation.

  Third, regulate psychology.

  We know that if you had a good dream the night before, you felt anxious and comfortable the next day.

But if you have a nightmare, and the next day is not happy, you will feel that you are not sleeping well, and you will feel anxious, irritable, lose your temper, and be calm.

It can be seen that dreaming is an essential alternation to maintain a good attitude.

  From the perspective of psychoanalytic psychology, the significance of dreams lies in the satisfaction of desires.

No matter if you are a noble person or a humble person, the deepest part of our soul has collected too many desires that are willing or able to speak and unwilling or unable to speak.

Many of these almost endless desires cannot be satisfied instantly or at all in unreal life.

Benefits in real life or unsatisfactory desires can be obtained in dreams to adjust psychological balance.

  If there are no dreams, then the big and small desires will make us sleepless.

Even if we sometimes feel uneasy and worried in our dreams, we can make dreams and sleep the same.

The first soup for autumn health-Baiyin Tang

The first soup for autumn health-Baiyin Tang

After the beginning of autumn, people pay more attention to their own health care, because many diseases will be repeated from the autumn, and the medical community is vividly called “eventful autumn”.

In terms of diet, you can eat more foods that nourish the lungs, and sometimes eat radiant heat, Shengjin, nourishing radish, tomatoes, tofu, coriander, honey and so on.

Try not to eat or eat spicy, hot, and greasy foods.

  Liqiu’s first soup, Baiyin Tang, is recommended.

The specific method is as follows: Raw materials: white radish, white fungus, duck soup in appropriate amount.

  Method: Shred the radish, divide the white fungus in half, add light duck soup and simmer over medium low heat, taking care not to take too long.

  Tip: The soup should not be eaten with ginseng.

  Expert introduction: White radish contains mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber, which can promote digestion, enhance appetite, speed up digestive peristalsis, and relieve cough and phlegm.

Chinese medicine also believes that it has a sweet and sweet taste, cool nature, and enters the lung and stomach meridians. It is a good food therapy and can treat or assist the treatment of a variety of diseases. The Compendium of Materia Medica is called “the most beneficial of vegetables”.

Tremella is also called white fungus, snow fungus, tremella, etc.

The sex is flat, sweet, light and non-toxic.

It has the functions of nourishing the lungs and promoting fluids, nourishing the yin and nourishing the stomach, nourishing qi and soothe the nerves, strengthening the heart and brain.

The royal aristocrats of the past generations referred to the Tremella appendages as “the product of longevity” and “good medicine for immortality”.

Duck soup nourishes yin, has the functions of clearing heat and removing fire, and moisturizing the bowels.

Laoyatang is also suitable for malnutrition, postpartum illness, physical weakness, night sweats, nocturnal emission, women with less menstruation, and thirsty throat; for patients with cancer and radiotherapy and chemotherapy, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, ascites, tuberculosis, and chronic nephritis edemaCertain dietary value.

The combination of the three can effectively alleviate the discomfort after the autumn such as “Qiuzao” and is a better product for clearing and tonic.

How to deal with worry before exam

How to deal with worry before exam

Anxiety is a psychological phenomenon that almost every examinee has before the exam. It is caused by the exam situation and mainly manifests as nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, irritability and other psychological emotions.

If these emotions are not paid attention to, it may lead to insufficient self-confidence, rigid action, obstructed memory, sluggish thinking and other physiological reactions, such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, pale complexion, skin sweating, breathingDeepening and accelerating, increasing the frequency of urination, etc. will directly affect the test results; severe cases will appear restlessness, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, and mental breakdown.

So how do we solve the problem of worry?

May wish to try the following methods.

  Strengthen self-confidence and resolve anxiety Self-confidence is a powerful weapon to suppress anxiety.

When some anxiety appears, candidates can continually hint, strengthen their confidence, and think about everything in an optimistic direction, such as “I remember a little new content, it’s good”, “I getClearly asking a question is really exciting “and so on.

You can make preliminary comparisons, strengthen your confidence, see your progress, and believe that you will do better next time; do not make any comparison with your classmates in scores, and do not be influenced and stimulated by your classmates ’emotions or states.

You can strengthen your confidence by repeatedly recalling, often combing the knowledge and question types, and pulling the net-type memories.

When you feel like you do n’t remember anything before the test, do n’t panic and remind yourself; this is normal and it ‘s the best state. You do n’t have to deliberately remember anything.Think like a spring.

  The final cause of mimicking the test and transforming the worry is the fear of failing to achieve your desired grades in the exam. The imaginary test is to put yourself into a simulated test scenario and repeatedly practice the test process, so that you can convert your worry.method.

Aren’t you afraid of the exam?

All right, let’s think about it: how to read the card?

Where can I fill in my name?

How to browse the test papers?

What types of questions might be produced for each sub-question?

Answer questions to pay attention to review questions, what is the key to such questions, how to think about what kind of questions?

Even even think about: which dress should I wear that day?

What would I like to eat in those days?

What should I prepare for each exam?

My admission ticket must be kept by the teacher. When you enter the examination room, you must pick it up. Remember to give it to the teacher when you leave the examination room . Relax gradually in your imagination.

  Physical exercise releases anxiety Anxiety is a psychological wave.

This kind of electric wave will interfere with the brain wave and physiological wave of the human body, thus causing bad emotional and physiological reactions.

OK, let’s let us release it: spend an hour or two, play a few kicks, run a few laps, yell twice, get a stinky sweat, and take a shower . don’t think it is a waste of time, A good state can improve efficiency, time will come back, just pay attention to the control of the amount of activity, don’t put the cart before the horse.

  Train to relax and relieve your anxiety.

Stare intently at a small spot (or treetop or leaf) a few meters away, seeing everything except the small spot is blurry; seeing tingling eyes, sourness, swelling, pain, weeping tears; in my headDon’t want anything, just want to see it clearly.

As soon as the tears came out, there was a sense of clarity.

If that doesn’t work, do it again and try for a few minutes!

Then practice evenly.

Pay attention to breathing, inhale gently, extend the inhalation time, and then exhale slowly, repeatedly. The effect should be good.

Three exercises are loose.

Close your eyes and meditate in your heart to relax, from head to chest, left and right hands, to waist and abdomen, to legs and feet.

Completely rhythmic contractions throughout the body to counter the nervous heartbeat and body tremors.

  Appropriate medication and control of worries If the above method does not alleviate the worry, it does not prevent you from going to the doctor for help. Ask the doctor to prescribe an appropriate amount of sedation, soothing internal medicine or injections according to the situation you are worried about, and never find any overdose by yourself.

In order to ensure your physical fitness and brainpower, you can also take cod liver oil, glucose and so on.