Burning abdomen

Burning abdomen

If you’ve been doing traditional sit-ups, and it’s almost too fast, let’s face it, it won’t do anything, because it strengthens the wrong abdominal muscles.

Fortunately, an American

For best results, these 4 sports are done in 3 groups each day, and each group lasts 15 minutes.

  Scooter sports: Just ask you to lie on the floor and pretend that the pedals are imagining the bike.

The correct action is to press the floor down and back with your hands behind your head.

Will point to the four fifteen-degree angle mentioned, do the brakes on both feet, step on the left foot to touch the right knee, and then use your right foot to step on the left knee.

  Knee-lifting: Find a chair with an armchair, sit on the edge of the chair, bend and bend, and place your feet flat on the ground.

Tighten the abdomen, lean back slightly, lift your feet off the ground a few centimeters.

Maintain a stable movement, pull up and down to the sides, while the upper body front.

Then return your feet to their original position and repeat them.

  Arm sit-ups: lie down, knees, feet and hooks to the bed.

Use a towel to bypass the back side and pull one end of each hand.

Shrink the abdomen, lift the shoulders, slowly roll up the back, then slowly recline, and continue to get up when you almost reach the floor, repeating.

If you think it’s too difficult, just lift the upper body off the floor.

  Lifting the ball: Sit on the back, try to take a tennis ball, raise your hands to the ceiling, straighten your legs and hook your feet.

Tighten the abdomen and chest muscles and lift your shoulders and head a few centimeters from the ground.

Make sure the ball is always rushing up to the roof instead of forward.